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Flowers at Night

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This book is a compilation of NSFW chapters from the original story Flower Girl. It will also be welcomed as a mini Spin-off for the recurring cast of the Flower Series This is where August, Claude and Bucky's wild dreams will flourish, and where naughty acts will be contained. [Can be read as standalone, but would be better to be read along with the main book] ⚠️WARNING⚠️ Polyamorous couple sex will happen as well as other explicit Not Safe For Work [NSFW] Scenes will be depicted in vivid detail, everyone in this series will be at the legal age of consent. Please read with caution. I thank you.

Erotica / Romance
Age Rating:

Part 1 The Three of Us

Part 1 of this mini-spin-off will contain the characters as follows.

August Chandler

Claude Mason

Theodore Buchanan Rogers [aka: Bucky]

Please note that they are all of legal age and there will be sex scenes containing them all together or just two parties. The scenes will take place in this book but be 95% censored in the main story.

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