Flowers at Night

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1. Night Blooming Jasmine's [35]

Jasmine's meaning varies by place and culture, but it often symbolizes love, beauty, or sensuality, because the small, unassuming white flowers bloom at night with such a powerful scent, Jasmine sometimes symbolizes the value of modesty.

A/N: there's a tag to where you can resume the NSFW scene. Enjoy!

“After breakfast, the trio decided to finish packing away the groceries and then August and Claude bugged Bucky for the grand tour to which he obliged and walked them through his home.

Claude couldn’t believe how beautiful the house was. “Dude, you’re so lucky.”

He shrugged. “Am I? I’m normally alone if I don’t invite anyone over, so yeah, am I really lucky?”

Claude’s brows frown and August sighed, stepping to slid be hand into Bucky’s.

“We’re here now,” she told him, smiling up at him. He nodded, then resumed walking with them in tow.


August was thinking too much, as much as she tried to ignore her thoughts from what she compiled about Bucky’s mental state, she couldn’t help but worry about him and his loss.

“Did you ever release your pent-up rage?” August asked suddenly, as she smoothed her fingers through Bucky’s soft hair. The throuple were lying on the older one’s bed, where he was on his back playing a game on his phone, while Claude sat with his back to the headboard. August was lying on her belly across the length of the king-sized bed with a hand in Bucky’s hair.

“Huh?” Bucky asked.

“That day you came up to me, and we finally spoke to each other like reasonable humans?” She said. He paused his game and turned his head to face her, remembering that dreary morning where they both cried their hearts out. She kept on playing in his hair, a hand under her chin.


She met his gaze. “Theodore?” She returned.

He glanced away, clicking his tongue. “Why’re you asking?”

She shrugged. “I don’t know, I guess cause you’re now my boyfriend, and I wanna know if you’ve released the pain and anger that you seemed to harbor in your heart.”


“Don’t lie to me while I’m in your hair.” She warned.

He scoffed, and Claude peeked from over his Nintendo switch. "I wouldn't test that threat if you like your hair." He lifted it back up, resuming to ignore them. Bucky gulped.

"No. I didn't know what I do with all those feelings. So I went on a long run after school."

"You didn't punch it out? Or were you holding out on punching your friends?"

"Hey! It wasn't like that!" He exclaimed. Sitting up to face her.

She moved back slightly and sighed. "Bucky, you got punched by Peter! One of your best friends, over me... didn't that build up some resentment? Anger? Possibly misplaced? What are you doing to help yourself mentally?" She threw her arms up, grilling him into a corner.

"I don't know!" He yelled. Claude and August flinched and he sighed. August turned and kicked off the bed.

"Theo, I think you need to do more for yourself. You've apologized to me and my friends and made up with yours... more or less, but you still need to deal with whatever is brewing inside of you. I don't want you to have any regrets about not dealing with this and then having to go through shit later on."

They locked eyes and he shook his head. "No, I don't want that either." He mumbled.

"What? I didn't hear you."

The defiance in her eyes made him swallow his pride, he inhaled sharply then exhaled out loud. "I don't want that." He said firmly.

"Good. Then let's do something to fix that." She rose a stern finger at him, "and don't forget that we're here for you, got it, babe?" He nodded, a tear rolling down his cheek, to which he brushed it away. Claude hopped off the bed and dragged August in as he hugged Bucky and her in one fell swoop.

They chuckled and hugged each other until Bucky's laughter turned into sobs and then his sobs turned into light panting. They held him, rubbing his back and comforting him as he settled down.

"We care about you too, so much Coin," Claude said. Bucky snorted, parting from their embrace.

"Okay Unicorn."

"Hey, that's Mister Unicorn to you, Sir Coin," Claude said with pride. Bucky laughed and reached out to tickle his sides. The younger man burst out laughing as his boyfriend assaulted him with vicious tickles. The two fell onto the bed, with Bucky kneeling over Claude who fought back, still trying to resist him as he chortled like a maniac.

August shook her head at the boys. "You two are becoming cuter and cuter with each passing day." She said. Bucky scoffed then reached out and caught her wrist, pulling her down to the bed next to them. She didn't have time to catch her breath before Bucky was tickling her too. She was overcome by a fit of laughter, balling up to try and prevent his hands from meeting her skin. She half-turned and tried to crawl away but he caught on to her scheme.

"Oh no, you don't. Come here." He stretched out and wrapped an arm around her waist pulling her back as he lowered himself over Claude. The younger one stopped short of laughing since Bucky's hands weren't on him anymore, and he saw his handsome face and that goofy smile of his and blushed when he recognized how close their bodies were.

"B... Bucky?" He called. The older one was busy with August who couldn't stop his tickling attack, but Bucky was moving against him and he swore as a shiver crawled up his back. He covered his mouth as Bucky's hips moved higher, their crotches rubbing together. Claude swore, a moan slipping out by accident.

The tickling ceased, the laughter died down and Bucky finally realized what he was doing to Claude. He glanced down at his boyfriend and saw him painted in pink, eyes glassy, and swore under his breath. "Fuck, just this much, huh?"

Claude whipped his head away. "It's not like I'm sexually active or anything." He muttered, suddenly bashful as he stared at the pillows.

Bucky's eyes darted over to August who winked at him with a smirk and he grounded his hips to Claude's own. He groaned out loud, a hand shooting to Bucky's chest to try and push him off, but Bucky caught his wrist and pinned it above his head. "Stay." He repeated his actions, but slowly now and Claude shivered as he exclaimed, throwing his head back

August gulped at the scene before her, biting her lip at seeing Claude whimper underneath their lover.

"P—please." He begged, his free hand weakly touching Bucky's hip. The older one took that too and pinned both his wrist together now.

"Please what?" He asked. He rolled his hips again and bent to groan into Claude's ear, feeling as he shook and withered under him. "Tell me what you want." A whisper in Claude’s ear. The younger one moaned, hips bucking up to meet the short thrust of Bucky.

"S—" Claude swallowed the lump in his throat, "stop, please."

Bucky grounded his hips once more, eliciting yet another moan from him. "Do you really want me to?" He kissed under Claude's ear. "I thought you wanted to have sex. You're clearly backed up." He noted, feeling the hardening erection of Claude against his own growing manhood. "So tell me, do want me to stop, or should I continue?"

Claude's mind was in a haze of pleasure. It had been quite some time since he was aroused this bad, and Bucky only edged him closer to his limits of restraint. His eyes peeked at August and she was as engrossed in their lewd exchange as Bucky was and he swore. Why was he denying this? Maybe they could finally... "c—continue, please... I can't—I can't take it."

"Good boy." August chimed in, catching both their attention now.

A smirk stretched onto her lips and Bucky mimicked her while Claude bit his lip.


Bucky held Claude's wrist with one hand, snaking his other down his sides, making him twitch. "Moan for me." He muttered, trailing kisses down his throat, grazing his teeth at his flesh while pushing his shirt up.

"Damn, I didn't think I'd be this hot from just observing," August said sitting up to watch them.

"Who says you're only gonna be observing?" Bucky asked. "Can I have a kiss?" She nodded and bent to press a kiss to his waiting lips. She moaned and Bucky ground himself to Claude who swore softly. August nipped at Bucky's lip, he snickered. "Hungry?"

"Starving." She said. She dug her hand into his dark hair, holding his face as he deepened their kiss. Bucky moaned back, releasing Claude as he knelt back to properly kiss her.

They broke apart, panting softly before glancing down at Claude who was beet red.

She smiled. "I think your Soldiers are standing at attention."

Bucky nodded, glancing down, smiling a little. "Yeah, they are."

"Wait... are we gonna," Claude swallowed, a sudden wave of shyness washing over him, "are we actually gonna have sex?"

Bucky thought for a second. "Not yet, didn't you and August not have sex yet?"

"True, we haven't," August said.

"Well then, I can't steal that moment away from you two."

Claude was aghast. "But you're our boyfriend too, we should—" Bucky cut him off with a hand.

"I know that, but I just joined this relationship. You two can start, I'll watch and join in once you're satisfied enough—if you want." He said on a blush, glancing off to the wall.

August hummed softly. "You can watch... but naked." Bucky rose a brow at her and chuckled.

"Well, aren't you cheeky?"

She stuck out her tongue. "Very, but we're not leaving you out, understood?"

He nodded and kissed her forehead as he got off the bed. "I have condoms. Give me a sec." He brushed the hair from his forehead, pulling open a drawer of the nightstand to fish out a black condom packet. "This should be your size." He mumbled, adoring how Claude's blush worsened when he presented him with the condom. To quell Claude's worry he bent over him, catching his chin then kissing him, his tongue lapping at the younger man's own as he pushed the condom into his hand. He pulled back, making Claude whine. "Do you want me to put it on for you?"

Bucky's voice was suddenly husky, as he whispered against his lips. Claude swallowed hard, but he breathed out. "Yes."

Bucky stood back, meeting August's gaze, then opened his arms. "You want me naked? Then why don't you help yourself." She gasped, squeezing her thighs together as he licked his lips. "I bet you're soaking wet. I can help you after you strip me."

She bit her lip, but nodded and walked up to him. Timidly, she rose her hand to touch his abs, her breathing growing as she felt the tight taut muscles under his top. August took her time touching him, really feeling the years of athletic training that he had done during his school life.

"So cute," Bucky muttered.

Claude silently sat there watching them, his cock twitched when Bucky's thick voice met his ear, and the older one rose a hand to cup August's cheek, bending to place a chaste kiss to her temple.

"Enjoying the exhibit, Auggie?" He asked and August visibly shivered and nodded faintly. Her hands ran down his chest, abs, and then she fumbled with the rim of his tee, picking up her eyes to gaze into his brown eyes.

Her heart skipped at the way he watched her, something in his eyes were focused, yet wild and she swallowed around the lump in her throat. August lifted his shirt with one hand, scratching her nails up his belly, making him quiver, a soft moan leaving his parted lips. Her body tingled with glee, enjoying the sight of him aroused at her touch. She spread her hand over his pecs then pinched his right nipple receiving a gasp from Bucky. "Not sorry." She breathed out.

"Me neither." He growled bending down to take her lips in a rough, rushed motion. August shivered and swore, rolling both his nipples now, making him moan into her mouth as his tongue and hers fought for dominance. Bucky slipped an arm from his shirt and then reached forward and shoved his hand into her leggings. August gasped loudly, being taken off guard and Bucky took the opportunity to deepen their kiss as his fingers found her wet vulva.

August broke their kiss, gripping the older one's forearm as she moaned louder.

Claude swore under his breath, rubbing at his crotch, loving how sexy her moans were. Shit, he didn't think he'd be such a lewd person, but this scene right now was so fucking hot. Bucky's own moans were something of a thrill to hear personally, especially in such an intimate environment.

Bucky rubbed two fingers against her clit, coating them in her wetness. He dragged moan after moan from her mouth, as she clung to him, her body shaking, forehead pressed to his chest as she cried out.

Claude swore, pushing a hand into his sweatpants. He moaned abruptly as he watched. Bucky caught onto his action and slowly slipped his fingers away from her leggings, as he slid his fingers to his mouth and sucked away August juices.

He hummed around his fingers and August swore when she lifted her head and she saw the hunger clear in his eyes.

"So mean." She panted.

"I know, and you're delicious." She buried her face back against his chest and he giggled darkly, his voice thick. "You think you can finish stripping me... or would you rather I make Claude do it?" She shook her head.

"I... I can do it, ya jerk."

"Aww, Auggie, don't be so mean to your boyfriend. I'm only trying to make you feel good." He said holding the back of her neck as he rubbed a thumb over her nape. She shivered and smacked him gently on the chest. He bent over to meet her ear. "Look at Claude." He whispered.

She did as directed and gasped when she saw him jerking himself off, cheeks flaring hot, belly exposed and dipping in, eyes glazed as he ran his fingers up and down his cock. Her cheeks grew hotter, this was the first time seeing his penis, and him this aroused, she was impressed.

"Such a good view, huh?" Bucky asked, kissing under her chin. He bent and bit at her skin, worrying it between his teeth. She trembled, gasping softly. "He's so naughty," Bucky whispered.

"Ahh... yes. Should w—we punish him?" She asked a sigh following her words right after. Bucky lifted his head, licking his bottom lip as they stared at Claude who realized that they were now taking him in.

"Uh... sorry." He squeaked out.

Bucky shrugged, and August giggled.

"Don't be baby. So, do you still want Bucky to help you with that?" She asked, pointing to the condom next to his hand. Claude's response was to gap at her, at a loss for words, suddenly.

Bucky's hands slipped from August's body and he turned and advanced towards Claude. "Is that a yes?" He asked unbuckling his jeans before he stopped infront of Claude. "Cat got your tongue?" He spread his legs wider and knelt between them.

Claude couldn't speak, his throat was tight at how sexy his boyfriend looked kneeling infront of him.

"Don't move." He took the condom from the bed, and tore it open with his teeth, then removed it from the packet. He held it between two fingers, "may I?" He asked. Claude choked around the lump in his throat and nodded eagerly. He removed his hand from his cock and Bucky's larger one replaced it as he stroked his shaft a few times before he bent and kissed the length of it.

"Oh! Bucky!" He tried to push the older one off but Bucky swatted his hand as he suckled at the head of his cock. Bucky panted silently, then licked up from the base to the tip. He pulled back, and placed the condom to the moist head of Claude's penis then opened his mouth and slowly took him into his mouth. Claude exclaimed, head lobbing back as he gripped Bucky's shoulder.

The older one hummed around him, pulling back slowly, making Claude roll his eyes back as he choked on his moans.

Bucky rubbed his younger man's erection, now coated in saliva, then lifted his eyes to meet that of Claude who was beside himself. He had his mouth covered and from the looks of it, he had pre-cum leaking from his cock. Bucky smiled at that. "Such a cute reaction." He said, fixing the condom on properly.

"What kind of fifty shades of gay novel did your sinful ass crawl out of?" August asked, trying to hold on to her sanity at seeing Theodore Buchanan Rogers go down on Claude Mason's cock like a popsicle.

Claude snorted out and Bucky snickered, the tension in the room lightening. "Fifty shades of gay!" Claude fell back laughing, and Bucky shook his head.

"You two are the worst." He stated, smiling now.

She chuckled. "Says you, deepthroat king. Like damn, I think I'm jealous, but also turned on. And for a moment, this did not feel real." She said.

He shrugged and stood up, finally releasing Claude from his torture. "Oh, it's very real, do you need another demonstration?" He fully removed his shirt from himself, letting it fall away as he approached her.

Her cheeks reddened and her throat tightened. "Ha, I umm..." she glanced at Claude, the image of Bucky sucking him off made her gulp, "yes." She whispered.

“Sit on the end of the bed, then,” Bucky whispered in her ear, making a shiver raced down her spine. She blushed but met his eyes before she stepped backward slowly, taking her time while she sat back on the bed.

“What do you intend on doing?” she asked.

He shrugged, a sly smile on his lips. “Just lending a helping hand.”

August sat next to Claude then reached over and cupped his cheek, kissing him. He muffled softly, kissing back, letting her nip at his bottom lip, a moaning leaving him as he deepened their exchange and gently pushed his tongue into her mouth. August moaned into the kiss, her body growing hotter.

Bucky moved towards her, kneeling to hook his fingers in the waistband of her leggings and tugged, yanking it off her legs in one swift movement. She gasped and parted from the kiss. “W—wait a minute.” She cried out as he discarded her clothes behind him. Her long brown legs were fully exposed. He had his hands on her calves, feeling how smooth her skin felt under his fingertips.

“I’m waiting… are you okay?” he paused, observing her reaction.

Concern appeared in his eyes and she exhaled slowly. “This isn’t my first time, but… I’m nervous.” She confessed. She covered her face with her hands, groaning at having ruined the mood. Claude was first to laugh at her reaction, Bucky hummed then kissed her thigh, resting his head there as he smiled up at her.

“It’s okay. We can slow down if you’re not ready yet.”

Claude agreed. “Yeah, you can set the pace, we don’t need to rush.”

She shook her head, then peeked through her fingers, seeing her boyfriends’ faces, each a bit flushed red and she giggled. Claude had a pillow placed over his erection and Bucky just had his head rested on her lap. She sighed. “We rushed a little much didn’t we?” she asked. They shared a glance, then nodded in agreement.

“We did.” They replied in unison.

She sighed and touched Bucky’s face, running her fingertips over his forehead, brushing back his hair, then reached her other hand out to cover the back of Claude’s hand. “We don’t have to stop… not when we’re so aroused.”

Claude shrugged. “I could deal with this alone.” He said, referring to his erection.

Bucky hummed. “I can do the same too.”

“No. Dammit. I didn’t mean to kill the mood.” She said.

“And you didn’t, Auggie,” Bucky replied.

“Yeah, this is all very new for all of us, babe. We understand.” Claude smiled and she sighed.

"I don't want to stop though. Or am I being too greedy?"

Bucky spoke first. "Not at all. We've all been a bit greedy. That's nothing to feel bad over. We can stop if you want, or we can go on if you think you can handle it."

She pondered on this, then nodded. She didn't want to stop here. She had been so thrilled to have them in such an intimate space and even though her heart was racing in her chest and her nerves were high, she had wanted to do whatever they could. She opened her mouth. "Don't stop."

Claude met Bucky's eyes and the older one lifted his head and winked at him then looked back on August.

"Okay. If that's what you want." He moved his hands up her thighs, sliding his fingers underneath the elastic of her black underwear. Claude reached out, catching her crop top and tugging it over her head as Bucky slipped off her panties.

Her eyes widened as both her boyfriends caught her off guard, Claude bent and was mouthing at her breast through the black lace bralette, her nipples hardening as he sucked it into his mouth. She cried out, as Bucky shifted between her legs, kissing her inner thigh before he lifted her legs onto his shoulder and opened his mouth over her vulva.

August arched off the bed, tears in her eyes as a wave of pleasure rushed over her body. Every inch of her being consumed with satisfaction. She tried to move her hands but couldn't and now realized what Claude had done with her top. He had bound it around her wrist, probably to keep her from pushing them away. Clever boy. She didn't know why she was so nervous, but maybe the excitement of it all had gotten to her, or the fact that she'd be having sex with two guys instead of one.

To her, this was new, but it felt so good. Claude's hot mouth on her and Bucky's tongue! She groaned and twisted as his tongue entered her vagina and Claude's hot breath met her skin. Tremors overtook her as he ate her out, his persistent tongue ruining her.

Claude swore under his breath as he pushed aside the fabric of her bra, exposing her small full breast to his eyes. "So beautiful." He muttered. He kissed her left breast, biting around it softly before he moved to lick her nipple, rolling the other between his fingers. He reveled in the faces that August made, his earshot at hearing the slurping noises from Bucky. His cock throbbed, imagining how wet she was as she cried out.

"Ahh... Claude... uhh, Buck—ah—hhha! Pl—" She could barely speak now, and that made Bucky's erection grow harder as he ate her out. He ran his tongue up her slick pussy, pushing two fingers inside her as he sucked on her swollen clit.

"Aahhhh... fuck!" She cried, rolling her hips as tears ran down the sides of her face. She was so overwhelmed, her mind was going blank with pleasure. Another finger pushed into her and she clenched around it, her body going cold then hot. August's eyes rolled back, toes curled, her jaw-dropping and a primal moan escaped her throat as she orgasmed on her lover's fingers.

Claude sat up, looking at her moan and shake, her fist clenched around her top.

Bucky too was in awe, seeing her beautiful face overcome by pleasure. He moved his fingers inside her, spreading and twisting them as she rode out her orgasm. "Gorgeous..." he breathed.

Claude nodded. He turned and slipped off the bed, kneeling next to Bucky. The older one pulled his fingers out once August had stopped shaking, and Claude caught his hand and sucked his fingers into his mouth.

Bucky moaned, meeting Claude's blue eyes, that erotic face making him blush. "Shit..." Bucky yanked him in by his shirt, crushing their lips together in a rushed and heated kiss before they parted, panting heavily. Claude glanced at August, her pussy literally dripping wet. He bit his lip and Bucky nudged him with his head. "You know you want to."

Claude knew that he was right, so he didn't hesitate. He moved closer then bent to lap at August's heat.

She let out a surprised cry, sitting up in a hurry to find Claude hungrily devouring her. Bucky knelt there watching him, and something in his gaze made her gulp. He looked flustered and horny. "Buck..." she said.

He found her eyes as she motioned with her bound hands. He gave Claude one last look before moving to untie her.

She rubbed her wrist, thankful that it won't seem to leave a mark. She regarded him, a moan slipping out as Claude rubbed his thumb against her clit. "He's good at that," Bucky said, voice thick.

"Y—yes... I—fuck!" August snaked a hand down, threading it through Claude's hair as he started to use his tongue. "Ah, I can't..." she whimpered.

"You can. Don't hide it." Bucky whispered.

She looked at him, his cheeks red and then a thought ran through her mind. "Wait... here." She reached out and grasped at the outline of his erection still imprisoned in his pants, making him gasp as he caught her wrist. "Take it off." She ordered. "Now—uhh."

He obeyed her and pushed his jeans off kicking them aside, then his boxers followed. August wrapped a hand around him just as Claude's tongue entered her and she bent forward, a string of moans leaving her as she came on his tongue. Her legs were around his neck, but he didn't stop.

The younger man groaned, enjoying her taste, as he jerked himself off.

"Someone's hungry," Bucky remarked, making August chuckle.

"Y—yeah..." she began moving her hand, his cock was slightly longer than Claude's, as it pulsed in her hand. Had he really not touched himself since they began? She couldn't have him suffering while they enjoyed themselves. That was cruel and unfair. August spied a glimpse at Bucky who had leaned back on his elbows, soft gasps leaving his parted lips. She bowed her head, opening her mouth.

Bucky exclaimed in shock and snapped up to find August sucking at the head of his penis. "Hey—Aug..." he trailed off on a moan. Shit, how long had it been since he had sex? He felt as though his body was sensitive to the smallest of touches. He reached down to stop her, but she smacked his hand, her cheek bulging as her hazel-green eyes started up at him. "Urgh, Auggie, please..." he gasped.

She's moaned around him, fingers dug deeper into Claude's hair as he pleasured her.

"Fuck, August wait. I'll cum." Bucky pleaded, but she didn't stop, using her free hand, she jerked him off, head bobbing back and forth. He groaned, covering his eyes. He had to stop her, he was getting too close. He squinted, how was she so good at this? "Stop..." He pulled her back by her shoulder, grunting as he came over her hand.

August was panting heavily, as Bucky grunted, swatting racing her ears once she realized what she had done. A shiver raced through her then a hummed vibration of Claude moaning against her vagina. Wait, had he... did he just cum as well?

"Fuck..." Claude panted, eyes dark as he rest his head on her thigh. "Holy shit." He mumbled. His fist was covered in cum as he slowly rubbed his cock.

"Wow. Okay, that was new." August chimed in, cutting through some of the intensity in the air.

Bucky nodded, flopping back on the bed, rubbing his eyes. "I—we couldn't last longer."

August scoffed. "How much longer, two seconds? " She giggled and Claude who felt spent joined in, a burst of breathy laughter though as he tried to catch his breath.

Bucky sat up as August pulled back her hand to scrutinize the mess that he made and he rushed to grab a packet of words from his nightstand to clean off her hand.

"Heh, embarrassed?" She asked

"A little, I should have warned you."

She shrugged. "You did, I just chose to ignore you. Plus, you needed that just as much as we did. Right, Claude." The younger man gave a weak thumbs up and she nodded. "See."

Bucky sighed and sat back on the bed after handing Claude a wipe. "Understood."

"So... we can stop here, right? I mean... unless you two aren't tired." Claude said.

August laughed and Bucky joined in. "Were not rabbits baby. I'm tapping out too"

Bucky nodded, "Same here. I tapped out." He chuckled.

"Well aren't we a mess?" She declared. She reached out for Claude as he stood up to discard the wipes before he crawled onto the bed to cuddle next to his lover's.

"We should take a shower," Bucky grumbled, already half asleep.

"Later baby," Claude said.

"Yeah, later." She agreed.

It didn't take long for the trio to drift off into sleep, all cuddled together in each other's arms.
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