My best friend’s dad

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This story is about a 25 year old girl named Grace. Grace had a best friend called Amelia they have been friends since kindergarten Grace lost her parents a very young age and no family wanted to take her in so to avoid her being put in an orphanage her best friends dad decided to take her in. So growing up they were raised as sisters they did everything together but tragic strikes when Amelia lost her life because of a hit-and-run accident .Grace thought Mr. black/Amelia‘s dad blamed her for Amelia’s death because she was meant to drive her back home that night but didn’t

Lisa Manhanga
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Chapter 1

A week ago I lost my best friend she died after a hit-and-run accident on our way to meet her boyfriend the worst part of it all is I offered her a Lift To the restaurant but she declined I should’ve taking no for an answer and it’s all my fault

* Flashback*

Looking at the clock it’s almost 6:30 in the end of work on Friday and I’ll look tomorrow right cubicle to see Lia looking at the clock as well and her computer is off “ Hey Lia are you done already?” I said to her and she replied “ yeah I finished like 20 minutes ago you?” And I said “ i’m almost done” before I could say anything else a phone pings and she looked at it and she was smiling and I said to her “ am I still dropping you off at Jack’s house?” And she said “ actually no I’m meeting him at a restaurant two blocks away”
And I said to her “ OK I can drop you off” she replied saying “ no it’s OK I need some air before I get there I will walk thank you though” she started packing her bag and she came to my cubicle and gave me a hug and kiss saying “ I love your soul sister” and started walking away and I called out to her saying “I love you too heifer call me with the details” and she went into the elevator laughing

* end of flashback*

That was the last time I saw my best friend my soul sister and now here I am sitting it’s a graveyard crying my eyes out in front of Lia’s grave “ I miss you so much and I am so sorry I was in there with you “ * 😭 😭😭 I …I ..I don’t know how to carry-on without you I miss you so so much”😭😭😭 I cried for what felt like a years worth of tears in 10 minutes or less as I put the flowers I had on the head stone my phone pings indicating I have a text, getting my phone out of my purse I see is a text from Amelia‘s dad Mr. black asking me to come to his house he has a few things he wants to give me that he found in Lia’s room
Arriving at Mr. blacks house and knocked on the door and waited for about five minutes I rang the doorbell again and when he opened the door I was really shocked at his state he looked like he hasn’t showered in a few days he was wearing a white vest that had stains all over it and a pair of basketball shorts he didn’t say anything he just went back inside the house and I followed him up the stairs into Lia’s .
As I walked inside Lia’s room the first thing I noticed was a wall full of our pictures on it I sit on her bed instead of crying her dad sitting next to me and he put his hand on my shoulder and I look to him he looked at me and he said to me “ do not blame yourself it wasn’t your fault” and that made me cry even harder he stood up and went into her closet and came back carrying a box and he gave it to me and he said “ Lia would want you to have these” I think them and I told him I was going to go and I left and drive back to my apartment and when I got home I went straight into my bedroom and put the box on the bed and I started going through it and everything I touched smelled like her and it brought back memories but one thing that really broke me was when I saw the book we wrote our bucket list and I couldn’t help but cry after about 10 minutes of crying I decided I was going to complete the bucket list both mine and hers and maybe during that time it would heal my heart and decided that today was the last day I will cry because she wouldn’t want me crying like this every day she would want me to celebrate her and that’s what I’m gonna do so for the last time I went to bed and cried myself to sleep.
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