My best friend’s dad

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Chapter 2

The next day when I woke up my body was aching and have a massive headache I got out of bed and I went to my bathroom and I looked into the mirror Damm eyebags and my eyes are red and Sore I signed and started taking my clothes off to have a nice long relaxing bath
Before I go any further I would like to introduce myself my name is Grace Landon I’m 25 years old I’m quite petite with a big fat ass and big tits blond hair and my eyecolor is hazel I’m 5.2 ft Anyways I come out of the bath went back into my bedroom with a towel around my body , drop the tower and put lotion on and went into my closet to look for something to wear it’s summer time so it’s quite hot I decide to put on a pair of shorts and bra and I’m going to sit on my bed and started planning my travels to complete both bucket lists

After about an hour I had finished planning my travels booking flights hotels etc and now it’s time for me to ring work and see if I can get time off to complete this I cracked my phone and dial my work number the manager answered the phone after four rings he answered the phone with a very annoyed tone “ what?” And I say “ good afternoon mr Collins it’s Grace Landon here” and he says “Grace where have you been I have been trying to get a hold of you for three days now and you were supposed to be at work?” And I say “ oh sorry Mr. Collins I haven’t been really feeling well since Lia’s funeral” and he says “And?” And I reply saying “ and I was calling to see if I can get some time off work?” And he asks me for how long and I say a few months?” I was surprised when he gave me six months of work non-paid though which was fine by me as I had savings and Lia and I had an pot we used to put money for our travels . When I hung up the phone I flopped on the bed for a few minutes the. I remember I have to let mr black know about my plans so I called him and told him but he didn’t want me to go because he was scared he would lose me too but I told him I had to do this and it will only be a few months at the end of the conversation he agreed and told me if I needed anything to call him we said our goodbyes and hung up the phone

I got off the bed and pulled 3 suitcases from under my bed and went into my closet and started packing. By the time I was finished it’s was almost 6 pm and my stomach started making funny noises and I realized I haven’t eaten since I got up so I went to the kitchen to get something to eat only to find my fridge empty I signed and got to my room got a pair of flats and my purse and keys so I can go shop while I was at my door I debated if I should walk or drive and I went for the second option
So it drove to the shops, got myself a bottle of wine and pizza and drove back home the moment I got home I put the pizza in the oven set my timer on and opened the bottle of wine and went sit on the sofa scrolling through Netflix but couldn’t watch anything and everything reminded me of Lia so I turned the TV off and carried on drinking while listening to music and when my timer went off I ate Wash the dishes and carried on drinking when the wine was finished I went into the kitchen and started going through the cupboards and I found a bottle of whiskey and started drinking straight from the bottle.
I was halfway through the bottle when there was a knock on my door more like banging so I turn the music off so I went to the door open the door and could not believe who was at my door

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