My best friend’s dad

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Chapter 3

When I open the door I couldn’t believe who was at my door right now it was Mr. black Lia’s dad and I hugged him and I could feel my nipples harden but it didn’t bother me so I invited him in
He got inside and shut the door and he followed me to the lounge and I sit on the sofa he sat on the sofa opposite where I was sitting and he said to me “have you been drinking?” I looked at him thinking if I should be honest and I answered “yes I am drinking would you like a glass?” He smiled and said “yeah sure” I got up at said to him “ I hope you don’t mind I was drinking from the bottle” he laughed and said “it’s ok” so I went to the kitchen and got him a glass and went back to the lounge and handed him a the glass and I said serve yourself and he did I waited for him to have his first sip the I asked “ so what brings you here me black” he looks at me and raised his left eyebrow and said “how many times do I have to tell you to call me Phil?” And I said ok Phil what brings you here?” He said “well you are leaving tomorrow and thought I would come by and spend some time with you before you leave” I smiled at him and thought to myself I was going to see him tomorrow though? And I said to him “my flight doesn’t leave till 7 PM and I was gonna come by and say goodbye but your here now” we carrot on drinking had a few shots of whiskey And I was starting to feel the drink As I started giggling no reason he was saying something to me but to be honest I couldn’t hear anything my brain shut off and my body started feeling tingly and I don’t know if it was my drunk ass or what but I started feeling very horny. I got up and stretched making funny noises but then I realized the noises came out as moans and I looked at Phil And he was looking at my chest I looked down and that’s when I realized that I wasn’t wearing a bra and my nipples were hard and you could see them through the vest I was wearing I shrugged and cleared my throat and he looked at me and I ask him if he wanted a refill of his drink I looked at his glass and he passed it to me so I went to the kitchen and refilled our classes and came back and handed to him and I thought it was gonna be awkward but it wasn’t we carried on drinking and talking laughing really hard and I didn’t notice that he had moved and sat next to me until he said some thing and his voice sounded really close so i screamed and ended up pouring my drink all over myself and my vest was soaked “fuck how did you ended up next to me?” But didn’t get an answer looking up he was looking in my chest again and this time I realized the vest what is now see-through and you could see my pink hard nipples I blushed because of the way he was staring at them like he was hungry and that made them harder and I could see the massive bulge print on his jeans and I swear my nipples got even harder I was about to get up and get changed when he stopped me “wait” he said and pushed me back on the sofa and looked at me he didn’t say anything I definitely didn’t say anything because that some movement caused my clit to throb he opened my legs and kneeled on the floor between my legs and all of a sudden he licked my left nipple through the vest and moaned I was too stunned to react he looked at me and did it and this time I gasped and he flicked his tongue a few times before sucking on my nipple and this time I moaned and he went a did the same thing to my right nipple while kneading the left nipple and pinched it making me arch my back and sending a jolt of electricity to my core

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