My best friend’s dad

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Chapter 4

My pussy was throbbing and he kept biting and sucking my nipples one after the other he looked at me and I was looking at him and he ripped my vest and my tits spilled out I gasped and he moaned and squeezed my tits together and sucked on my big jugs of milk like a puppy sucking and biting on them until I was a moaning mess
I grabbed the back of his head pushing him more into my tits and he sucked harder flickering his tongue here and there on my nipples and my pussy was drenched he started rubbing my pussy through my shorts while still sucking on my nipples and I couldn’t help but grind on his hand and I wasn’t wearing any panties so when he moved my shorts to the side he made direct contact with my shaved pussy and he started sliding his thick fingers between my folds and moaned at how wet I was and sliding two fingers into my warm pussy a few times before he brought them to my lips and I sucked on his fingers tasting myself and I moaned he slid his fingers back into my pussy and started finger fucking me he left my nipple with a pop and put his fingers in his mouth he closed his eyes and moaned while licking his fingers when he opened his eyes his eyes had gone darker and full of lust he took of my shorts and shifted my arse at the edge of the sofa and spread my legs wide open he looked and my pussy licking his lips and he dives right in he greedily licked and sucked my pussy

I moaned feeling his tongue dart in and out of my pussy while his fingers rubbed my clit at the same motion as his tongue and I started grinding my pussy against his face smothering him with my juicy cunt as I moaned in pleasure I grabbed the back of his head and shoved his head deeper between my legs so he could eat my wet cunt
He licked my swollen clit while pinching my hard nipples unable to wait any longer I pushed him off my pussy and I asked him to lay down and he did so I sat on his face he immediately latched on my clit and started sucking on it really hard and my orgasm hit me like a tsunami and I moaned loud tilting my head back and he drank all my juices

I was about to get up but he held my hips and said “I’m not done with you yet and flicked his tongue on my sensitive clit and went back to feasting on my cunt he aggressively Buries his face in my pussy and began feasting and I smothered him with my wet cunt

I started playing with my nipples when he looked me in the eyes and his hands traveled from my hips to my tits and he started playing with them while I continue fucking his face as I moan coating him with my juices
He pinches and pulls at my nipples making me whimper and I started grinding his face harder, feeling his nose against my throbbing clit and my pussy was pulsing with need, as if reading my mind he grabbed my hips put me backwards to his cock and he impaled me with his rod and my second orgasm hit me hard my legs started shaking and my pussy clenched feeling his massive cock twitching and filling me up with his cum my mind went into overdrive thinking and wanted to ask “when did he take his jeans off ?” But he started pumping his cock in my tight pussy I was shocked his cock was still hard
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