Insatiable Desire

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After the crash After the lights We survived But maybe not for long Book 2 of the Tasteful Series

Erotica / Drama
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Raphael POV
Four months prior

" are you ok sir can you hear me " my mind is in a daze my ears rings there's a crowd of people surrounding my car zora where fuck blood drips from my head then everything replays in my mind she's she was pregnant, fucking pregnant and then the other car and the accident shit we were in a accident " sir can you hear me the ambulance are in the way the young lady she stuck she can move " that finally gains my attention running back to my car seeing its almost totally " shit I can barely walk I'm dizzy " help her she's pregnant " I can hear the ambulance sirens but I can also her zora scream and I do I try to fight to get to her but everything does black before I can make it over .

" you awake good everything's fine you have a mile concussion no bleeding in the brain " I had just awaken I can guess am currently in a hospital bed " I called the doctor down he'll give you medication for the headache Mr.Caspian " I nod my head haven't found my voice " the girl that was in the car is she ok will i be able to see her " i murmur clearing my throat my voice scratchy she hesitate " um it was touch and go the car hit her side she she fractured her neck her leg broke but she well as she can be she stable for right now " she muttered taking her leave fuck I have to see her I start pulling the iv out I need to find her, her and my child she carries making it out of the room there's a whole bunch of doctors who nurses running to the entry way I first attempt to go back because I thought they were coming for me but no they skip pass me there's a ambulance hauling in a gurney I can hear screams they sound so familiar my blood runs cold " my husband call my husband please " the woman screams crying out in pain and when I move closer I finally she her I finally see my wife .

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