Insatiable Desire

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Zora POV
" get down zor fuck if you fall " Raphael grabs me by my waist taken me off the ladder it isn't even three feet tall I was only trying to help him put the twins room ready it's been a all day thing we both decided that the room color would be YInMn blue which we did take it upon ourselves to look up it was something important to him something he really wanted and did get to do with his first child so I allowed him to fully have the experience go all out with that he liked oddly enough he chose well " sorry I just want to hang my first sonogram " he smile kissing my cheek " sorry you just scare me the doctor said bedrest remember " I nod honestly it's only been a week since my shoot was released with good American I knew they only released it now because of everything that was going on and they didn't care weather it was good or bad publicity john had let me know it was released, " I'm horny " I blurt out honestly I don't what came over me " I mean I'll go get more paint " I walk out the room not waiting for his response.


" I'm done finally everything's setup thank you for allowing me to help you " I nod stuffing my face with ice cream and eggs rolls he chuckles when seeing me look like I been caught red handed " really zor egg rolls and ice cream " I nod not really knowing what else to do honestly am fat " god fine yes I feel like one baby craved ice cream and the other craved ice eggs roll don't fucking judge it isn't all that nasty anyways get out my house " I yell I felt attacked by his judgemental eyes I stand carefully wanted to leave the kitchen Raphael grabs me by my waist " sorry mommy I didn't mean " he pecks my lips sending shivers down my spine " its actually no that bad" he says tasting it from my lips I smile admittedly kisses him back " i missed you ..Ii missed us " he murmurs in between kisses while he pulls me towards my room " are you sure is this really what you want you can say no and I'll be ok with that " he says in a husky voice " fuck me " I respond clearly overwhelmed by my hormones god I been pregnant now for almost seven months and really horny a girls fingers and dildo can only do so much all I have on is a to big of a shirt so after he pulls that off am naked my body full on display his smiles running his finger up my belly " mines " he utters making me literally wanna squirt all over him just from his words " god your beautiful zor , you carry the greatest gift thank you thank you for being their mother " I kiss his lips as his hands pull up his t-shirt jesus I love that v line and his abs his build all man and his mine all mine " I love you zora I love you baby " he murmurs laying me on the bed sideways him getting behind me hiking my leg up positioning his erection directly at my entrance " please " I beg ready to have him inside me I fell like i have been starving his pushes his dick in madly slow I can feel every vein " fuck " I moan I forgot how big he was he pauses " do you want me to stop " he says breathless grabbing his hand intertwining our fingers " no please " he thrust his hips forward going deep inside me his other hands lays upon my stomach I feel like kicks as he keeps thrusting fuck I missed him to and I love him and I can't help it or stop it " harder " i moan wanting more of him honestly need more he opens my legs more thrusting deep as possible fuck me sideways " baby " he moans which has me tearing up a little I have never cried during a intimate moment " fuck us baby feel me as fuck you " he murmur he pulls my hand in between us were we are connected i feel our juices mixed and when he stretch me out to fit his damn dick inside me " oh fuck Raphael " I moan tears fall down my eyes I turn my face towards him he collides our lips together still fuck me deep " I love you baby " he moans looking directly at me never losing eye contact.

{ Authors notes: sorry I really need a break .but I'm back you should really listen to the song a posted with this chapter it's worth it }

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