Insatiable Desire

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Zora POV

" fuck no babe it's to much I..ii cant take anymore it's to much " I moan trying to pull away from Raphael, away from him thrusting inside me " no baby take all this dick it's yours I promise you that " he continues thrusting inside holding on to my arms I do nothing but moan out taking his deep and hard thrusting he stop pulling out " no no Raphael please " I find myself wanting to feel him again skin to skin i hate the lost of contact now in between us he moves his body on top of my head he move over top of my breast but I dont feel any of his weight I feel his lips kiss my stomach feeling little kicks making me giggle it tickles he hands cup my titties licking and sucking on my nipples sending pleasure up my body feeling his hard cock being place in between them he starts to thrust forward tittie fucking more it's feels amazing his balls hit my chin I decided to lean up catching them with my mouth he groans moaning my name he slowly his movements down taking by the pleasure he feels as i move my mouth around his balls sucking " fuck zora slow down I don't wanna come yet " I smile loving the affect I have over him I speed my up on sucking his balls wanting to make him come " oh fuck baby I love zora I swear it baby " and I feel his come on my stomach and breast he breathes heavy moving off my careful laying beside me pulling me into his arms .
Raphael POV
" and some french fries with a smoothie " I nod smiling listing to zora has she tell me what she wants to eat pulling up to my house I see Bianca on waiting " ok mommy just give me a hour I swear I bring you all the food you want " I utter still on facetime with zora she laughs hanging up " uh hey Raphael can we talk " she smile but it doesn't reach her eyes her father informed her about me and his last conversation " yeah ok " I nod unlocking the door I know as of right now its awkward being around I kinda feel uncomfortable I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing, I let her inside " oh you remodeled it already " I can hear the bitterness in her voice " I shrug not wanting to start an argument I have been happy since being with zora and I wanna keep it that way " so I was thinking maybe it's time for me to move back home a set towards working on our marriage " I frown honestly stocked out of everything she could have said I didn't thinking it would be that " uh bianca I think it's best we divorce i..I " I dont get to finish because she enterup me " our daughter we have been eight months today us being together would be what she wanted " I can see the pain she has in her eyes the hurt of losing our child in the pain " I think we should visit her grave together my father thought I would be good idea " I honestly should have known her father would use dirty tactics to try and guilt me into staying with Bianca but I won't work this time " even though I have twins on the way your willing to be with me ? " her face twists from shock to angry to emotionalism quickly but I see the hit of hate in her eyes for me and I like to keep it there we both deserve better than what we gave each other " yes I can be a good step mom I can help zora's young to, do you really believe that she'll wanna spend the rest of her life with you , I mean are you even sure those twins are yours come'on Raphael be smart " it takes everything in me not to raise my voice because the only thing i feel for her now is pity, pity for the lost of our child pity because of the type of father she has pity because I know I was the cause of some of her pain " look bianca I'm sorry I can't say it enough truly but we both know it's a dead in us it isn't gonna work " I utter feeling like a complete Jack ass but I know lying wouldn't have helped or not saying anything out all that's what got us here " do you love her " she murmurs tears In here eyes i put my hands in my pocket stopping myself from hugging or comforting her " so let me guess you did not only cheat but play a big part in me losing our child but you remodeled our home without uh let's see did you just throw out of daughters nursery to get rid of it that fast without any guilt you fucking asshole not only that but you love her and I can tell in your eyes you don't hold that same love for me anymore " she yells crying and I just stand there taking it every hate word she throws at me because in some way I feel I deserve it " I hate you I you so fucking much " she says, still crying dropping to the floor " please Raphael don't let her destroy our family our love " I move away from her touch " I'm sorry bianca but it's finally I want a divorce " and she stand straighten her clothes " I bury you and her you won't every be happy my father will destroy you " she storms out the house slamming the door.

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