Insatiable Desire

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Surprise !!!!!!
Bianca POV
feeling or showing envy.

"I'm envious of their happiness"

" daddy It's over he doesn't love me I cried because I know its the truth he doesn't love me, how could he do this to me she's a child a whore a homewrecker she played a big part in me losing our child and he loves her not only that but she pregnant, pregnant with twins " they have to pay princess Raphael that son of a bitch he left you for a child jesus she only twenty-one " my father drinks bourbon straight from the bottle " we could go to the media they will believe you because your a grieve woman that lost her child but not only that through abuse mentally and physically " I honestly couldn't agree more that they both should pay but I didn't want hurt a pregnant woman I didn't know how far this revenge would go and in truth I don't love Raphael how I use to but am envious of zora she's got what I lost my husband and children " he ask for a divorce he's changing I mean even the house is different " I thought we could work towards our marriage getting better even have more kids I was willingly to accept zora kids be a stepmother " bianca the last thing we need is for you to divorce my company Raphael mother owns more shares than I do right now, not only that I no longer can take care of you financially its draining me you need him we need him sweetheart have you thought about having a conversation with zora or her mother Ammiano let Ammiano know there affair ruined your family " my father stand I have never seen him this mad before it makes me uneasy " if Raphael dies his wife automatically gets everything alimony isn't enough bianca you understand that homewrecker kid your daughter your husband no longer loves you he wants a child they have twins on the way none of this will be good for you our family image is destroyed he made a fool out of his sweetie her sister only let me and your mom have this house because you to were married what do you think will happen when you guys divorce they get everything " I listen to my fathers words and they do nothing but make me hate zora Hudson more I deserve everything she has " daddy maybe divorce wouldn't be bad his willingly to pay alimony it will be enough for me to live middle class I'm fine will that " I try convince myself more than him I have never been middle class it wouldn't work " middle class god bianca we can't live middle class do you see our lifestyle now do you think middle class people live like this do you think middle class people can afford this fucking house the cars the dinners the fucking partys be smart for once in you life you got played sweetheart hr fucked you got you pregnant killed your daughter and left you great job bianca me and your mom are proud " he yells spit coming for his mouth anger evident in his eyes if look could kill I know me and Raphael would be dead .

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