Insatiable Desire

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Raphael POV

" Ahh fuck zora don't deep throat it I don't wanna come yet " I breathe heavily as I watch her take my dick in her throat my hips thrusting inside her plump lips her nails run down the low part of my back I watch with such fascination she's intoxicating and I love her God I love with thing about her I start pumping my hips faster watching as she slurps on my dick she doesn't gag taking every inch I offer her " spit on it " I rasp out she giggles doing as told she licks the pre cum for the tip of my cock make me groan my the pleasure all you can hear is my cock hitting the back of zora's throat just the sound alone makes me want to come I grab the back of her head thrust fast and aggressively she moans I thrust more into her mouth as she except me " fuck fuck " I moan my legs shaky i know am gonna blow my load down her throat in any second she massages my balls and I can't hold back any long " shit Zor its alot and I watch as she sallows my cum likes it's the greatest thing she ever tasted " happy birthday " she utters

" happy birthday son I love oh god when are you and zora coming to visit actually how is zora does she need anything any back pain nauseousness " I huff listen to my mom ramble on over the phone she call to wish me a happy birthday but the phone call has been going on for atleast twenty minutes " she fine mom I swear it actually she needs my help I'll call you back " I lie to get off the phone I love my mom but am a grown ass man I can take care of myself " all right honey make sure you take care of her and happy a wonderful birthday I love you Raphael " my mom muttered " you to mom " I hang up quickly getting out of bed to go look for zora around her loft " I'm in the kitchen " her voice rings out she must have heard my footsteps " hey " I feel relief when I finally make it to the kitchen seeing her I have this fear the she'll realize am not worth it and leave me the conversation with bianca is always at the back of my mind my insecurities picking at me " hey " she smiles showing her beautiful teeth she wobbles to the frigerator grabbing something I lean against the bar just watching her she's really carrying a piece of my two pieces of me but all three of them are my heart's " happy birthday daddy " she laughs seating the cupcake on the island I chuckle seeing the three candle that's starting to become my favorite number
" babe I love it " I say going over the island kissing her lips " it's perfect mommy " she wipes whipped cream all of my face laughing god these are the moments all I love most just me and her us being together happy sharing love growing I smirk as she licks it off her tongue touching my lips she sucks them making a Popping sound as she let's go " you can't eat me mommy " she giggles " fine your right but eat it before I do " I laugh feeding her half eating the other half.

{ Authors Notes :}
Hey guys...
Big announcement 🥂♥️
Are you ready? .....

Well ........

I have decided to start my own podcast about no only my books but other wattpad and inkitt authors I love Penelope Douglas and cora Reilly books are just fantastic . Its really something I been wanting to do for a while now I love interacting with my readers ♥️♥️ you guys are the best it will be free so dont worry you'll most likely just have to download the app . I start giving more information as I updated my first podcast will be January one about my books and two other wattpad or inkitt authors that I just love please be patient I dont wanna rush anything you'll be able to ask questions and answer some of mine I'll have a co host sometimes I'll try my best to have other authors appear as well let me know who you guys wanna see and hear from it doesn't have to be just wattpad and inkitt authors or books I really appreciate you guys support hopefully you'll support me on this new journey.

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