Insatiable Desire

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Zora POV
" yeah it's totally wired I agree swallowing his cum has help with my nauseousness " I shrug laying on Kylie bed she's finally back home she's been staying with her boyfriend giving me and Raphael the space we needed " so what your telling me is that in order for you not to throw up you basically have to suck his dick every day " she laughs rubbing my stomach I smack her head " oh zora don't tell me your gone all prude now ? " I I chuckle which almost makes me pee myself damn the pregnancy " help me up for I pee in your bed " I say smirking she knows am telling the true because I had maybe two accident happened were I pee myself one was from laughing and then other was me not being able to get out of bed " thank you " I smile happy that I made it " I'll get you it its probably just Raphael calling for the like hundred time " after washing my hands I make my way to the living room already out of breath " yes mrs. Ammiano great dinner I'll I'll sure stop by for a plate damn right I mean totally excuse me yes she out the bathroom " so it wasn't Raphael at all it was my mom " you to ma love you here she says she's hosting a dinner tomorrow and we are going plus we both love food " I roll my eyes snatching my phone from her " hey mom " my mom and I relationship has gotten better over the months that I have been pregnant even though I keep at a distance with everyone at this point it's just I still feel awkward I know people will judge regardless but it still weight heavy on me " zora baby how are and the babies you missed you last appointment your ogbyn said you reschedule your appointment you can't do that love your at high risk " damn I could totally sue my doctor for running her big mouth even if she's my mother I have a right to privacy am fucking grown " I'm fine mom something happened with Raphael so I just helped him but I feel amazing actually their babies are great they make me eat about twenty times a day " honestly going to the gym after my pregnancy will me one of my first priorities " that's good make sure no stress and am glad to hear you doing well but I have some news " I brace myself for the low blow she's about give me it can't be good " ok so bianca started her nurse training here and well I have to train her " I laugh obviously not believe her it has to be some sick joke and weird all at the same time " no zora Hudson I'm serious it was weird she came in she ask to be assigned to me I just thought you wanna know since you come here for you appointment and deliver here maybe in a month " I nod listening to my moms words " look just be careful she was acting word trying to ask questions and " I stop her because she could finish " yeah I understand thanks mom love you " i hangup quickly texting Raphael { get here now ! } my patience are running thin with the stalker I get it what I did was fucked up I take responsibility and am so sorry that she lost her child but doesn't mean she has to be a psycho " everything okay " Kylie ask laying on lap poking my belly " my mom just said bianca started training at her job to become a nurse there " I shrug not really knowing what to think of it " that weird bitch " I laugh hearing kizzy go on about her " I texts Raphael he should be on his way I had every intention of confronting him about it but am not I think its really time for me and her to have words she obviously has alot to say so I'll handle it " do you want me to tell Raphael to bring you some food because I have not plans of sharing " I ask her she nods " yeah wendy's chicken salad and fries with a tea I nod getting up having to use the bathroom again .

" is everything all right ? " I jump hearing Raphael voice shit he got here fast and he has food I smile " yeah perfect I was hungry and I just miss you " I utter like I said I handle the bianca thing at my next appointment on my own " shit you scared mommy " I laugh walking over to him to get my food " no kiss first " I peck his lips taking the food " my sister yasmin asked About she really wants to me to you " he utters pulling my towards my room " I know, and did you give her my number she facetime and her your niece kept asking to see my belly the whole time he chuckles " yes sorry about that she kept begging and yeah my niece pretty excited about our babies " I nod eating pepperoni's and pineapples " so I wanted to talk to you about something it's a really big decision that will affect the both of us and our babies and I wanted to get your input " I stop eating it must be serious " ok let's talk " he helps me onto the bed " so my sister into real estate and I don't know if I told you but am into architecture and I know we already told you I left my other job months ago but I really wanna move forward with building architecture and I know it's a big jump and with your pregnancy and of I want your support " I nod listening " that's great if its really your passion I say go for it I'll support you all I ask if for you to keep me updated so I'm not lost or feel uncomfortable with the changes coming " he smiles agreeing " and another thing our living agreements we the twins are born what's our plan " I frown he's totally right I really didn't plan one coming to my loft and the nursery but we don't live together he's here alot but we are apart at times " do you wanna move together do you think we are ready for something like that " I ask its something that I really haven't thought about " yes I think so I wanna be there for you but also the twins there gonna need us both , I think were gonna need more space and I know my place isn't an option so how about we look for something or I help build our home my first project " he looks nervous like I reject the option but i actually love it " that's prefect pretty amazing but i like to do it after my pregnancy just because if the stress of a move and i don't wanna uproot just everything without " he stop me before I can finish " I already got a temporary separation our first court date with our lawyers will be next week " he utters
" yeah because that's a big step into our relationship and living agreements " I muttered " agreed let's just work on our communication I mean we still don't know alot about each other and I don't want because I want our future together with the twins " I smile really impressed with our conversation I love that were learning how to communicate more than with just sex and lust its refreshing to know we both want the same thing " and speaking of all of this I have been really talking to my modeling agent and after the twins are born I do wanna model start doing shoots again " I honestly don't know what is gonna be his reaction but after some thinking I love model it's really my passion and I don't just wanna give it up " ok it's fine, that you do that but I want it to be your decision something your not being pressure into doing you know they will wanna expose not only your my our private life and the twins when they born and to be honest I don't want that I dont want them no where near the media between both of us the media has no boundaries but am on board if it's something you can handle and really want " I smile kissing him my words couldn't explain how happy I was with our conversation.

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