Insatiable Desire

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Zora POV

" baby am on the way I swear it sorry I took so long " I laugh as Raphael act like his missing the birth of the twins when he's only missing the last appointment before my due date " it's fine kizzy is taking me " the only reason am not driving myself because Raphael says he doesn't feel comfortable with me driving now that I could give birth any minute now " still i should be there , there not kizzy mommy their mine twins " i nod agreeing " it's fine actually you could meet me at the house with food and a body massage I smile on facetime " can you guys remember that I am in the car I don't wanna know how the twins we conceived " I giggle at Kylie words
" shutup kizzy god I didn't forget you for a second " I smirk messing around with her " mommy I'll be there " Raphael says ignoring me and kizzy bantering " ok great I'll call you after " I quickly hangup " I really think you should have told him about the bianca thing its important for both of you guys to know I mean she sounds psycho I mean really why would see wanna work at the same hospital as your mom and the one you plan on delivering at it's not only weird but creep " kizzy utters sounding pretty creeped out by bianca " agreed but I find out today " it's something I think should have happened a while ago me apologizing for the part a played in her ruined marriage " thank you kizzy pick me up in an two hours I'll probably grab lunch with my mom if she's not to busy " getting out the car leaves me breathless.

" you heart rate and the babies are fine your belly is dropping you should be Delivering within weeks try not to shower if so make sure you have some one with you your carrying alot of weight around and for you swollen feet just try to get a massage the babies are turn are you sure you dont wanna know their genders " she smile politely " am sure I dont " I utter I honestly wanted to be a surprise it's what I been decided " ok your free to go " I nod collecting my things to head to my mothers office " have a good day miss. Zora Hudson I smile waving bye going to the want the front to of the main office my mom's usually there before I check her office spotting bianca and two other nurses talking great she spot's me to looking at my belly smiling weirdly " can we talk " see nods walking to a closed off spot
" look am so deeply sorry for what I did with Raphael really it's was wrong I take responsibility for it I can't say it enough but I do love him am not sorry about that it may sound cruel but it's true and I feel like I owe you that much but that's all I owe you working here trying to I don't know befriend my mom its weird you lost your daughter and this hospital why would you come back to it and wanna relive it it has even been a year not that it's any of my business but I really appreciate if you just stop what you trying to do live me and my mom out of it " she looks totally shocked I almost apologize again for my rudeness but it honestly had to be said its creepy
" look zora not that you can even know what am going through because you have your twins and Raphael but I'm still grieving and need a distraction to start moving on getting thr closure I need and your right I lost my daughter here that why I wanna be here so people can learn to deal with those types of things something you wouldn't get grief little girl " I smile wickedly " oh really just fuck off it's not my fault Raphael doesn't want you I practically pushed him back into your arms and you couldn't keep him news flash old lady he still didn't want you then or not think for a second the cracks and your marriage had been there before me it was your and him that obviously didn't love each other please stop with the am a victim act it's beneath you " I say I see tears in her eyes god fuck am a horrible person that wasn't the goal here " zora bianca what's going on " I turn seeing Raphael obviously angry " I fucking hate you both " she screams leaving me with him only
" is this the reason why you wanted to come alone that you didn't want me there " he murmurs I honestly don't know what to say I wonder how much of the conversation did he hear " no fuck yes my mom could dayd ago and told me that she started her training here to she had to train her " I shrug as it was not big deal " fuck zora you should have told me she looks unstable she could have been dangerous what happened to us moving forward with our communication " he asks and I know he's right " look am sorry your right I should have but can we not do this in a hospital e news will have a field day he nods I follow him to the car " why did you come anyways " he frowns but answer " it' was your last appointment I wanna to be there " now he shrugs I nod the car ride to my loft is silent " the food in the kitchen I'll come back later and check on you " I nod he gets out helping me " thank you " he gives a quick peck on the lips " I love mommy " he murmurs getting back in the car driving off .

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. Also I finally setup YouTube channel I be giving the first podcast next month and I'll let you guys know more because I have alot of great thing coming } and if you notice I took down Angel of death I wanna edit and write more chapters before I begin to uploading more chapters it's so hard to get in the mindset of all my story because there different genres I have some many cool ideas for all my books so just be on the lookout I was thinking maybe even doing a crossover to a couple but it's not finally just be thinking 🤭 please be patient when it comes to updates this whole pandemic has me stress and overwhelmed but I appreciate everyone that does support me you guys deserve nothing but the best I'll be doing a oneshot to pretty much a bonus chapter to every book I have published even piovoso but anyways be safe wear a mask social distance loves }
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