Insatiable Desire

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Raphael POV
"hey Mane did your fine ass baby momma let you out the house finally I chuckle pushing , James in the bar me and him have been bestfriend since colleges our families are very close,
" your a dick " I muttered I still haven't seen zora much in the last three days I felt uneasy about what she kept from me, her knowing about Bianca working at the hospital and she didn't utter a word
" so what's up how are you and the little homewrecker doing, " I frown not liking his choice of words even if he playing
" everything was going great I mean really good we have been building a relationship with just more then sex not just for the twins but for us to " I respond ordering two beers " so what's the issue now having cold feet ? The sex not how it use to be or are you questioning the twins? James says clearly talking out his ass " fucking stop shit, look if me and you are friends fuck that if me and you are family zora and the twins are included stop talking like she just some whore alright some of you don't get it but me and bianca marriage was over before zora come into the picture " I utter he looks shocked but nods " hey I'm sorry Rapha you know were family I just joke alot you know I'll damn well be there for my god children & if you love zora hell am In love with zora " he says making me laugh " she knew about Bianca working at the hospital and she didn't tell me they actually got into a argument " I murmur not knowing how to feel it's weird creepy " I ramble on " it's just I want her to feel like I could protect her and the twins that I could be that for them that no harm would come aslong am there to protect them I don't know it probably has everything to do with the crash we suffered and how I felt so helpless towards them or the daughter that Iost I just never wanna them or myself to feel like that again but I can't do that if she still holding things from me " I finally let how I felt about the situation " geesh Rapha how the hell are you gonna lay some heavy shit on me like that before I even get down my fouth beer " he utters ordering two shots
" whew ok your not totally wrong for feeling like that it's understandable you lost a daughter you zora and the twins could have died just be patient the relationship between you guys is still new and it's moving fast because of the twins " I nod " look talk to her express to her what you just told me god you shut a fucking lovestick now it makes me sick I actually wanna gag Rapha " I chuckle drinking my beer " tomorrow me and my lawyer have a seat down with Bianca and hers " I muttered he shakes his head " I dont envy you my friend .
" Mr.Mrs. Caspian bank accounts are to be split my client ask that Mr. Caspian continues to pay for her townhouse and her medicalexpenses with 50 thousands dollars in alimony monthly and that her parents get to also keep their home " I frown listen to bianca and her lawyer make outrageous demands this is our first step in towards finalizing my divorce she seats across from me smirking like she's won but truthfully she hasn't , our good old Bianca here signed a prenup " My client here has documents of Mrs. Caspian signing a prenup he's willing to pay in alimony but that should be enough to cover her home and medical bills her parents on the other hand will not be taken care by my client my client also asks that their bank account not be split Mrs. Caspian hasn't made over even close to 40 thousand dollars a year to even claim that half is hers she was a stay at home wife who switched jobs ever five months my client took care of Mrs. Caspian thier whole marriage which as a good husband should " I feel a ping in my chest a good husband wouldn't have cheated or stopped loving his wife but then I remember it wasn't all my fault we both gave up in checked out this marriage she stay out of not wanting to lose what being with me provided for her
" My client clearly isn't ask for to much in fact Mr. Caspian has already started with his architecture he already have five invaster that offered more than a million dollars he has the money " am not at all surprised her lawyer knows this it's his job know he wants the best for his client,
" Mr. Caspian does have two children on the way that he will have to provide for and let's not forget it's his business plan nothing has bianca name written on it they have been separate for about almost nine months he agree to pay alimony when bianca Cleary signed a prenup agreement were willing to look past that at this point bianca just being spiteful " Bianca looks actually stocked that my lawyers says that " excuse me gentleman can me and bianca have a moment alone " they now look surprise but agree leaving " my father was right your weak man nothing trash I fucking hate you " she muttered tears in her eyes " I'm sorry I never not be sorry for how things went in our marriage but let's be clear you don't love me as well as I don't love you anymore I'll give you the money because I know that's what your after " her face turns up in disgusted like I truly offended her " you son of a bitch you have no fucking heart I lost our baby you had in affair with whore in got her pregnant now you guys play house and live happily ever after goddamn it Raphael I don't fucking think so she ruined everything for me you gave her what I lost why do you guys get to be happy and am left behind I want everything I deserve I was good to you " she cries " I'll pay you whatever you want just quit working at the hospital I'll let your parents keep there home shit I'll even give you the heritage I planned to give to our daughter but that's it you have to walk away from my family " she laughs bitterly " zora she's you family she's who you love " I nod " quit working at the hospital I'll agree to your outrageous demands but you stay away from her because next and I swear it I'll bring your whole fucking world down " .

{ Author Notes:
Hey my lovely readers ♥️ sorry I went away for a while needed some time to just recharge but I'm back and geesh it shit about to hit the fan with this story 🙀 also has anyone watch bridgerton on Netflix I have watched about ten times if you haven't done so please do you'll thank me }


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