Insatiable Desire

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Zora POV
" don't pinch me am pregnant you cunt face " Tezz smile " I missed you zor even if your as big as a house I throw my shoe at him " you idiot am carrying twins " he laughs " kizzy gone to pick up food " I nod cuddling my Maternity Pillow Raphael got me it smell like him " were friends right ?" Am completely court off guard by his question and honestly don't know how to answer that me and Tezz had intimate moments I mean we had alot of oral sex so I don't know " I was surprised to find out about you and him we had our thing I keep hoping you would realize I was waiting for you to choose me to actually be with me and I know that's messed because you were in a relationship with Nate and he's my bestfriend but I couldn't help myself before we even had anything sexual together I just loved our bond or laughs I loved you I still love you and you here now pregnant with twins it kills me it's literally one of the hardest pills I had to swallow " I smile softly god he really deserves better I knew it the first time we kissed we were doomed our fate wasn't together I didn't love him I couldn't I tried " I never be sorry enough I led you on that was cruel but you were
Like Melancholy to me it's fucked but after our stolen moments I would fell sadness and you didn't deserve that you know me I have sabotage tendencies either way me and you couldn't be together " I muttered he smile I can see the tears in his eyes I feel overwhelmed but I felt like I atleast owe him the truth
" he isn't it you actually happy you finally love someone " I breathe out honestly honestly stick with it your about to be a mother of two I tell myself over and over again " no I never felt sadness or loneliness with him ,never and yes I love him " I can finally see he accepts it hurts because I also new that feeling when I was rejected " god your beautiful zor your gonna be an amazing mother even if it's not to my children " he moves closer he hand lands on my belly " I do wish I was the one " he head lean on my shoulder this is exactly how our relationship has always been us close leaning on each other getting threw grief together " you'll always be my first love " he murmurs still his hand rest on my stomach he cuffs my face kissing my lips " if you ever need me or just want me know I'll be there just for you to use me " I lean in pecking his soft lips a last goodbye.
" thanks for lunch I'll see you at my place kizzy " I watch Tezz hug her and I fell relief he seems more himself before we had our thing I probably couldn't love the old him the guy that was just my friend the guy that gave me his shoulder to cry on when I lost my dad the one who I had fun with he change after our stolen moments and maybe it was our stole moments to led me to finally realize he didn't deserve the only thing I was willingly offering him " zora " he hugs me kissing my ear " remember everything I said because it's true " I smile " goodbye Tezz " kizzy watches with a suspicious look I shake my head " you guys didn't do you " she asks i chuckle not offended at all she asked me she knows me " no nothing like that happened " I utter walking to the fridge putting the leftovers away " uhmm you finally set him free " I frown at her choice of words " I'm just saying now he have a real chance of finding someone who can actually love him he seem happier " I smile knowing he did and I loved that
" what time is Raphael coming " I check my phone " seeing he and his mom texted me " around six am not sure how am gonna feel about being in front of a camera I know it's a private shoot but still I haven't really even looked in the mirror since I've been pregnant and this maternity photoshoot it's just something have been putting off " I say she's laughs lightly " you'll do great zor you always have in front of a camera and about that not looking in the mirror thing come'on " she pulls me towards the bathroom pulling up my shirt " damn your belly is dropping " I chuckle " focus zora look you beautiful the twins will love and adore you you gonna be such an incredible mom and I'll be the perfect godmother and if you're father was here he would love this version of you " she says the mention of my father make the babies move around alot .

{ Author Notes:
Ok guys 😈 there will be a book 3 but book will be about Tezz Newman and Zora Hudson Relationship before Raphael Raphael it's already be posted on wattpad check it out remember to vote,comment and add to your reading list it's called
" Melancholy "

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