Insatiable Desire

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Raphael POV
" Are you mad at me " my eyes scan her whole body as she begins to strip out if her clothes naked she says clothes now make her uncomfortable I never mind seeing her pregnant and barefoot it feels at possessive man like me with pride ,
" you let a boy kiss you no you kiss him back " she rolls her eyes clearly irritated with the conversation I grab her neck pulling her closer to me i can tell that it did nothing but turn her on " let's try this again you kiss someone else pregnant with my babies " her eyes darkened lust in her eyes her tongue goes over her lips " it wasn't like that it was an goodbye I treated him badly " she murmurs biting her lips " look at me " her eyes turn back to me " never kiss another motherfucker again let this be my last warning to you zora I'll give you this one past sweet heart " he nods " I'm sorry Raphael " I chuckle taking my sweatpants off
" so me zora so me how sorry you are " my hard cock now more visible she gets on the bed taking my cock in her hand kissing the tip " I love you Raphael no one else " I grunt " show me how much you love " she smiles sliding her tongue down down both sides of my cock massaging my balls " I love you Raphae " she muttered swollen lips I could devour them well my cock is about to " who owns you zor " I grip her hair tighter before she can answer thrusting my hips " breathe through you nose baby " I utter still thrusting my hips my cock going down her throat her tongue swirls around the base of my cock loving the beat on putting down in her throat " you mine zor you and the twins belong to me always and forever " she moans grabbing my hips trying to slow my thrusting down " fuck no take it her eyes pled with mines I pull back " breathe but you are gonna take this dick " she does getting on the bed laying zor on her side " who do you love zor " she moans when I spank her ass " you Raphael fuck only you " I chuckle when she try's to grab my hand to rub her clit lifting her leg I enter her thrusting fully in her wet cunt " fuck " I groans feeling how tight she is " babe " she moans I pull her hair she turns giving me an open my kiss " go faster " she breathe out and I do I give her what's she needs what she craves.

I rub zora stomach as she uses half my body as her own personal pillow she fully naked I smiles feeling small kicks then I notice we haven't decided on names yet even though they're gender is still a surprise we still do need to talk about names I chuckle quietly seeing zora laugh in her sleep she has to be having a funny dream . God I feel such relief knowing no harm should come to them Bianca agreed to settle with alimony and our daughters trust fund and to quit working at the hospital with is fantastic I only have to pay alimony for five years I let her parents keep their home but now they have to pay the mortgage on it I also secretly left her mom Leslie one million dollars in a offshore account the reason being her mother is a great woman and plus the money that they did half left Bianca father walker gambled it all and lost it am not sure if Leslie knows yet my lawyer was the one who informed me she should be receiving the money in three days zora phone rings catching my attention an unknown display " hello " I utter " yes zora Hudson " I look at the time it's two in the morning " she currently sleep you can leave a message " I murmur curious " I think you should wake her her mother Ammiano Hudson was in a horrible accident a hit and run on the highway she's currently in surgery " .

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