Insatiable Desire

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Raphael POV
" let me take you home zor she's still not out of surgery it will be hours befor she does " I stand watching zora fall apart about the news about her mother Ammiano she rocks back and forth crying I tried holding her she didn't want that " no I need to be here oh my god what if she doesn't make it Raphael my dad and now my mom I couldn't handle it I need the twins need her " she cries I finally say fuck it hand hold her trying to comfort her the best way I can . From the footage on the highway it was an Black SUV it followed her for a while before hitting her car the window were tainted black and the SUV plates were fake letting us know it was done intentionally " shh zora she's gonna be fine Ammiano strong " I try convince myself more than her the hit was really bad she been in surgery for over six hours , I watch zora lay her head in my lap she's obviously tired sleep deprived I move her hair some her face her sad eyes looking into mine I rub her pregnant belly feeling heavy kicks panicking on the inside they seem overwhelmed stress because their mother is " hey let's get you checked out " I muttered she shakes her head no " I can't I don't wanna leave from right here " we seat in the waiting room zora Kylie her uncle zayn and myself my mom father and sister are on there way " your stressing which means the twins are under stress you feel the kicks let's see you ogbyn " she turns away from me damn it I can't deal with losing her or the twins are already did that " let's go outside " she stand wiping her tears away " the police said after she left work she had dinner with a couple other colleagues " she nods we walk over to my trunk
" Zora Diamond Ammiano Hudson when we go back in the hospital you have no but to see your ogbyn " I stand in front on her holding eye contact with her she pouts I grab her neck " now it's no the time zor don't fucking test my patience just do what I say " she nods I kiss her lips " Raphael I have a bad feeling about this something just seems off " tears spring out her eyes she lays her head on my chest I see a car pulling up into the hospital parking lot my mom and sister rush out rushing over to us my quickly pushes me off zora hugging herself my sister chuckle sadly I see my father last walking over his probably behind because he on the phone probably working which only get to me because zora needs our support am use to it by now growing up with Andrew Caspian wasn't easy " hello son " he side eyes my mom holding zora " why do you have a pregnant woman in a parking lot " my sister yasmin hit his arm " don't mind the old man here his grumpy " I shrug carelessly honestly his the less of my worries " Ammiano well be find trust me zora she's can handle this " my mom murmurs still holding zora " let's get zora back inside I want her to get check out " my mom pulls back smiling up at me
" sorry son how are you love ?" .

" there under alot of stress rightnow but other than that everything looks great, it might be best for you to go home zora your mom's final stable mrs.kathy well call as soon as she's out of surgery zora frowns her eyebrows not at all agreeing with her ogbyn " thank you kathy but I'll handle it from here " I decided to quickly intervene before zora goes of the deep end she smiles leaving us alone " don't question me you gonna get your ass up and were leaving this hospital " with tears in her eyes she nods " we still have to talk to the police " she murmurs " I'll speak with them let you go with my mother I'll be less than an hour " she clearly isn't happy that am making all the decisions " no " she muttered I take deep breaths not trying to lose my patience with her I pull towards me " fucking think zora think about the twins the stress you under isn't good I know you wanna be here for your mom but staying in a waiting room won't help either of you so do as I say please babe " she finally agrees after getting herself finally together we leave the room " are my grandbabies okay?" my mother as so dramatically holding on to my dad shoulder as she's gonna faint " yes mom zora's gonna leave with you guys I'll be over later i talk to the police " she grabs zora's hand pulling her into her arms " they'll call once Ammiano is out of surgery " I watch zora closely clearly she tired and overwhelmed " that's fine son " my mom agree still holding zora's hand I'll pull her towards me " hey everything gonna be ok " I murmur she clearly doesn't want my parents or sister seeing her cry she she smile such a fake one " I love you " I whispere kissing her lips " I love you to Raphael" .

{ Author Notes: Sorry 🌻 for the absence I'll been emotionally and mentally sick lately very overwhelmed 🤎🌹 be I do have alot plan for the next chapter it's going down !! Be sure to follow me on Inkitt All my work I have ever published on wattpad will be its return on inkitt .. wattpad is just starting to very stress me out }

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