Insatiable Desire

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Zora POV
" get myself and zora tea please " I stand awkwardly in Donatella and Andrew Caspian mansion honestly just being around makes me wanna pray is this woman a saint or something her whole aura is godlike " Zora are you hungry of course my grandbabies need to eat Jeffery please whip up some lunch no sushi " I smile tightly I dont wanna tell her that my stomach is in knots " come take a seat get comfortable sorry yasmin couldn't stay she has her daughter " I nod I never really been a speechless woman in the conversation I've had with her over facetime and phone I had more to say hopefully it's just everything with my mom that has me like this " it's fine " I murmur trying to give off the impression that am fine
" Ammiano is an amazing woman " a smile tugs on my lips hearing those words am most glad that her and my mom get along well I know my mom had her indifference with Raphael in the past " Jason and Her did such amazing job " I frown not believing her words now maybe Raphael told her to be extra nice to me she giggles at my appearance
" Yeah such an great job that I settled for being your sons whore for months " I cover my my mouth stocked that I just really spoke those words in front of her she smirks " it didn't take you long to realize you were worth more plus your parents damn well didn't teach you that zor " she seem so confident in knowing what she talking about " your parents help raise Raphael actually sometimes there were more of his parents then Andrew or Myself I went through a tough faze and my life where I thought my marriage and business was more important then my children your father showed my son and helped him guided him damn there raise him for years " I never actually knew that Raphael was going through anything In his home life when he was at my home with my father I just thought my father was to kind to tell anyone no, he always had a big heart he rarely told me no " I had an affair and got pregnant with Raphael my marriage doing that time was more for an appearance Andrew and I went through a hard time we started to loathe each other and then I met Alessio he was from Italy he worked with Andrew for years and then our affair started and I got pregnant with Raphael me and Andrew were also still having sex so when Raphael was born Andrew had a hard time accepting Raphael he thought Raphael could have been Alessio which is true , me I was terrified to find out the truth it scared me dearly because when Raphae was born he had Alessio eyes and over the nine months of my pregnancy me and Andrew decided we wanted to really be together to work towards a better marriage we both agree to get consulting and I agree to stop seeing Alessio " I gasps listening surprise hit me so much that the twins kick me " anyways everything was coming along I was pregnant we went to marriage counseling Andrew was by my side the whole pregnancy until he was born he questioned was Raphael his because or his eye color and his hair of course me being in denial about it I always swayed from getting an DNA test done so Andrew went through a faze in being heartbroken and vindictive he had little to do with Raphael he distance himself from him it was horrible I start to hate myself because I through It was normal or just blamed myself to i overlooked it i also turned a blind eye while my son questioned did his father loved him I tried to make up for Andrew absent by showing Raphael with gifts and things like that but after I while Raphael just stopped caring he didn't question Andrew or me he just went on and so when your father Jason come in to his life Andrew hated him I mean truly but your father helped my son in ways that Andrew and I should have so when Raphael first went off to college he rarely wanted to leave you guys house Andrew jealously got the better of him and he had a DNA test done I was terrified embarrassed hurt that he would do it without my acknowledgment so when it came back I overwhelmed and overjoyed that Raphael was indeed Andrew's I quickly realized I was an terrible mother for letting her son go through that neglected and I quickly filed for divorce but Andrew Caspian truly tried and made up for his mistakes truly years ago Alessio wanted money so he came back claiming Raphael was indeed his son he tried blackmailing me out my family in heritage which was over twenty millions dollars but I went to Andrew told him everything he paid him over 15.3 millions do go to Italy and never try to contact Raphael again and he did Alessio died nearly five years after and my husband's father finally admitted that Alessio was his bastard child Andrew- Andrew world fell apart later we found out that he did in fact have a child and that child is Yasmin Caspian we had a close adoption her biological mother was a crack whore so it wasn't hard Andrew paid her one million and she agreed " shit wtf omg I have about three different reactions in seconds " um uh " I stutter because am so shock " does Raphael know about Yasmin " I ask she sips her tea " no I was pregnant when we brought Yasmin home but I miscarried so he believes that Yasmin was the baby I was pregnant with, me Andrew and never told Raphael about the miscarriage we thought he was to young to understand " I nod " if you dont mind me asking but I know my son and I know he would never but you and Raphael everything that happened it didn't start when Raphael practically lived with you " I chuckle because she actually has it all wrong " I always thought Raphael was good looking but didn't like him much sorta kept my distance and plus I was a spoiled brat and a daddy's girl who thought Raphael was trying to steal my dad so no " she Sighs with relief smiling warmly " I remember he would come home and I'll ask him sometimes how your family was doing he would always say that you when he did try to speak you would ignore him at first it didn't seem to bother him much but after awhile he would complain " I laugh honestly Raphael wasn't a factor back then I played nice in front of my dad.

{ Author Notes: recently I caught covid19 which was really shocking and scary I was sick and mentally I couldn't write anything my mind wasn't there but am better 🦋♥️ and back I hope everyone is being safe social distance wearing mask keeping their love ones safe 🥰🌹

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