Insatiable Desire

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Raphael POV

" does Mrs. Hudson have any enemies has she mentioned anything weird going on at home or work ? I I Sighs frustrated because I wouldn't know zora hasn't told me anything out of the ordinary " Ammiano is loved she's one of the top surgeon's for fuck hell she's the wife of the late Jason Hudson " the cop looked shocked " he was a great man taught
My daughter " I nod " will have to question your zora " I frown that can't happen she's heavily pregnant and stressed " that can't happen she can go in labor at any moment and I won't have stressed I'll relay everything she's knows to you " I utter plus I have no doubt that zora knows anything she's been with me and our bubble " sir your wife she's our victims mothers dont interfere in a police investigation " his asshole of a partner says " mistress " I chuckle darkly " fuck off and do your job we all know you won't find the person " I walk off towards the waiting room " hey is there any updated on Ammiano " I ask a nurse she smiles " she's out of surgery she broke her leg in three different places her spine had been bruised her brain MIR hasn't come back yet " i nod speechless how do I tell zora any of this I don't wanna experience losing a child again I don't want her to go through that I can't lose everything and she's is everything to me .


" she's resting upstairs in your old room"
My mother muttered Kissing my cheek " she's strong those babies are to they'll be fine trust me a mother knows " I pull back finally from her embrace walking through this mansion brings back to unwanted memories but I push those memories back this isn't about me right mom zora needs me " I feel like am failing them already and they aren't even born yet what a shit father I am " my mom's frown " welcome to parenthood that's how you know your doing right when you question everything you do worry it shows " I chuckle bitterly my mother the sweetest woman I love her but also a push over towards my father
" you would know huh ? " I quickly regret it when it comes out " sorry " I murmur she clears her throat " no i am Raphael I'm sorry I should have been a better mother I should have stood up to Andrew I was suppose to protect you and I was a coward " she hugs me again " trust me I regret it every day son I love you " I finally hug her back ensure her that I do I do forgive her " your father in his office speak to him before you leave " I nod finally taking the stairs to get to zora stepping in quietly she's sound to sleep taking off my suit jacket joining her I can tell she's not as comfortable because she shift side to side atleast three times " babe " I guess she did hear me after all smiling at her I respond happily " am here " I murmur getting in the bed her body relax against mine " my mom is she ?" I can hear the pain in her voice " she's she is gonna be ok " I lie because I wanna protect my babies and their mother " everything came back positive just a broken leg " I nearly throw up as the lie comes out my mouth she smiles " fuck me Raphael " she leans in kisses my lips tugging on my pants belt moans come from her mouth as I aggressively pull her hair wanting her to beg " please Raphael" biting her bottom lip I kiss her pulling off her shirt well my shirt her titties look moist and tinder " fuck " she murmurs after I grab her titties Massaging her nipples leaving open mouth wet kisses " I love you " I utter like its the first time I've said it she blushes her smile finally reaching her eyes " I love you " she moans as I leave kisses in between her thighs her hands pull and tug at my hair not hesitating I open mouth kiss her clitoris she lifts some off the bed she legs already shakes as if she's about to come pulling her back down locking her leg around my arms so she can't move it continue eating her pussy her juices leak but that just makes my dick even harder I smack her clit as moans " babe " her breathing is heavy but I know she's fine finally tugging my belt and pants off I join her back in the bed turn her on her side divining in face first to her ass leaving little licks god she taste like dessert I laugh as I see her hand making it's way to her pussy she wants to get off moving her hand I don't allow her she pouts but obeys " fuck me " she moans pulling back I line my body behind hers grabbing her right leg up lining my cock up at her entrance not entering her all the way just enough to tease her I laugh as her greedy pussy tries to take my cock in I finally enter my cock in her pussy immediately her walls tighten around me fuck she has a death grip on my cock thrusting inside is like Heaven for me ,her zora Hudson is my Heaven her and my twins " fuck " her cries and moans make me do nothing but thrust harder into her she turns her head kissing me " yes Raphael please don't stop " a fucking bullet to the head couldn't stop me right now she orgasm but I don't stop plugging into her this is my forever and it's with Her.

{ Authors Notes: so writing has been the thing that has kept me happy 😁 but as time went on and with everything going on that isn't the case anymore so I have been really taken time off just trying to find myself again am only 22 💜 so I really do appreciate my readers you guys are the best I love reading your comments 😁 I dont know when I'll update again but like I said am trying to find myself and happiness has my mind on other things }

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