Insatiable Desire

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Walter POV
| Bianca's father |

" there's no use daddy our marriage is over he let you and mom keep the house it's over he gave me the trust fund he had for our daughter its enough for us to live comfortable " Anger clouds me as I have to watch my only daughter shed tears for a man that didn't deserve her , I knew he was trash before they'd married " you stupid girl he played you " I utter fuck that I was a man of honor Raphael Caspian would pay for everything he put my daughter through she lost a child due to his affair with his whore " don't be mean father I did everything I could I signed a prenup I was lucky to even walk away with what I got " I nearly wreck my office " bianca financially am nearly book i don't hold even half of the shares i did before between your mothers spending your spending and the debt I owe were broke you and five million measly dollars won't cover it plus the house the cars the fucking outrageous events your mother likes to throw the clothing fuck do you really believe that would cover everything you simple minding child " I drink scotch right from the bottle hell with it I won't be owning any cups once my family loses everything " does mom know " I ignore her she now worthless for fucking sake how hard was it to please the small minded boy I have to fix it how does him and his homewrecker get to walk away and get to live happy ever after while my family get dumped that fucking slut deserves nothing " I have to quit working at the hospital " she known as my attention again " what you can't did you lose your hearing were gonna need that money I throw the bottle across the room scaring my darling daughter " that was the deal I made with Raphael the only way he would agree I got what I could out of him " she murmurs wiping her tears " Ammiano was smart she was closed off I didn't get anything from her it was a waste of time " she continues I chuckle " get out of my site now " she seems shocked clearly I grab my car keys exiting my office I see Leslie my wife comforting Bianca god that's why the girl so weak now no backbone
" Walter how could you " I ignore her I get to my garage getting in the black jeep it won't be mines for much long and that lives a bitter taste in my mouth I show Raphael and his whore pulling from my garage, Ammiano and Jason did nothing but raise a worthless whore who ruined my family's life storming down the road angrily I pull whiskey from my glove compartment drinking horns beeping
" watch out you fucking " I give them the finger finally pulling into the hospital Bianca's mother works at it's about time me and Ammiano had a conversation I continue drinking waiting everything I'll have is gone the drain and its about because of the " Hudson's " hours later Ammiano emerges from the hospital clearly tired she's on the phone talking going toward her car I put my car into drive to follow her .

{ Author Notes :
So I finally took it upon myself to make a book page were I can interact with my readers more were we can discuss different types and different genres of books not only that but I have my YouTube page ready soon I'll be doing bookhauls and recommendation I not only read on wattpad but I always had a collection on book on my bookshelf and I think it's a good chance for wattpad and inkitt Authors to get good reviews and recognize please if you really support me and like my books follow me on Instagram @caprisbookhaul & you guys can always recommend me books ! Thank you for the support I appreciate it remember to vote,comment and add to your reading list thank you 🦋🧘🏾‍♀️

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