Insatiable Desire

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Zora POV

don't touch me " I scream pulling away from Raphael crying my eyes trying to hurry my fastest to get the hell out here , he lied . He lied about my mothers health how fucking stupid of him did he think the hospital wouldn't call and update me on her health " babe babe just listen am sorry I wanted " i don't I leave storming from his childhood bedroom in his parents home I need to get to the hospital to see my mother she needs me I make sure I take my time down the steps not wanting to have an accident
" hey can you come pick me up I don't have my car " kizzy seems confused but doesn't asks questions " be mama send me the Address " I turn on the location and send it to her " please hurry I need to get the fuck out here " Donatella Raphael's steps outside " stop " I say before she even gets a chance to make excuses for her sons behavior I wipe my face I know I probably look a mess and crazy " he's sorry " she murmurs handed me tissue I roll my eyes he sure is after being caught Raphael seems to forget am an adult no his child " just go back inside am Donatella I can't " i whisper its frustrating me that I can't lash out " he wanted to protect you I'm sure of it " I nod am sure that true " that's not the issue I know Raphael I know he wants to always do the right thing but lying to me about my mother of all things ge clearly wasn't in his right mind did he honestly believe that the hospital wasn't gonna call or that I wasn't gonna call or go back " I muttered its irritating talking to someone who automatically bias to the situation she his mother finally kizzy pulls up " thank you Donatella " I walk away quickly before she tries to stop me
" hey mama " I smile but I kizzy knows it's fake " have you ate ?" I roll my eyes " I'm fine like what the fuck kizzy how don't the police not know who hit her car I mean how could some one leave her like that on the side of the road " I rant " I mean fucking put cameras out here " I finally I let out a breath be I know am stressing and my stomach seem to be getting tight .


" she's not yet awake but your more than welcome to seat in her room with her " After speaking with her doctors am now updated on everything that has to do with my mother I hit ignore on my phone when Raphael tries to facetime me I stop at the door seeing my mother I feel guilty is this my fault is she paying for all my sins my father did with his life am a curse everything around my ends up dead finally pulling the chair by her bed I I touch her hand she's cold unmoving but she's breathing , I don't deserve her I didn't deserve my dad am selfish arrogant and never anything good tears fall down my face I totally took advantage of everything my mother did for me I never thanked her to holding me at night after the nightmares about me and my dad's accident I stopped thanking her for believing in me hell I even told her she was happy my dad was gone when she wanted to date again I stopped giving her every bit of love she gave me I accused her of moving on with her live leaving me behind when I was still grieving " I'm sorry I'm so sorry mom " i hold her hand in mines I lay my hurting head on the end of the bed tired exhausted I need to get some food and sleep I can do in labor an any day now . " hey zora " I frown seeing Nate I haven't seen him in nearly a year since his party since he found out about tez and I " don't seem so surprised " I stand in ObVal waiting for my food " hi nate " I wave there isn't much I have to say to him I don't want an apology or a explanation am over us we both deserve better and were still immature " wow you pregnant " I frown clearly fucking asshole " how have you been ?" He utters I smile awkwardly uncomfortable he seems weird he's usually not for pointless conversation " I'm fine " I add quickly grabbing my food " are you sure look I wanna apologize for everything I know I could have handle everything better " I nod not really wanting to have this conversation other things are going on in my life to care to much about something I barely remember " you fine nate, thank you I have to get going " I say he seems nerves " hey at least let me walk you out " I shrug whatever I just wanna get home and rest i look on my phone seeing my Lyft says three minutes he smiles " I can't believe your pregnant " he says as we walk I try to keep some distance between us walking ahead of him a little not respond as I didn't hear him " did you love me at all zor " I close my eyes not I didn't, I didn't at all he gave me safety I know its fucked up but nate wasn't someone I could ever love I felt safety with him I enjoy our friendship in the beginning I was bored and he was there he willingly gave himself to me when I was lost and angry I was young and acting so grown I shouldn't have played with his heart I turn around to answer but I drop my food and my hands go to my belly I feel four painful contractions
" shit are you ok zor " I try talking my I feel another contractions I whimper painfully Nate hands are now around me pulling me on towards the parking lot he smirk " pay for you Sins " I feel him put a cloth around my mouth and everything goes black.

{ I've been dealing with writer's block bad I finally came up with something I think you guys will like 💕 . Remember to vote,comment and add to your reading list thank you 💕 oh and there will be a third that focuses on tez and zora Hudson before Raphael 🙊 and trust me when I say it will be NA$TY 😜😋 EROTIC

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