Insatiable Desire

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Raphael POV
" Zora isn't home yet " I storm out my mothers livingroom fear climbs in my body " she at the hospital son calm down " I shake my head because I dont want to disrespected my mother even though am I angry " no I have her location on my my phone she was there for a while then left the last place it picked up her location was a restaurant " I say trying to find my keys I wanna throw my phone , me being stupid I wanted to give her space to be able to calm down without my hovering her
" that doesn't mean anything she got some food so what son dont crowd her she's emotional everything with her mother then being pregnant with twins " she says softly
" no her phone saying it can't pick up her signal anymore her mother was just involved in a hit and run that's isn't a fucking coincidence " I tried hard not to think negative on the situation but something off I can feel it " contact her friend the one who picked her up " she utters trying to be helpful " I tried her phone going to voicemail " I finally find my car keys " I'll come with you " I shrug really not giving a fuck right now I just need to get to the hospital " maybe I should?" My mother utters softly I nod .

" sir you can't disrupt a hospital like this calm down or I'll have to call the police
" my fucking wife is missing she was her seeing her mother Ammiano Hudson now she's missing don't fucking dare tell me how to react to that " I utter my anger at all time not only am I angry but am scared something seems off I can feel it I need to find find them " your father will be here shortly " my mother's whispers " yes she was sir but she left now mrs. Hudson is doing better she actually awake she can't talk because if the tubes in her throat " the nurse informs me which is great news in itself but not when the one person Ammiano has is missing " I'll visit Ammiano see if you can get anyone to let you look at the video footage " ma'am I can assure that won't happen our hospital has a private policy about that " I chuckle cruelly throwing the chair at the wall " she's literally fucking due any day now she just wouldn't do this " I yell I can see another nurse calling for security but fuck them I can give two shits " sir we need you to leave the building " I ignore them headed for Ammiano room " sir you need to leave on a man with brown hair and black eyes grab my arm I hit him with the back of my forearm " Raphael " I hear my mom yells but I pay no attention because am in a full fledged
Fight with two security guards the other one tries to tackle me but I hit him in throat I won't be leaving this hospital until I have some information.
" Raphael You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law " the officer reads my rights " fuck off " I utter " son well meet you at the station my father utters .

{ Author Notes: sorry for the delay writers block has been kicking my ass on this story but am getting through i have a couple of ideas but I dont know yet .. I dont appreciate you guys support 🌸🦋💕 remember to vote,comment and add to your reading list thank you }

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