Insatiable Desire

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Zora POV

" I can't walk it hurts " I cry trying to make Walter let go of my hair " those baby won't see the light of day " he says mainly dragging me now I whimper I look down feeling and seeing blood on my pants I panic no please " am sorry I swear I am but please just let me go " I beg I can't lose my babies he chuckles cruelly " your mom Ammiano beg to she beg but I didn't care " I scream realize he hit my mom he's the one who hit my mothers car and left here there and I blackout everything around goes dark .
" I don't care if they live or die " I hear walter voice I can barely see I head spins from dizziness " daddy we have to let her go she needs a hospital shes losing at of blood shes has to start pushing " Bianca utters I try moving but noticing I can't my body strap down pains shots from my stomach and I scream I can't breathe " shh zora " Bianca becomes visible now trying to comfort me " raph " I can't finish because I feel a sharp pain in my chest something definitely wrong
" fuck it she will deliver those bastard here " walter muttered " everything going be ok but you have to start pushing zora " I bit my lip conflicted on one hand it isn't my choice I need to push but I don't want either Bianca or her dad near my babies " fucking push " I sharp pain shots from my face walter slapped me blood falls rapidly " that asshole Alessio thinks he's gotta away " am sure he's not talking to me but I do know who he talking about " come zora push " Bianca says and I do having no choice I push with everything I have in me cries ring out and I cry more " its boy oh my god it's a boy " Bianca says excitedly I start pushing again but scream no when she passes my son to walter " just push one more I can see the head " Bianca says sweetly and am so tired I don't even want to I need water I feel so dehydrated
More cries ring out louder because my son hasn't stopped crying even though walter has him " it's a girl a baby girl " Bianca say holding my daughter and before I can ask for her things just to fade even even more dizziness start and black is all I see again . Zora I turn around seeing my dad I almost fall
" daddy " I run right into his arms crying
" shh everything ok doll " I smiles " I miss you so much " I cry more he wipes my tears smiling " am here I promise " I keep holding him never wanting to let go " am sorry daddy the accident was my fault if I was just no being stupid " I cry more knowing he's gone because of me " don't say that zora there's nothing to be sorry about you never have to ask for my forgiveness " I try smiling " did I die daddy can I stay here with you forever?" I ask meaning ever word I don't wanna ever leaves his arms he laughs which makes me frown " am afraid not zora you have to beautiful babies that need you Ammiano needs you Raphael needs you " he says I shake my head no " they would be better off none of this would have happened if I just stayed away from Raphael " I murmur " I dont wanna leave you daddy " I cry I miss him more than I can say you can stay a little longer but then you have to wake up zora " I nod still unsure I wanna stay with him it hurts to be anywhere without him " I love you zora " he utters moving my hair from my face .
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