Insatiable Desire

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Raphael POV

" you have to come back to court next month but your free to go home for now " I nod walking with my lawyer and parents " Ammiano is awake " my mothers says " then let's go straight to the hospital " I utter In a rush to the car maybe Ammiano saw something knows anything of the hit and run or zora being missing " son you can't go back in the hospital " i ignore my father they have me fucked up if the believe I won't enter " I'll question Ammiano " my mother utters softly " have the found anything on zora " I ask their silent which means they haven't " let's just get to the hospital " I utters angrily. the drive there seem longer than it usually does we finally make it " I'll try to get all the information i can Raphael don't worry " my says I nod as she walks in the hospital " what if she hurt if she hurt the babies are most likely hurt " I say to my father we have never had a father and son bond I honestly dont know why I confuse my worry to him " don't think they Ammiano may know something " I nod trying to find some control to hold on my father phone rings " where when ?" I look at him confused because a look of pure hatred across his face " I'll have your head the next time Alessio " he hangs up the phone " Walter and Bianca has zora she went into labor late last night " I stop breathing what the fuck " shes at the abandoned Warehouse on Vermont street I immediately get In the car not asking questions he jumps in " stay with my mother " i tell my lawyer he looks worried but nods " who was that how do you know? Did one of your old dirty business partners have something to do with this ?" I ask seething " look Raphael there's alot you don't know I wasn't distance father for nothing I chuckle cruelly he really wants to talk about this now " look your mother and I had issues ok shit happened " I stop him mid sentence " are you really trying to blame mom for you being a shitty father that unlike you Andrew " I use his real name seeing a flicker of hurt in his eyes " slow down before we have an accident " I almost wanna lash out ar him but he's right " your mother had an affair that's how she got pregnant with you ok I didn't know if you were mines and so that drove me in crazy I couldn't be your father if you weren't mines I had to be sure so I finally had a DNA test done and you were it was literally that happiest day of my life but then the guy she had an affair with came back trying to claim you and your mother as his for money of course but I wasn't letting it happen I paid him we didn't need your mother affair getting out the Caspian family wouldn't allow it he left after that but years later your grandfather admit that the guy was his bastard " I shake my head unbelieving what am hearing I went to Italy to try finding him and I did but he's was a drug addict he had nothing he a crack whore with him and she had a baby so I brought the child had a close adoption when I came back to the state I told your mother he loved was dead and yasmin was his daughter which is true your mother didn't carry yasmin " I stay quiet I don't know even know what to say " were here " I utter parking the car " let's call the police first we don't know if their armed " I nod " I do love you son " I don't respond just giving my complete focus on the warehouse " she's alive just Fainted " I hear Bianca voice but then baby cries ring out " shh their hungry daddy " Bianca says my babies they have them " lets just leave them and her she'll bleed out your mother will be I'll alibi " Walter utters " no we can't " I don't wait any longer I enter the warehouse Walter points a gun a me " you , you son of a bitch " I spot zora on a makeshift bed tied down " Walter the police are on the way " I say seeing Bianca hold my babies " you can still die before they get here " he utters " Bianca take them out here help them they need you I try bonding with the crazy side of here they way she holds them she clearly thinks their hers and so I feed on that " no he's playing Bianca " Walter was smiling wickedly " the way he left you after your baby died don't help him he deserve to suffer " I see zora head moves good shes alive " you think your so smart Raphael but no Ammiano Hudson maybe is died your gonna join her and then after I'll rape zora and kill your bastards that's actually a little more than you deserve after the way you treated my daughter " I loved her I still do " I say looking at Bianca she smiles " take them Bianca tgry need their mother please " I say tired of having shitty luck " stop talking to her " Walter screams " Bianca if your dad loved like he said he wouldn't have wanted you to stay with me for money he wouldn't have do this to you " I say trying to reach any part of the person she use to be " run please " I beg " go go " I yell and I feel a sharp pain shot through my shoulder fuck he actually shot me but Bianca does run and that distracts him long enough to get thr gun from his hand I tackle him to the ground pounding my fist into his face he chokes up blood unmoving I get barley have in feeling in my arm but I make in to zora untying the straps that held her down " baby baby I'm here please " I murmur kissing her cold body.

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