Insatiable Desire

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Raphael POV

" we were able to remove the bullet after a x-ray everything looks good no damage done but we are gonna send you to physical therapy just to build strength in your arm " I nod my mind still in a daze after everything I wanna be with my babies and zora but currently zora's in surgery she lost way to much blood the babies are fine and healthy they had a stressful delivery so there currently in the NICU " son am just glad your well " I ignore my father he really thinks after everything he told me everything we be just fine and my mother I have no words for her either not that am better than because I had an affair to but she let me suffer through embarrassment of my father not wanting to be my father and it was all because of her her infidelity they're selfish cause me my childhood so yeah am bitter about it I would never let my babies suffer for something I did my mother she had fought for me and she didn't she turned a blind eye will her husband my father treated me as if I was unwanted she played innocent and I hate it . " your mother in the NICU now " I frown as selfish as it sounds " I don't want her around them neither of you " I chuckle bitterly " what are you gonna be a better grandmother and grandfather then you were parent?" I shot my eyes up to the doctor " sorry it's the drugs " I shrug not really giving a shit " it's fine well I be back after the nurse checks you " .
" their beautiful big brother " I smile softly yasmin stand next to me as we look in at my mother cuddling my twins
" I have daughter and son " I say still really not believing it she hugs me " your gonna be a good dad " she murmurs god I hope and pray I dont make the some mistake that Donatella and Andrew or for that matter her biological parents how shitty is that she's not even my parents real kid but they accept her more than they did they're own son " did zora and you choice names ?" She asks I shake my head " nope I wait until she out of surgery then we can decide " she nods " mom loves them already " she laughs I try not glaring " yeah she does " I utter clearing my throat " when are you gonna go in meet them they need their daddy " I chuckle " yeah and their mom but after moms done " I say I have been avoiding her every we found zora and the twins am not even sure what I wanna say to her " how's Ammiano? " I ask trying to avoid any conversation that has to do with our parents " shes fine surgery went great no eternal bleed she had some swelling in the brain but they said it hasn't effected anything so there not to much worried " I nod thank god zora definitely needed her mother
" thank god your fine I was so worried " my mother hugs me kissing my cheek and I stiffen but she doesn't notice
" those babies are gorgeous your daughter shes already bossy " yasmin laughs at her words I shrug " like mother like daughter " I utter " we gonna grab some coffee go meet your children " I enter the NICU going right over to my babies I try holding back the tears but I only can for to long I almost lose them and more than once is that what they have to look forward to danger their beautiful from their head full hair they have cute little feet their perfect lips and their alluring skin they both sleep soundly my son stretches trying to put his finger in his mouth my daughter start to whimper the nurse comes over " she's demanding to be held and your son cried when I had to separate them for feeding " I laugh my daughter eyes open and the land on me " come hold her " I move back quickly scared to even touch her and one of my arms are in a sling " don't be nervous " she nurse says I nod " here come seat " I dont as told she holds my daughter making sure her blankets are tucked correctly her little cries ring out tugging on my heart strings " shh daddy's here " I smile when she puts her in my arms she immediately stop her cries trying to hid her face in my arm .


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