Insatiable Desire

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Raphael POV
" you broke my daughter ass hole now you wanna divorce her leaving her to grieve a lost while you play house with a whore homewrecker ,I knew she was always to good for you she settled for lesser " Walter stand in front of my home door telling me off about how much of a bastard I have been I understand he wants to protect his daughter but I know him and I know that not the only thing he wants I haven't utter a word back because I honestly don't know how to respond " Walter I am willing to give a good amount in alimony I mean that the only reason your here right is to make sure that she get money " he shrugs not caring that I called him out he can care less about his daughter wellbeing he wants money he feels that it's now bianca's turn to take care of him and his problems " my daughter and your child deserve to live a wealthy life such as yourself she was put through alot before your mother accepted her she told me everything how your mother was totally against your marriage how to called her a gold digger we will go to the media and say you abused her physically and emotionally " I stand from my seat not liking his threats i build and work my ass off for everything that i have " you know your daughter so graciously signed a prenup I was still willing to give her anything any amount not only because I respect her and at one point i loved her and because she is the mother of our child Walter you coming in here demanding and threatening me will not get you nothing I owe you or your daughter shit " he looks shocked at my outburst fuck this am tired of people telling me of mistakes I've made I know them I relieved them for the rest of me life trust me " you son of a bitch you plan to leave my daughter for another a kid herself and what play house that's how your honor the memory of the daughter you lost I will ruin your whole career " I fucking had enough of him and Bianca using my daughter death to guilt me into doing something " fuck off Walter being there for my babies will honor my daughter there mine they deserve just as much of me as did my daughter I'll be there for them weather you or bianca like it deal with it leave my property now". I wave him away closing the door on his face.


" will that be all sir " I think for a moment honestly this seems like enough food I'm finally seeing zora my nerves are getting the better of me " two green smoothies and two strawberries pies " I thought bring food would be good she's currently almost six months pregnant in a couple of weeks and she carrying twins my twins our babies my heart's is happy but my mind still holds bitterness for the baby I lost " thank you sir have a great day " it's two hour drive up the mountains but it's totally worth it she's worth it am not sure how she feel about me telling her that after everything that has happened I have talked to my therapist she just said try not to put anymore pressure on here make it as comfortable as i can and I do that .
" hey I brought food I figured you were probably hungry " those are the first stupid words I utter to her when zora invites me in I panic she looks so beautiful glowing actually her stomach is bigger than ever I smile knowing we made something special in our fucked up situation frowning seeing the scar above her eyebrow the neck brace all my doing " yes thank you come in " she wears a big shirt and uggs boots I follow her inside seeing her place it's actually bigger than It looks from the outside it's a lofty place I like it looks really comfortable she seems comfortable here " how are feeling is everything good I mean as good as can be " I murmur not really sure how to even speak to her anymore " she smiles grabbing a envelope handing it to me " the babies there good I just was put on bed rest of my pregnancy my doctor said I should stay off my feet " I frown kinda worried she is here only how would that be even possible for her to do " don't worry my friend lives here well be fine " angry clouds me thinking of another man here with her and my babies looking after that when it should be me but then I remember I have no right to even hold no ill intentions after how I treated her last time so I decided to open the envelope seeing the sonogram pictures joy takes over and grab her lifting her hugging her " thank you there so precious babe I mean zora " she looks uncomfortable so move back not wanna to invade her personal space it's important for her to know she has that with me " Its fine I decided I didn't wanna know there gender yet I wanna wait until my delivery date " I nod it really doesn't matter am just grateful there ok of three of them survived that was most important " that's cool with me am just happy you three are good I wanna be present moving forward not just on call I be there at doctors appointments and all as I am there father " she opens the bag of food taking the fries out digging them in her green smoothies " yeah that's fine I'm sorry about you having to find out you were having twins through your mom in my defense she's just popped up with my mom one day surprising me " I chuckle " my mom forgot to mention that smile detail sorry she just happy " she nods still eating " thank you so much I really appreciate you , you have no idea am so sorry zora I..I " she starts crying but really quickly start eating again " it's fine let's just be parents to our children we both made mistakes " she wipes her eyes puffy lips she looks so damn cute I can't wait but wanna hold her " look am not saying all forgiven but we need to move pass it for the babies and for a healthy co-parenting relationship I dont expected your wife to welcome my kids with open arms that's something am willing to work on " she murmurs still not making any eye contact I can still see the hurt in her eyes but wanna to see her cry anymore I just agree with her.

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