Insatiable Desire

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Zora POV
" you only have to keep this on for two weeks and then you'll be good to go physical therapy will start next week mrs.simmons will be coming to your home helping gaining strength back in your right leg it's important that you have someone I know it's none of my business but your children father would be an excellent Choice " I listen to my doctor ramble on honestly am just so damn happy I was able to have my caste of my leg I could barely walk with that fucking this on and then on top of that with a big belly " thanks mrs.kathy but I have my bestfriend " I smile awkwardly not wanting to have a conversation about my children father with my doctor its weird for one and uncomfortable but I know she means well " I care zora and it's not easy I know that especially with twins your mother's in her office if you wanna se her " I nod thanking her ready to get the hell out this hospital and because someone alert the media that I come out of hidden .

" goodness zor why didn't you take the elevator your pregnant and you leg " I roll my eyes tired of people treating me as a precious egg that would break easily I know she cares but I just wanna be about to breathe without people being worried " I'm fine mom I need the exercise I just got my caste taking off " she smiles hugging me " I love you baby girl please take care of yourself I can't lose you to " her eyes get watery I understand she lost her husband and year later she almost lose me " ok mom I promise I only came down here because you said we could get lunch together and am hungry she smiles " my grandbabies are hungry come we must feed you the cafeteria has great food " I nod she grabs her purse and her keys locking up her office god I haven't been in here for years I remember my dad always bringing me after he would take me to lunch sometimes to work with him I couldn't bring myself in here after he died it just brought back unwanted memories so I stayed away from my mom's office " come on girl let's feed my babies " she pulls me along with her " chicken sandwich and banana smoothie oh and three chocolate cookies loaded French fries and strawberries pie " I order endless food I feel like i haven't ate in years truthfully i had five hash browns patties " here's your recipe ma'am " I wait impatiently for my mom to order what she wants " Donatella Raphael's mother has been calling me non stop she wants to see you again she worried I told her you were find but she insist on seeing you in person again she said she wouldn't just pop up like last time " I laughing yes her and my mom showed up unannounced that whole day I didn't do anything but sleep " yes I know Raphael let know " I murmur stuffing my face with food " good you guys finally talked that's a big step for the both of you and the babies " I nod in agreement
" I know you love him " I nearly chock on my fries is its really that obvious " mom his married for god sake I just us to have good communication going forward that it that's all " I say those words being half true I do love him " him being married didn't matter before he loves you to you know that day he came to my house I seen the regret and sorrow he held in his eyes just give him that chance " she utters honestly I wanted him to hurt after the heartbreak I felt knowing he didn't love me but my after him almost kill himself I knew I didn't wanna see a world without him even if me and him weren't together " he's still married I don't think he does " this is really one of the first times am opening up talking to my mom about this " your blind if you think he feels nothing for you " I shrug honestly now annoyed I should have just ate at home " have you talked to him about helping you with the nursing yet " I shake my head no because I haven't am kinda scared to " am thinking about just hiring someone " I murmur because I know she won't like that idea " zora Hudson stop acting like a child there his kids to you were grown enough to lay with him known you have to deal with the consequences of dealing with him " I know she right and I am , am doing much better than I was before I just have to learn to deal with the consequences at my own pace.

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