Insatiable Desire

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Raphael POV
" tomorrow is her last check up until her due date " I smile feeling excited she facetimed me and let me know I was more than welcome to attend the appointment " that's great how was seeing her for the first time " i frown now remembering her tears the pain and her eyes but I certainly admire her strength to be able to put aside her hurt and allow me to be there for our babies " I know it was difficult for she she was emotional which I understood I just hope in time I'll be able to prove to her I wanna be there for more than our babies her to because I do love her there all three are my worlds " I murmur .

" do you want me to carry you baby I mean zora " I ask as she wobbles out her house door already out of breath I smile as she looks at me like am an idiot " no you dick just help me get up here who drives these big ass trunks anyways " I laugh taken her by her waist seating her in the passenger seat " stop laughing " she hits me on my head but I dont mind it having her this close to me after so long feels blissful pulling her seatbelt over I touch her stomach feeling light kicks which makes her giggles " they have been doing that for weeks now it tickles " she lays her hand onto mines
" does it hurt " I ask stupidity when she just told me it tickled shaking her head no " I lov " clearing her throat she stopped the words I was gonna utter at her " we don't wanna be late do you " she murmurs unable to my eye contact with me anymore walking over to the driver seat I felt like I was having deja vu over again the events from that night played so vividly in my move over again my chest tightened I feel like I can't breathe " Raphael are you ok ?" She asks the rain the other car light and me yelling blaming everything on her plays " baby babe please answer me " her hands touch my cheeks softly soothing me " I love you " she murmurs bring me back to her relief washes over her when I lean my forehead on hers she seats in my lap " I think you had a panic attack let's get you some water " I nod not wanting lose the close contact I help her off my lap and out the car " did I scare you I'm sorry fuck " I murmur this can't keep happening panicking behind the wheel she's pregnant it isn't just us anymore she's rubs my back " it's fine let go inside " I follow behind her like a lost puppy I flop on her couch really exhausted it feels like a home here with her " here you go" she seats beside me her fingers go in my hair massaging me my face bury in her belly.

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