Insatiable Desire

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Zora POV
" kick if you love daddy more " I giggle laying on my bed as Raphael has his head on my stomach messing around with the babies as the kick there little feet it tickles , as soon as he says the word the kick heavily " ok mommy's jealous kick for her to before she kicks daddy out " I smack his head he sends me a goofy grin that's gives me butterflies " mommy's being mean to daddy " he says pecking kisses on my stomach " Raphael stop I really think they can hear and understand you " I murmur, it feel nice having us an a good space us confomble no judgment helping each other it's great to have a good relationship with you children I want my children to know their happiness matters so whatever me and Raphael have to do I'm willing to do " sorry mommy " he smirks kisses my cheek my phone rings before I could respond " hey zora I wanted to talk about you contact " its John am honestly surprised to hear from him I only heard from him threw texts after our accident he wished me well and that was it , I thought he would terminate my contract with everything in the media , TMV and other outlets I figured that wouldn't want that type of attention with a homewrecker " hey " I awkward respond mentally preparing myself for whatever reason he chuckles " relax you aren't fired zora I wanted to talk about the shot we did before everything happened it's being published I could have just did it without asking because your under contract but I respect you and I know you wanted have your privacy doing your pregnancy so I wanna to ask you opinion actually more than that I interview " I frown not really all in for this I totally wanna mind my own and lay low I want a healthy pregnancy " can I get back to you about it ?" I ask I know either way the pictures will be posted because of my contact I may have to contact my agent " sure dollface just remember your contact " I hangup not even responding fuck that I need time to think this over "baby are you ok?" Raphael rubs my side its honestly soothing " uh yeah that was my boss he wants to published pictures from a shoot I did months ago I ..just am having a hard time deciding if I them out, there gonna get published either way but they want a interview " I utter it's honestly feels like they wanna gain of everything I went through with my accident being pregnant and of course Raphael they wanna the juicy but nothing about it was for me " babe it's your decision whatever you decided I will support you " he moves my hair from my face " I still haven't decided yet what am gonna do about school " I murmur seeming unsure it's alot I still have to decide " I say do it your healing process can probably help others you can be honest about everything how it started and how it's going , everybody already knows your pregnant and I for one love your shoots ' I laughs as he shrug as if it was nothing " they wanna update on my pregnancy and us " am not so sure am ready to speak on it " I lay my head on his chest overwhelmed over john call either way the shoot is being published.

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