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My prositute

So in this ,
Sana is a prositute And is booked by avinash Singhania , best friend of sid for Sid .

Sana goes to Sid's house . She enters inside and see sid moving without the shirt his abbs and well - built body on show .

Sweat was all over on his body.
Sud saw her. She looked so beautiful to him . His heart started beating fastly. They maintained an eye contact but sid broke the contact and asked
Her who she is and what is she doing here.

Sana replied - hey sir ! I am your prositute for today I was booked by ..

Sid - booked by my friend .na I know it.
Between you look too innocent for this work .
Why are you doing it .??
Sana - sir i think i am not here to discuss my life with you .
Let's start our work .

With this sana comes in front of sid and removed her top . Exposing her boobs inside her bra.
Sud lustly saw her boobs abd picked her up and took her to the couch and placed her there.

Before sana could react . Sud kissed the hell out if her .
After that he started kissing bitting and sucking her chest .
While doing so he was fingering her pussy with one hand while his other one was fondling her boobs .

Aahhhhh ohhhh ummmmmm sirrrrrrrr !!!!

Aaahhhhhh presses theemmm moreeeeeee .

I gonna cummmmmmmmmmmm ummmmmm aahhhh

With this she cummed on suds finger. Sid took out his fingers and licked them

Wow you taste not that bad !!

Sid opened her bra and her heavy boobs sprang out. Sid oressed them harshly . They were perfectly fitting in his large hands

How many men's have pressed them before me sexy mistress

Asked sid while pressing her

Four !! Replied sana it came more like a moan .
Listening this sud started pressing kissing and sucking them making red .
He went down and sucked her navel .

He started eating her navel .
He was kind of loving it .

After getting satisfied. He opened his pants plus his boxers .
His length sprang out .

It was long and hard .

Saba was gaga over it.
In her whole life she hasn't seen such a cock .

Within seconds the covk was in his mouth muth fucking her .

Sid pushed his cock inside her mouth.
She started sucking his cock while moaning .

Aahh ummm youuu suck so good .

Aahhhhhhhh ummmmmmmm

Finally sid cummed in her mouth.
After few minutes sud enters inside her pussy.

He was fucking her fastly .he was thrusting deeply inside her.

Aah ohhhhhh ummmmm aurrr fasttttt !!!
Yeahhh like this onlyyy
Aaahhhhhh ummm with this sud cummed inside her .
After that tried every sex positions possible!!!

It was a small update isn't it

Ok so please can anybody tell me how to add gifs here. I don't know how to do plus it's my first experience writing here. So it's little bit odd for me .
If you liked it then please comment and vote.
And please tell me how to improve and give me some ideas my devil readers.


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