Playing the Bosses

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Not Worth Fitting Into

“Only on week two and I’m working late? What the fuck?” Eva grumbled to herself as she printed out copies of briefing papers for her three ‘bosses.’ “I can’t wait to finish this shit so I can just go on with my life. I need to speed this shit up.”

Eva finished printing the papers and went back to her desk with three binders to put them in order before heading to each of the men’s offices to deliver them.

Starting with Adrian, his door was already open, so Eva knocked on the frame and he looked up at her with his characteristically warm smile. She approached his desk to hand him the binder and it was never lost on Eva the way his eyes would often linger on her form and it emboldened her to sway her hips just slightly more than usual.

Once she reached his desk and sat down the binder, Adrian’s eyes finally met hers. “Thank you,” he said softly. His lips parted like he was about to say something, but he closed them again and Eva turned around to go to her next stop.

“Wait!” Adrian called.

Eva turned around and tilted her head. “How may I help you, Mr. Collins?”

“You can call me Adrian…”

“Okay, how may I help you, Adrian?”

“Oh, I just wanted to apologize for having you work late already. For what it’s worth, it is a sign that you’re doing so well at your job that we’re trusting you with more responsibilities just on week two.”

“Awesome,” Eva chimed. “My goal is for you three to trust me completely, so it looks like I’m making decent progress,” she added with a wink before turning and walking away. She didn’t need to see it to know that Adrian’s eyes were glued to her.

Approaching Justin’s office, Eva knocked on his closed door. “Come in,” he answered. When Eva opened it, he signaled to her that he was on a call and she held up the binder to show him why she was there. He nodded and pointed her to the coffee table across the room in the small seating area before returning to his call.

Eva took her time walking over to the table so she could hear as much of Justin’s conversation as possible. He was speaking Japanese and little did he know, Eva was fluent in it. From what she heard of the conversation, Justin was touching base with one of the representatives from the small luxury fashion line in Tokyo that would be visiting in a month. Unsurprising to Eva, it turned out that they would indeed be discussing the prospect of joining PMC Group at their meeting.

After leaving Justin’s office, Eva took a deep breath as she approached Caleb’s door. He grew more obnoxious with each day. He was rude and disrespectful, but that’s not what got to her. What bothered Eva was that even though she was working on it, she wasn’t in a position to put him in his place just yet. She already had specific plans in mind for him, but in order break him down in the way that she wanted, Eva knew that it required time and patience.

She knocked on Caleb’s door a few times, but he never answered.

Assuming he’d gone home for the night and she maybe missed him while she was in Adrian or Justin’s offices, Eva opened the door and as soon as she did, she knew exactly why Caleb wasn’t answering.

Muffled moans filled the room and a woman was bent over Caleb’s desk while he took her from behind. Unfazed by the scene, Eva walked further into the office and when Caleb noticed her, his eyes went wide, but he didn’t stop what he was doing. She held up the binder and he flicked his wrist, gesturing toward the opposite side of the room for her to put it there.

Caleb wrapped the woman’s long blonde hair around his hand, yanked her head back, and smacked her ass. “Close your eyes, slut,” he commanded and she squeezed them shut.

When Eva saw the woman’s face, she realized it was Shannon and the reason her noises were so muffled was because it appeared her own underwear were stuffed in her mouth.

Eva removed her heels at the door so that she could walk across the room without making a sound. She figured Shannon would be mortified to see that Eva walked in on them and wanted to spare her the embarrassment.

While Caleb continued to fuck Shannon, his eyes narrowed at Eva — something about how unbothered she was at the fact he was mostly naked and in the middle of sex, offended Caleb. She always seemed to be indifferent to him and it pissed him off. He slammed his hand on Shannon’s ass loud enough for it to echo through the office and started pounding her harder. “Take my cock you fucking whore,” he told her and Shannon squealed when he got even rougher.

To Caleb’s disappointment, Eva didn’t react at all, walking back to the door and grabbing her shoes before leaving.

When she returned to her desk, Eva saw a note in Adrian’s handwriting.

Be sure to charge your taxi or Uber or Lyft to the company. Thanks again! =) ~Adrian

Cute, she thought to herself and smiled when she looked at the note. She’d already planned to charge an Uber Black to PMC Group for keeping her in the office late, anyway.


It was the next morning and Eva had gone through her usual routine of meeting with Adrian, taping Justin’s schedule to his desk, and emailing Caleb. Sitting at her desk, she started writing her to-do list for the day when Caleb walked in.

“My office, now,” he instructed without stopping or looking at Eva.

She rolled her eyes and took her time gathering her tablet and getting up from her seat. Caleb was used to people jumping at his beck and call and while it was Eva’s job to do so as well considering she was his assistant, she refused to show any signs of eagerness toward him. To Eva, Caleb was just another task and it was obvious to him that she did not have any personal stake in impressing him — yet another thing about her that got under his skin.

When Eva finally walked into Caleb’s office, she sat in the chair across from his desk while he appeared to be getting his computer set up and then going through emails. As she waited for him to say something, Eva played around on her tablet to keep herself busy. She knew her approach to Caleb was an effective one and it was easy to stick with. So, rather than expending energy on asking him what he wanted, Eva would just pass the time until he spoke.

About 10 minutes went by of the office being mostly silent other than the sound of Caleb’s typing and Eva’s nails making contact with her tablet screen until he finally spoke.

“I bet you saw something last night that you liked,” Caleb said without removing his eyes from his computer.

“Something last night…?” Eva said softly as she pondered to herself out loud. She gave it some thought as if she’d forgotten about walking in on him, and her act was so well that Caleb believed it. After her long pause, Eva said, “Oh, you and Shannon?”

“Yeah, keep that shit to yourself…” He momentarily shifted his eyes to her before his gaze returned to the screen. “And you won’t need to worry about anything like that happening between you and I. When it comes to the category of assistants I’d fuck, you don’t exactly fit.”

Someone’s overconfident,” Eva mumbled. She did so just loud enough so that he could hear it, but low enough so that it didn’t sound intentional.

Caleb’s eyes cut over to her again and he gave her almost a glare. “What did you say?”

“Oh nothing, Mr. Peterson,” she said with a smile. “It’s just that there are certain categories not worth fitting into, you know?” Eva was satisfied when she saw the surprise quickly flash across Caleb’s face before it returned neutral.

“Anyway,” she sighed. “I should get going. You have a meeting in 15 minutes and I know you like to prepare ahead of time. I’ve already emailed you a biography on Mr. Romano.”

“Right,” he affirmed before waving Eva off. “You’re dismissed.”

When she got up and turned away to head toward the door, Caleb watched her with his eyes narrowed. Eva pissed him off, but he couldn’t bring himself to fire her as he had done to assistants in the past.

He would never admit it to himself, but the woman intrigued him. The way she carried herself as if completely unbothered by him was unusual for Caleb and he wanted to see just how long it would take until he could get under her skin. He wanted to evoke some sort of emotion — positive or negative — from her other than the aloofness she often showed him.

Once Eva returned to her desk, she noticed a missed call from reception downstairs. “Shit,” she muttered to herself. She dialed the number back, hoping that whomever was waiting hadn’t meet waiting too long.

“This is reception,” a man answered.

“Hi, this is Eva Nelson with PMC Group on the 23rd floor. You called me earlier. Is there a visitor downstairs for one of my execs?”

“Yes, her name is Ashley Kirkland and she said she is here to see Mr. Justin Matsuda. You’re down as the primary contact for him.”

“Right. You can send her upstairs. Thank you.”

After hanging up, Eva then called Justin’s desk.

“Hello,” he answered. “What is it?”

“Ashley Kirkland is here to see you, Mr. Matsuda. She’ll be up here shortly.”

Eva heard him groan from the other side of the phone before letting out a deep sigh.

“I told her I wouldn’t have time today and of course she shows up anyway,” he grumbled. “I have a few more things I need to take care of before I see her. You can let her in and just keep her in the waiting area.”

“Will do,” Eva replied.

By the time Ashely reached the 23rd floor, Eva was standing at the elevators to meet with her.

“Hello,” Eva greeted with a smile when Ashley walked through the doors. She was a beautiful woman with dark brown hair that fell to her chest. Freckles decorated her slightly tanned skin and she had perfectly-straight teeth. She carried a large bag from the eatery around the corner and Eva figured Ashley was bringing Justin lunch.

Ashley returned Eva’s smile with her own. “Hi, how are you? You must be Justin’s new assistant.”

“That’s correct, I’m Eva. He’s actually tying up a few things right now and will be coming to see you shortly. For the time being, you can sit out here in the waiting area by my desk.”

“Thank you so much!”

After about 20 minutes went by, Eva grew concerned that Justin may have forgotten Ashley was waiting for him, so she dialed his number and the trills of the phone went on for so long, she through sure it’d go to voicemail before he answered at the very last moment.

“Hi Eva, I know Ashley is waiting and I’ll be out soon,” he said curtly, hanging up before Eva could say anything.

Eva huffed with a smirk of slight amusement and shook her head after hanging up the phone. Looks like Caleb isn’t the only one who needs to learn… Another one for the long game. She thought to herself before turning her attention to Ashley.

“Hey, Ashley. Sorry about the wait. Mr. Matsuda said he’ll be out shortly. I hope your food doesn’t get too cold, but we have microwaves in the break rooms if you need them.”

“No, it’s fine,” Ashley assured. “I made sure to get us salads, anyway… This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Justin just gets so wrapped up in his work all the time and I’m used to it.”

Eva’s brows tensed with confusion, wondering why a woman like Ashley would put up with a man who seemed to have no interest in prioritizing her.

Another 10 minutes went by when Justin finally came out of his office to meet with Ashley.

“Babe,” he said as he approached her, a hint of agitation in his tone. “I told you I was busy and wouldn’t have time for lunch today. Why’d you come?”

Ashley held up the bags carrying their salads with an apologetic smile. “I just wanted to do something special for you, honey.”

“Well, we need to make it quick. I’m preparing for some upcoming meetings and it’s important that I nail these.”

“Right, of course! Which is why I decided to come here. I really wanted to see you…”

Justin exhaled and guilt hit him as he analyzed the sadness in Ashley’s eyes. He’d been telling himself that he loved her, or at least, it would make the most sense for him to love her, especially since they’d been dating for 18 months and both of their families seemed to approve of the other. He was also tired of his parents constantly being down his throat about getting married and Ashley was his best option at getting there as quickly as possible.

“It’s fine, babe,” he assured. “Thank you for thinking of me and for bringing the lunch. I’m sorry for being short with you.”

“I know how stressful work can be, honey. It’s okay.”

Once Justin and Ashley went into his office, Eva rolled her eyes and shook her head.

“Oh, he is definitely going to need an attitude adjustment,” she muttered.

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