Playing the Bosses

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Small Talk

Caleb, Justin, and Adrian sat in couches at the cigar bar they frequented. It had now been close to four months of Eva working for them and she’d already captivated each of the men in three very different ways.

Caleb’s intrigue was toeing obsession. He found it frustrating that Eva seemed more interested in everyone except him and wasn’t used to being treated with such indifference. He wanted to do anything he could to get some emotion out of her — whether that be positive or negative — just so he could say that he won, that he had some type of power over her.

After Eva saved Justin from a total loss at his meeting with the Japanese executives, he was so appreciative and impressed that he started having her join all his calls or other meetings that were in Japanese. He noticed that she wasn’t just good for note-taking — Eva also seemed to have keen business sense in her recaps of their discussions.

Adrian had accepted the fact that he was deeply attracted to Eva, but knew it would be wrong to pursue anything with her considering he was her boss. He’d at times have to fight back his fantasies about her, especially when he realized the way she seemed to respond when he called her Ms. Eva. Her conversation with Logan that he’d overheard before had Adrian wondering if she ever took up Logan’s officer, but he knew he had no business asking since he wasn’t supposed to hear their conversation in the first place.

“So, what do you guys think about Eva?” Justin asked Caleb and Adrian before taking another puff of his cigar.

“I’m gonna fuck her,” Caleb answered bluntly.

Both Justin and Adrian immediately looked at him, their eyes wide with surprise.

“I swear you’re going to get us sued one day,” Justin groaned.

“What?” Caleb raised both hands defensively. “I told her I wasn’t gonna fuck her, but I heard fat chicks give good head and I’m sure she’d be honored to have my cock in her mouth.”

“What the fuck?” Adrian spat.

“Oh, she walked in on me and Shannon a while back,” Caleb shrugged. “I told her she didn’t have to worry about something like that happening between us, but now I’m curious about what a fat cunt feels like and she clearly needs to get laid. She wears heels everyday and the way she constantly swings those wide ass hips… Obviously she’s looking to get fucked.”

“You’re an actual pig, you know that?”

“That’s hilarious coming from you! You didn’t always think of me like that…”

“Whatever,” Adrian grumbled.

“Anyway, I haven’t decided if I should do it on the couch or floor. She’d probably break the desk. I know I’m going to have to do all the fucking work, though, because I’m sure she just lays on her back and can’t do anything else.”

“What does that even mean?”

“That means her fat ass won’t be able to ride my cock — I mean, I doubt she has the stamina. So I’d have to fuck her on the floor or something.”

“You’re wrong,” Adrian retorted, shaking his head.

“About what? Her riding? Are you saying you’ve fucked her? I wouldn’t be surprised since she’s in your office every morning.”

“No, I’m saying you’re wrong by implying that she’s somehow physically incapable of doing that and you’re wrong by thinking you’re going to have sex with her.”

“And why’s that?”

“For one, I doubt she’d want to have sex with you… Out of all of us, she seems to be the most distant from you. Either way, both Justin and I have warned you about having sex with our colleagues and you’re doing it so much that it’s turning into a liability. And two, Eva works out almost every day.”

“First of all, this is why our NDAs are so fucking strict. And second: Bullshit!” Caleb exclaimed. “You expect me to believe Eva’s fat ass is in a gym somewhere? Ha! I highly doubt that.”

“You’re just as ignorant as ever, Caleb,” Adrian groaned. “You can’t assume someone’s physical activity or health from their size alone.”

“He’s right,” Justin noted. “She actually goes to that gym not too far from office. It’s just a few blocks away and she was telling me that she recently started going in the mornings since we keep having her work late.”

“What? So the assistant is complaining to you?”

“Not that, we were just chatting and it came up.”

“Oh, so you have ‘chats’ with her too now?” questioned an annoyed Caleb as he was reminded that Eva seemed interested in everyone but him. “And she’s all buddy-buddy with Adrian these days with their inside jokes and shit.”

“We have small talk now that she’s in on all my Japanese meetings,” Justin explained. “We need something to fill any silence before or after. And why do you sound so hostile about it?”

“I’m not being hostile. I’m just saying you gotta be fucking kidding me if you think I’ll believe that she’s in the gym regularly.”

“Anyway,” Justin shook his head and turned his attention from Caleb to Adrian. “What do you think of Eva?”

“She’s good at her job and I think we should keep her around and not act like total douchebags,” Adrian aimed the last part at Caleb who in turn rolled his eyes. “What do you think, Justin?”

“Eva’s alright, plus it’s useful that she’s fluent in Japanese,” Justin answered flatly. “She hasn’t messed up so far, but let’s just keep an eye on her performance in case we need to reassess her employment.”

“Fair enough,” Adrian nodded. “Now, on to our next order of business. I’ve been looking at our numbers and I think it’ll just be a few more months before we can start taking on Thompson Luxe Group.

Wide grins grew on Caleb and Justin’s faces.


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