Playing the Bosses

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Author's Note: Please Read!

I put this note on Wattpad, but just realized I didn't put it here, and I feel like I should since I keep getting notifications about people adding this to their lists and they may be unfamiliar with my work (and my frequent lack of seriousness).

Long story short: Don't read this book if you're not open-minded when it comes to sex/sexuality.


Hey, y’all! I just wanted to put a few notes below because this book is very different from my others.

- First and foremost: This book is written solely for entertainment purposes. The goal is just to write something fun. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS TO INFORM ANY CHOICES ABOUT PLAY.

- While this is not a dark romance, it is toxic (I also can’t make any guarantees about this ending romantically; I still haven’t decided 🙃). There will be encounters with fatphobia, but pls trust me when I tell you that this is NOT one of those books that romanticizes men who treat you like shit. While there’s no excuse for the behavior of one of these men in particular, I’m hoping you’ll understand its purpose further in the story.

- The formation of the sexual/romantic relationship(s) in this book should NOT set an example for anyone.

- Particularly different from my other books: this one will contain degradation (of men), pegging, MXM (this is not necessarily related to the pegging considering plenty of straight men enjoy it too), among other things.

- If you somehow come across this book, I DO NOT recommend reading if you’ve never read one of my stories before. My overall goal is to do something fun/unserious with this book and there will be a lot of silliness.


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