Playing the Bosses

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Caleb was pissed off that none of his advances toward Eva were well-received and she didn’t even give him the courtesy of outright rejecting him. Instead, she seemed to tolerate him, only pissing Caleb off more because it felt like an extension of her continued indifference.

He’d never experienced such a lack of interest from anyone before and he was growing more obsessed with the idea of somehow getting a rise out of her. All he needed was one time for him to be satisfied. And he had just the idea in mind.

Normally Caleb didn’t get up so early, but this morning, he awoke at 5:00AM to go to the gym where Eva would be.

After learning from Justin and Adrian that Eva frequented the gym just around the corner from PMC Groups offices most mornings, he figured he would go there and watch her struggle with working out to be reminded that she wasn’t as intriguing or “cool” as she seemed. He even considered embarrassing her at the gym by showing up as if he were trying out the establishment and calling her out on how poorly she was doing.

Caleb arrived around 5:20AM in his own workout clothes to blend in and searched for Eva. He scanned over the floor until he saw her in the weightlifting section of the gym and his eyes narrowed as they often did when they landed on Eva.

She was doing weighted squats and to Caleb’s surprise, the woman had perfect form. Her feet hips-width apart and toes pointing forward while holding the barbell across the back of her shoulders, Eva lowered herself to a sitting position and then came back up. Caleb’s eyes were glued to her backside and he seemed to be constantly licking his lips.

While he watched Eva, an idea came to mind. Caleb would record a video and edit it to embarrass her. He knew it was immature, but he also didn’t care — it was worth it if he could get a rise out of her just one time. He just wanted proof that he could have such an effect on her.

Caleb pulled out his phone and started recording and as he focused on her movements, he couldn’t admit it to himself, but he felt blood rushing to his member.

“Fuckin’ weirdo,” a deep voice rumbled, startling Caleb and breaking him out of his trance. “You’re seriously recording girls working out, you creep?”

Caleb stuffed his phone in his pocket and met the man’s glare with one of his own. “No, I’m not recording anybody and either way, what I do is none of your fucking business,” he spat.

“Actually, it is considering I work here. Are you even a member? I’ve never seen you here. Get the fuck out!”

The man’s outburst attracted the attention of some of the nearby gym-goers, though Eva was too focused on her workout to notice anything going on. Caleb locked the employee in a staring match, considering challenging him, until deciding not to make a bigger scene than he already was.

“Whatever,” Caleb huffed before turning around and making his way toward the exit.

Since he was close to the office anyway, he decided to go in early and changed into his work clothes once he got there.

Caleb sat at his desk looking at the video he took of Eva and he was pissed at how much of a hold she had on him. However, he was prepared to be persistent in his efforts to get a rise out of her and he figured that video would be the final straw for her.

Analyzing the clip, Caleb couldn’t keep his eyes off of Eva’s form and he was particularly focused on her backside throughout. The way the fabric of her leggings would strain and her ass was more pronounced when she went down into the squat before coming back up had Caleb holding himself as he watched.

“Why the fuck does she have perfect form?” he whispered sharply. As he continued to watch the video, he found himself mesmerized by Eva’s movements, almost as if he were in a trance. In movements that felt subconscious, Caleb kept adjusting himself in his pants as he grew more strained against them.

Just when his mind was about to wander, Caleb finally stopped the video after watching it for a fourth time.

“Whatever,” he grumbled to himself as he switched to his contacts and started scrolling. “It’s probably because I haven’t fucked anything in like a week. Let’s see… Shannon? No. Casey? Possibly. Fiona? Maybe. Oh… How about Casey and Fiona?” Caleb nodded approvingly. “That’s what it will be.”


“Shit!” Eva spouted when the stack of papers she’d just finished copying fell all over the floor. “Why can’t they be environmentalists?” she grumbled to herself. “All of this shit can be put on a tablet, but noooooo, they want to kill the trees.”

“For what it’s worth, we do recycle.”

Eva jumped when she heard Adrian’s voice. She didn’t even realize he was in the doorway.

“Here, let me help you,” he said as he approached and crouched to the floor with Eva to pick up the papers. “Sorry to have you working late again.”

“It’s fine, I’m used to hard work,” Eva said with a smile while she internally rolled her eyes because she was not used to hard work. “Can you get the rest of these while I put the pages I have in order?”

“Yes, of course.”

Eva walked over to the counter in the copy room and leaned forward as she started organizing the documents.

Adrian’s jaw tensed as he looked at her. The woman always wore heels and the taller, the better for him. His eyes then drifted up to admire her sheer stockings before they met the part of her that his gaze was often glued to — her ample backside. She was switching between bending one knee and locking the other in a motion that he interpreted as anxious, but it kept him mesmerized with the way her hips moved and she had a slight bounce with it.

“Can I help you with something, Mr. Collins?” Her head was turned, looking at him with a snide smirk while she was still bent over the counter.

A subtle hint of pink came to his cheeks with his embarrassment, knowing how obvious it probably was to her that he was staring at her behind. “Sorry, I didn’t mean—“

“You’re welcome to keep looking, darling. I know you know how to behave. You won’t touch without permission, will you?” she added with a wink.

“N-no,” he choked out.

“Then why don’t you continue picking up those papers?”

“R-right…” Adrian continued gathering the papers, but he was practically moving in slow motion as his eyes remained on Eva. He didn’t realize when it happened, but he was suddenly in arm’s reach of her and he wanted nothing more than to touch her.

“M-may I touch you?” he asked softly.

“Hm?” she hummed inquisitively. “What was that?”

“M-may I please touch you?”

Eva didn’t respond for what felt like an eternity to Adrian, almost as if testing his self-control to see if he would touch her before she agreed.

“You may touch me, darling,” she finally said and Adrian’s hands were immediately against her.

On his knees behind her, he gently rubbed his finger tips up her sheer tights and back down, each time, reaching higher and higher up her skirt. When he noticed how much closer he was getting to her core, he felt the urge to ask, “May I touch you here, please?”

“Very well behaved,” Eva purred. “You may.”

Adrian’s fingers brushed against her heat and when she didn’t object, he placed his thumb there and applied more pressure while he rubbed her through her stockings and panties.

When he heard a sharp breath escape her, Adrian’s pants grew even more strained knowing she was responding to the way he was touching her. He started placing gentle kisses against her legs and he soon realized he made a mistake.

Eva lifted her foot, placed it against his chest — her heel slightly digging into it — and pushed him back.

“And you were doing so well…” She sucked her teeth with disappointment before pulling down her skirt and standing up straight. “No more for you.”

“Wait!” he pleaded. “Please, give me another cha—“

“Is something wrong, Mr. Collins?” Eva broke him out of his daydream and looked at him curiously. She was still in her position at the counter, but Adrian was not in arm’s reach of her.

“Oh, um… no.” He quickly gathered the papers from the floor and stood up to hand them to her. He placed one arm across his crotch in an effort to hide his erection.

With a smirk on her face, Eva scanned him from his feet up until she met his eyes. “You sure nothing’s wrong?” she asked with a raised brow.

“Yes, yes. I’m fine!” he replied before rushing out of the room and returning to his office.

He locked the door behind him when he entered and his daydream along with other images of Eva filled his mind. Adrian knew he had no other choice and unzipped his pants before pulling out his hardened member.

Before he could even begin, a knock at his door interrupted him and he heard Eva from the other side.

“Adrian,” she called. “Is everything alright?”

“Y-yes!” he replied quickly as he put himself back into his pants. “I’m fine.”

“I have your documents in order. Did you still want them tonight?”

“Right, I’ll be right there…” Adrian readjusted himself several times as he approached the door to hide how strained he was in his pants before opening it for Eva.

“You good?” she questioned with a raised brow, analyzing his face. It was in a state she knew all too well — Adrian was holding the expression of a man who needed to relieve himself and she imagined that he’d do so as soon as she left his office.

Naturally, that gave her reason to linger just a bit longer.

“Yes,” he gulped. “I’m fine.”

Eva walked further into his office and looked around as if she hadn’t been in there hundreds of times by now. “There was something I wanted to ask you, Adrian.”

“Sure, go for it.”

“While you, Mr. Matsuda, and Mr. Peterson are on your LA trip next month, do you mind if I take those days off? I’ll keep my cell with me in case of an emergency, but I don’t see a point in coming into the office when none of you are here.”

“Y-yeah… That makes a lot of sense. Sure, you can take off.”

“Great,” Eva nodded. She sat the stack of documents on a table in Adrian’s office and as she walked toward him to go to the door, her eyes unabashedly raked up and down his body and Adrian could tell that she likely noticed his erection.

The expression that flashed across Eva’s face when she met his eyes again sent a shiver down Adrian’s spine. He knew that expression — it reminded him of the mistress he’d been playing with a few months ago.

Eva was always alluring to him and she had natural sex appeal. There were also moments — whether it was her clear satisfaction with him calling her ‘Ms. Eva’ or that time she called him a ‘good boy’ — that made Adrian think about something Logan had said before.

“If you ran into her in a different setting, like at The Scarlet Lounge, what do you think the dynamic would be?”

At the time, Adrian refused to respond to Logan’s question, although he knew the answer. Had he met Eva in such a setting, he knew he’d be ready and willing to serve her. Even having not met her in The Scarlet Lounge, Adrian wanted to please Eva, but was forced to hold himself back considering he was her boss.

Eva herself knew she was attracted to Adrian and it would’ve been no question that had she run into him on the scene they would’ve likely played. She found him to be well-behaved and he had a soft, warm temperament about him. It was also clear to Eva that he was the type who liked to serve.

Before reaching the door, Eva stopped in her tracks in front of Adrian, looking up at him.

“C-can I help you with something?” he choked out.

“Oh, Adrian…” Eva tilted her head to the side with a sneer as her eyes held his. “Always the behaved one…”

“W-wh… What?”

“You heard me… darling.”

With those words, Adrian lost his last bit of self-control and his lips were against Eva’s. To his surprise, she accepted his move, but she somehow gained control, teasing him and denying his tongue each time he tried to slip it into her mouth. Suddenly, she held his face and slightly pulled away so that their lips only lightly brushed against each other.

Eva opened her eyes to see the desperation in Adrian’s and a small smirk came to her face before allowing him to close the distance between them again. When she finally stopped teasing him and opened up enough for her tongue to enter his mouth, Adrian moaned against her lips as he tried to deepen the kiss.

Just when his hands drifted down her body, Eva broke away.

“Did I say you could touch me?” The coldness of her low whisper only caused Adrian to be further strained against his pants.


“’No,’ what?”

Adrian swallowed hard. “N-no… Ms. Eva.”

Eva was deeply turned on and traced her thumb across his lips as ideas filled her mind of how they could be put to use, but she caught herself before she was too far gone.

“This is very inappropriate. Isn’t it, Mr. Collins?”

“Bu-But I…” Adrian blinked several times as he returned to his senses. “Oh god!” He backed his way against the door and held his hands up. “You’re right. Shit. And I’m your boss… I’m sorry, Eva. I am really, really sorry. This is totally inappropriate. I didn’t mean to take advantage of you. That was not my intention.”

Eva let out an entertained sigh and walked toward Adrian without saying anything. He was frozen in place as his eyes remained wide and intent on Eva.

When she was just as close to him as she was only moments ago, Adrian parted his lips to speak, but Eva interrupted him before any words left.

“I’m just getting the door, Mr. Collins. If you could move…”

“Oh, um… Right! Right.” Adrian stepped to the side. “I’m sorry again, Eva. Please forgive—“ Adrian was unable to finish his sentence as Eva had already walked out the door without saying anything else.

He looked down at the large tent in his pants and let out a frustrated huff.



A/N: Thanks for reading! WYSOWM = Why You So Obsessed with Me

I wanna reiterate that this book is just meant to be fun/silly and I’m not really planning to be all extra about the ‘rules’ of play, sex clubs, etc. All sex/power exchanges in this book will be consensual, but all the necessary discussions will be ‘off camera.’

All in all, please don’t give me any “ThaT’s nOt HoW iT WoRks.” Like bitch, I know that. This is a fictional book. 🙄

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