Playing the Bosses

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The Play-maker

Play-maker (noun): a player in a team game who leads attacks.

Caleb Peterson was with his closest friends and business partners — Justin Matsuda and Adrian Collins — sitting on each side of him in their private section at Club Ace. Finally able to relax after intense negotiations, his tie was loosened and his suit jacket was gone. His bright blue eyes were lit with excitement as he shot to his feet and punched the air triumphantly.

“Another deal for the books!” he beamed before falling back into his seat and pulling the woman standing in front of him into his lap, who in turn squealed her surprise with a wide smile on her face. Caleb signaled the bottle girl near their section and ordered the most expensive bottle of champagne they had to offer. “This has got to be my favorite venue where we’ve made a deal so far.”

“You never seem to fail,” Justin replied. “A true play-maker if I do say so myself.”

“I thought you were nuts when you suggested closing out a deal at a nightclub, but it looks like I was wrong,” Adrian shrugged. “Who knew that almost a year of back-and-forth on negotiations just needed a fun night to seal the deal.”

“The owner of that fashion line said he wanted the brand to be centered around partying, but the holding company we were competing with was trying too hard to make the shit fancy. So, I showed him we’re absolutely willing to have a more fun brand under our belt, and he was hooked the second I suggested we meet here.”

The woman on Caleb’s lap ran her fingers through his undercut, dirty blond hair and used her other hand to admire his perfectly-chiseled jawline. “You’re such a genius, Daddy,” she chimed.

“Of-fucking-course I am,” he scoffed. He pulled her to the center of his lap and opened his legs slightly wider. “Now, give Daddy a dance to celebrate.”

Adrian huffed and rolled his eyes at the way Caleb immediately started with his shenanigans. Meanwhile, Justin looked down at his phone, waiting for a text from his girlfriend.

“Why don’t you guys get some bitches so we can have some fun tonight?” Caleb asked his friends as the woman in his lap sensually ground against him. “Shit, I might even be down for an orgy now that we’ve scored this deal.”

“Shut up,” Adrian grumbled. “And I’m not going to stay here long, I have somewhere else to be...”

“Dude, did you forget I’m in a relationship now?” Justin chided. “Ashley should be here soon. She’s just getting back in from Jersey.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Caleb waved his hand dismissively as he kept his eyes on the woman in his lap grinding on him. He used his other hand to rub her ass before smacking it. “You guys aren’t fun anymore.”

“Or we have different ideas of fun these days,” Adrian countered.

“I find that hard to believe,” Caleb snorted. “I know for a fact that we have similar interests.”

“Or perhaps ‘had,’” Adrian corrected.

“Whatever. And Justin...” Caleb turned his attention to his other friend. “When are you going to drop Ashley? Yeah, she’s hot, but look at the three of us! We’re hot, rich corporate executives... We’re literally every bitch’s fantasy and can have whoever we want. You’re really gonna settle for one?”

“What did I tell you about making comments on my relationship?” Justin warned. “Bro, we can’t just fuck around forever, we need to build legacies like our parents did.”

“Justin, Justin, Justin...” Caleb tilted his head left to right each time he said it. “Always wanting to please mommy and daddy. You’re a man. You can be like 50-years-old and knock up a bunch of chicks.”

“They want grandkids soon, especially now that PMC Group his doing well.”

Caleb simply shook his head and continued enjoying his dance. As the woman ground harder against him, Caleb’s erection grew under her and he reached around her waist to pull her back and whisper in her ear. “You better be ready to take my cock all night, whore.”

Neither Adrian nor Justin heard what he said to her, but knowing Caleb, they had a pretty good idea.

Adrian looked at his watch yet again before getting up to say goodbye. “I’ll see you guys in the office this week.” He shook both of his friends’ hands before leaving the club.

Justin felt his phone go off and saw it was Ashley calling him. “Finally,” he sighed. “Ashley is here. I’ll go get her.”

“Yeah yeah,” Caleb grumbled as his hands wandered the woman he was with. “Boring asses.”

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