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“Oh fuuuuccckkkk,” Adrian moaned as he eased himself inside of Eva. While she was standing against the wall with her hands on his shoulders for leverage, Adrian brought one of her legs up to his hip and caressed the outside of her thigh with his fingertips.

“Go ahead, darling,” she said softly.

Adrian started slowly moving in and out of her, and with each stroke, his sounds grew more persistent. Eva held his face as their lips barely grazed each other, continuing to tease Adrian, even while he was fucking her. He picked up pace, earning an outburst from Eva before she pulled him in for a deep kiss and they moaned against each other as their mouths moved eagerly.

“Harder,” Eva breathed and Adrian brought her leg further up and began pounding her. When Eva’s head fell back against the wall, exposing more of her neck for Adrian to begin sucking at it. Her nails dug into his shoulders and as he kept going, her sweet moans caressed his ears, sending him closer toward the edge.

“You feel… So fucking… Good,” he said through labored breaths before his lips returned to her neck.

Eva’s tangled her fingers in his hair to pull his head back so she could see his face twisted in pleasure and his eyes rolling back.

“Please,” he gulped. “May I c— Oh fuck!” he blurted when Eva started moving her hips to meet his thrusts.

“May you what, darling?”

“M-May… I… Please… C— Shit!” Adrian was cut off once again when Eva moved one hand down to play with his balls and he was forced to slow his movements as not to come too quickly.

“Did I… tell you… to slow… down?”

“No, Ms. Eva…”

Adrian started pounding her again, and the sounds of their bodies slapping against each other along with Adrian’s grunts and Eva’s moans filled the room as both of them approached their releases.

Just when Adrian was about to hit his orgasm, he felt a hand wrap around his neck.

“Hold… it,” Eva warned.

“P-please… I’m going to come.”

Eva didn’t respond, simply holding his neck as she looked into his eyes and watched him struggle to keep himself together. The sight only seemed to turn her on more and she spasmed around Adrian as her pussy got wetter.

“Please,” Adrian choked out. “May I—“

“Come for me,” Eva interrupted and that was when the two of them crashed into their climaxes together.


Eva shot up in her bed and blinked rapidly as she tried to catch her breath.

“Damnit,” she whispered to herself. Eva knew she was attracted to Adrian and she enjoyed teasing him. However, she didn’t realize that it ran deep enough for her to have such a graphic dream.

She pulled out her phone and started scrolling though her contacts. “I need someone to distract me.”


“The fuck is this shit?!” Caleb boomed as he thew the cup of coffee on the ground. “I only drink Colombian origin coffee!”

“I-I’m sorry, Mr. Peterson!” the startled assistant from PMC Group’s Los Angeles office replied urgently. “I’ll get right on that and be back with a large coffee, Colombian origin ASAP.”

“You better make it faster than that! You need to be back here in two minutes with the correct coffee or I will make your life a living hell!”

After the young man scurried out of the conference room, both Adrian and Justin looked at Caleb with disapproving gazes.

“Caleb,” Adrian groaned. “You’ve been even more of a jerk than usual since we got here. I thought you’d be in a better mood considering this is your favorite city and you even had the entire weekend to relax after our flight.”

“I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. I’m annoyed because our assistant has a simple fucking job and she clearly can’t even do that correctly. She told me she emailed the LA office with all of our preferences, but left out coffee? We should see about firing her.”

“Calm down,” Justin urged. “And besides, Eva did do her job. If you looked at the email she sent to the assistants out here — the ones that she copied us on — you would’ve seen that she was correct about all the preferences. It was that guy who got it wrong. And don’t even think about firing her. She’s good and I like her.”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?!” Adrian said sharply, cutting his eyes at Justin.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…” Justin raised both hands defensively. “Now you’re starting to sound like Caleb. I’m saying that I like her as an assistant. She’s by far the best we’ve had and neither of you can argue with that. If she wasn’t, she wouldn’t have lasted this long.”

“Oh…” Adrian cleared his throat and straightened up in his seat. Ever since his and Eva’s conversation about their kiss, he’d been on edge and especially weary of Justin given that she seemed to be on a first-name basis with him. “I guess that’s true. She is excellent at her job. And I um… I like her too.”

“That doesn’t mean much coming from you,” Caleb chuckled. “You like everyone. You’re ridiculously soft.”

“Soft? You sure about that assessment?” Adrian countered with a raised brow as he locked eyes with Caleb.

Letting out a frustrated huff with flared nostrils, Caleb swallowed hard and turned away. “Whatever…”

“I wish you two would work your shit out. And besides… Why the hell are you guys even more tense than I am?” Justin questioned. “I still can’t believe Ashley put us on break. I don’t get it.”

“Why are you upset about it? If I were in your position, I would’ve spent this weekend fucking mad bitches and lined up shit for this week too,” Caleb replied. “ I mean, Ashley is hot and I’m sure she’s a decent enough fuck, but you mean to tell me that you’ve been fucking a single pussy for like two years?”

“Not all of us are assholes with commitment issues, Caleb.”

“Hey! I don’t have commitment issues. I am committed to doing what the fuck I want in life.”

Justin rolled his eyes and Adrian let out a sarcastic scoff before the room fell into complete silence.

Caleb, Justin, and Adrian originally flew to LA on Saturday morning, as they’d planned to go out that weekend and have fun in the city, but ended up spending most of their time in their hotel rooms, using “work” as an excuse, as they were all deeply upset.

All three of the men had spent their weekend frustrated, with Eva being the root cause of it all. Caleb was furious that Eva had left him in that office alone, Justin was upset about Ashley putting them on break for reasons he didn’t understand, and Adrian was agitated at Eva’s lack of reaction to their kiss and the fact she seemed to be warming up to Justin too well for his taste.

The door to the conference room slowly opened and the assistant walked in with shaky hands carrying Caleb’s coffee. Meanwhile, Justin and Adrian were focused on their devices — Justin going through emails and Adrian debating whether or not he should try to look up Eva’s page as he scrolled Instagram aimlessly.

“H-here you are, Mr. Peterson.”

Caleb scanned over the assistant as he sat the coffee on the table in front of him with his jaw tensed.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“Um,” the assistant gulped. “I-It’s um… Joseph, sir.”

“Joseph…” Caleb nodded with pursed lips. “I didn’t see you last time I was here. Are you new?”

“Y-yeah. I actually moved down from San Francisco recently and started working here. I was out of work for almost two years because of this big um… misunderstanding. But I finally found some luck when I applied here to PMC Gr—“

“Okay, I didn’t ask for your fucking life story,” Caleb interrupted. “I guess you better go looking for more of that luck because you’re fired.”

Joseph’s eyes went wide and darted around the room with his confusion. “I-I’m sorry, sir… What was that?”

“You. Are. Fired,” Caleb repeated. “You can’t follow simple instructions… This coffee is wrong again. Plus, there’s something about you I don’t like.”

Joseph gawked with disbelief and looked around the room at Adrian and Justin, who were too into their phones to notice what was happening.

“M-Mr. Peterson… Please,” Joseph pleaded. “I finally got—“

“Our meeting is about to start. You’re dismissed.”

Caleb shewed him away and Joseph surrendered and left the room.


“Alexis and Eva!” Veronica Thompson beamed when her daughters entered the brunch restaurant. “Come here! I have someone I want you to meet!”

“Oh god, this is what I get for networking,” Alexis groaned when she recognized the woman sitting beside their mother. “Now mama thinks she’s gonna be on mob wives or some shit.”

“What are you talking about?” Eva questioned. While she could admit that the woman looked familiar, she wasn’t quite sure why.

The sisters approached and joined their mother and the mystery woman at the table. Immediately, once Eva was in her presence, she admired her. The woman was slightly older than her mother, and had an overwhelming air of confidence that radiated off of her. It was clear to Eva that she was likely the owner of a company or ruled some other large organization and based on Alexis’ comment, she imagined it was criminal in nature.

“Hi, Mrs. Davidson,” Alexis greeted. “My mother must have forgotten already that I’m the one who introduced you two…”

“Oh, that’s right!” Veronica chuckled, clearly tipsy from her mimosas. “It’s just that Tina and I have been getting along so well, it feels like we’re old friends.”

“Tina Davidson…” Eva whispered to herself before it finally clicked. “Oh! Sean Davidson’s mom?” she asked Alexis.

“I’m right here, child,” Tina commented. “And yes, I’m Sean’s mother… Simone’s too.”

“Sorry,” Eva said with a small smile. “It’s nice to meet you Mrs. Davidson.”

“You can call me Ms. Tina.”

“Damn, they greeted you before saying hello to they own mama,” Veronica griped playfully.

“Mother,” Eva greeted dryly.

“Hi mama,” Alexis chimed.

“Hi Lexi! And Eva… I haven’t seen or heard from you in weeks. You don’t think you could be more attentive to your mother?”

“Sorry, mother. I don’t mean to neglect you.”

“Mhmmm,” Veronica hummed unconvinced. “One day, I won’t be here anymore and you’re gonna regret not spending more time with me. Anyway, how’s your love life? You dating? Or are you at least going to give Eric another chance? He was such a good man. I can’t believe you messed that up!”

Eva’s eyes went wide at her mother’s words before she shook her head and drank her entire mimosa.

“Honestly mom,” Eva sighed. “Finding love isn’t a big priority for me right now. I am doing some dating, but mostly want to figure out what to do with my life.”

“What’s the point of dating if not for love?” asked a baffled Veronica.

Eva took a deep breath as she poured more of the mimosa sitting at the middle of the table into her glass and drank. The reason she avoided speaking with her mother was because it seemed like the most important thing to her was for Eva to find love, which is something that always felt elusive to her.

She lost count of how many men she’d dated and despite Eric being close to perfect, Eva didn’t love him — she had never fallen in love with anyone and she wondered if perhaps something was wrong with her. The way her mother brought it up nonstop only made Eva feel more uneasy.

“Can’t we talk about something else, mother… How’s that angel investor thing going? I know Mimi will be here in a couple days and her app is giving you good enough PR so that you can dabble in ventures that might be a bit more morally questionable, yet very profitable.”

Veronica rolled her eyes. She was bewildered when Eva rejected Eric’s marriage proposal. While she was aware that her youngest daughter was a bit of a free spirit, she never expected her to turn down a seemingly perfect man. Alexis was also single, but considering that she was running the family business, she had a better excuse as to why she didn’t have enough time to date, though Veronica suspected that something might be going on between Alexis and Sean Davidson.

“You didn’t need to say all that,” Veronica grumbled. “And yes, Naomi’s app is doing very well and getting us plenty of positive press. We have a few fintech companies in the pipeline who we expect to pitch us soon that are actually focused on financial literacy and access to capital for underprivileged communities so no, nothing morally questionable.”

Tina Davidson watched the exchange between Eva and her mother with a subtle smile on her face.

“You know what, Eva? You remind me of my daughter Simone.”

“But at least Simone stays in contact with you and actually listens to your advice,” Veronica commented.

“Not always,” Tina shook her head. “That girl isolated herself from the family for 10 years of her life.”

“What do you mean 10 years?!” Veronica gawked. “How’d she pull that off? How’d you get through that long?”

“Long story short: We were busy ourselves with business and respected her space, probably too much. But when we needed her, she came through…” Tina cut her eyes at Eva. “I’ll have to introduce you two when she gets back from Italy with her husbands.”

Eva leaned in toward Tina, wondering if she’d heard correctly. “Husbands as in plural? And is that even legal.”

“Yeah, she has two husbands… And chile, do you think I care about ‘legal?’” Tina finished with a raised brow.

“Two husbands sounds like a lot of work,” Eva replied with a smirk. “But I would love to meet her whenever she gets back.”

“Great. I’ll make it happen.”


“She’s never pressured me on anything in my life until I rejected Eric’s marriage proposal and she was disappointed,” Eva complained. “Since then, she’s been so adamant about marrying me off. Marriage isn’t really something I aspire to… There are a lot more satisfying things in life.”

“I’m sure she’ll lay off soon enough,” Alexis assured. “Especially once we take down PMC Group. You ready to tell me what’s up with that by the way?”

After leaving brunch with their mom and Tina Davidson, Eva and Alexis returned to Alexis’ apartment and sat at the dining room table so Eva could deliver updates on her progress with PMC Group.

Now that she had been working there for close to eight months, Eva had a solid understanding of the company, its culture, and the executives for whom she worked. Also, while she and Caleb weren’t on the best terms, especially considering the way that she left him alone Friday night, Eva had earned the full trust of both Adrian and Justin.

“So here’s the thing,” Eva began. “I have a theory on how they’ve been able to pull off all these acquisitions and see success so quickly. The answer is simple: It’s blackmail.”

“Hm…” Alexis nodded thoughtfully. “And why do you think that?”

“The pattern whenever they close deals. They’ll butter targets up with freebies and extravagant dinner meetings, then complain about them still not warming up to the idea, right? And then suddenly, they’ll have one or two meetings and boom!” Eva snapped her fingers. “Deal is immediately closed.”

“So, how do you think they’re getting their hands on information sensitive enough to blackmail these people? Who’s their source?”

“I think they’re being strategic in their targets based on who they either already have information on or who they feel they could easily get information on.”

“I see…”

“I mean, you know how it goes. All these people run in the same or at least adjacent social circles. Getting dirt on each other really isn’t that difficult. They love their NDAs, but can’t actually keep quiet for shit.”

“Great,” Alexis replied with a clap. “So, we just need to figure out how to get proof and expose them. How soon do you think you can do that?”

“Give me a few more months. Justin’s been pulling me into more meetings and Adrian trusts me. Caleb’s a hard ass, but I’m sure I’ll have him soon enough too.”

Alexis had an impressed smirk on her face and shook her head looking at Eva. “See, little sis. I knew you’d be perfect for this job.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Eva sighed as she pulled out her phone and scrolled through her contacts. That dream about Adrian had been on her mind all day and she needed a distraction from it. “I think I need to wrap things up soon anyway…”


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