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Someone Else

A/N: I know this update was delayed, but work been kicking my ass. On the bright side, I’m doing a double update today, so be on the lookout for the next chapter (titled “Gifts”) at some point this evening/night!


“It’s about time you got your ass out here, girl,” Jade said when Eva arrived at The Scarlet Lounge with Naomi and Sebastien. Eva opted to wear something simple for the night — a black dress with cutouts just under her breasts along with a pair of red pumps that matched her nails and lipstick. Sebastien and Naomi were again inadvertently coordinated — Naomi in a dark blue dress and black heels and Sebastien in a button up of the same color with black slacks.

The club was dimly lit, but enough to see what was going on. It was a week night, so the place wasn’t too busy. They got there a couple hours after opening and couples and groups were already playing.

“I promised you that I would come!” Eva replied. “I’m just finally getting around to it. Besides, I knew that you’d be playing with your Dom anyway and I wanted to make sure I at least at something lined up.”

“Oh?” Jade raised a brow and looked at Naomi and Sebastien. “You back on your unicorn grind these days?”

Sebastien’s eyes went wide when he heard Jade and Naomi started snickering, shaking her head.

“No!” Eva exclaimed. “You know Mimi. And remember, she and Sebastien got married a while back.”

“Yes, I remember! You were so excited for their wedding like it was your own. But that still doesn’t answer my question. You act like you don’t have sex with friends.”

“Goddamn. All up in my business,” Eva groaned. “And no, I’m not playing with Mimi and Sebastien tonight. I’m meeting someone else here. What about you? You meeting with your Dom?”

“Mhmm,” Jade hummed. “And who’ve you got lined up?”

“This guy named Logan who conveniently got an accurate read on me and boldly offered his face for me to sit on.”

“Damn, that easy? You usually don’t go for those ones, do you?”

“Nah, not normally, but some things have happened recently that’ve made me think I should try someone different. Anyway, hey Mimi, did—” Eva paused when she turned around and realized Naomi and Sebastien were no longer behind her. She quickly scanned over the space before she noticed they’d already gotten to the opposite side and appeared to have been going into one of the private rooms. “Mimi’s husband has a crazy sex drive for a man in his forties,” she commented softly.

“If you wanna change things up, why don’t you try subbing?” Jade suggested as the two of them started walking toward one of the free couches and sat down.

“I do sub sometimes.”

“You know what I mean, girl. What about subbing with a man?”

“Fuck no,” Eva scoffed. “It’s not something I’ve ever had a desire to do. I’m super submissive with women, but when it comes to men, I just can’t bring myself to do it.”

“See, I can’t do that. I love it when a man gets rough with me, so I’m strictly subbing.”

“I don’t see how those are related. Just because a partner is submissive, doesn’t mean they can’t get rough with you. You ever had a man begging to choke you? That shit is hot.”

“Oh,” Jade gasped lightly. “I didn’t know that was a thing.”

“Many things are things,” Eva shrugged. “There’s no one-size-fits all when it comes to sex and power dynamics. People always try to make some bullshit ‘standards’ and say if you like one thing then you won’t like another… They don’t get that it’s a lot more complex than that. I blame the—”

“Hey, Ms. Eva,” a deep, familiar voice interrupted. While Eva welcomed the title, it didn’t come from the person she most preferred to hear it from.

“Hello, Logan,” she replied casually, turning to look at him as he sat next to her on the couch. “This is my friend Jade,” she gestured.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Logan said. He reached his arm across Eva to shake Jade’s hand. “You’ve been here before, haven’t you? I feel like I’ve seen you around.”

“Nice to meet you too, and yeah, I’ve been here a few times. You must be the one who finally convinced Eva to come because I’ve been on her ass for weeks about trying this place out.”

“Is that so?” Logan questioned, smirking at Eva. “And to think, at one point I wasn’t sure if she would give me a chance. I think the fact that I’m friends with her boss probably saved—“

Eva placed her hand over Logan’s mouth to stop him and Jade’s brows tensed, wondering what he meant by ‘boss’ considering she knew for a fact that Eva didn’t work, nor did she need to.

“You have a boss?” she asked Eva.

Eva realized that she miscalculated how this would play out. She assumed that Jade would be caught up with the guy she’d been playing with for the past few months and didn’t expect Logan to bring up knowing Adrian so early in the conversation.

“Mhmm, I’ll tell you about it later. In the mean time…” Eva gestured at a man sitting at the bar who’d been eying Jade. “Why don’t you do some mingling before your Daddy arrives? I’ll keep an eye on you from here to make sure he’s not on some creep shit and it’ll give Logan and I a chance to talk in private.”

Jade turned and looked at the man, gave an approving nod and got up to walk toward him. “Y’all have fun.”

Eva turned back to Logan and finally removed her hand from his mouth.

“What? You don’t tell your friends about work or something?”

“Nope. Theres no need. Anyway, let’s talk about why we’re here…”


Adrian, Caleb, and Justin arrived in New York late evening and each went their separate ways. An exhausted and agitated Adrian went straight home, a deeply frustrated Caleb did the same, and a confused Justin made his way to Ashley’s apartment.

Adrian entered his Tribeca loft and blew out a deep breath through his mouth. He thought about his interaction with Caleb the night before feeling guilty for stopping it in the middle while also internally chiding himself for starting it.

He knew that he could be a bit too impulsive at times, but it seemed to have become much more common since Eva started working at PMC Group more than eight months ago. The two of them had great chemistry and while they managed to hide it from others, when it was just the two of them inside Adrian’s office, the sexual tension was thick and the day Adrian decided to kiss Eva was his clearest sign that he should stop their alone time.

However, it didn’t change the fact that he still very much desired those one-on-one meetings and often found himself wondering what things might be like between him and Eva if she wasn’t working for him.

Adrian liked the way she seemed genuinely interested in whatever he talked about and how her thoughtful responses proved that she was actively listening to him. She asked him questions about building furniture, how he got into it, what his process was like and if he saw it as more of an art form or trade. He loved the way that he seemed to be the only one who could pull her out of her indifferent state and earn her excitement — it was part of the reason that he decided PMC Group would start a grant program for little-known plus-size designers to support them in growing their brands and making more size-inclusive fashion. The bright eyes and wide smile she gave him when he told her about it made it all worth it to Adrian.

The way she seemed to have such a hold on him made Adrian increasingly worried, but he still couldn’t bring himself to pull away from her completely and draw a platonic line as he did with Caleb. On top of it all, he was even more conflicted because he had lingering feelings for Caleb and strong ones for Eva at the same time.

“Maybe I should take a vacation,” he said to himself. “Between what happened with Eva and then with Caleb, it’s obvious I need some sort of outlet.”

“Or maybe I just need someone else to help me get over all this…” Adrian pulled out his phone and started scrolling through his contacts until landing on the name of a mistress he’d played with several months ago.


Caleb sat in his couch with his computer on the coffee table in front of him and his length in his hand. On the screen was a video showing a woman bent over in doggystyle with the side of her face on the bed and her ass in he air while a man was on top of her with his fingers tangled in her hair and the other smacking her ass while he roughly pounded into her.

Stroking his dick while he watched the video, Caleb couldn’t seem to really get into it or become hard. After a few more minutes passed without reaction, he reluctantly typed something else into the website’s search bar.

His jaw tensed as the video got started, and wanting to get straight into it, he skipped over the skit at the beginning and went to the middle of the video. It featured one man with dark brown hair and matching eyes taking another from the back while the bottom ate out the woman who was with them. The top was rough, smacking the bottom’s ass, who in turn moaned into the woman he was eating out. With the sight of the scene, Caleb’s dick finally started to grow harder.

“We have such a good bitch serving us, don’t we, honey?” the woman said. “He’s making such great use of himself.”

“Maybe we’ll… let him… come today,” the man replied through his grunts.

“Fuck,” Caleb breathed as his strokes picked up pace and he hit his release much sooner than expected. The video was just what he needed after the past few days he had between Eva and Adrian.

However — and Caleb refused to admit it to himself — the woman’s body wasn’t quite what he was looking for and he knew that he wouldn’t find the exact image that he wanted to see. While the video managed to send him over the edge, he still didn’t feel anywhere near satisfied after watching it. So, he pulled out his phone and went straight to Shannon’s contact details.

“Whatever, someone else obviously needs to take care of this for me and I’ll be over it.”


“Ashley, please…” Justin pleaded. “Just open the door so we can talk about this.”

“I told you we need a break,” she said from the opposite side.

“Please, babe… I know you were upset with me, but I honestly didn’t understand why. Please, can we at least talk this out and clear things up. I feel like it’s all probably a misunderstanding.”

After a long pause of Justin leaning against the door and not a noise from Ashley on the other side, the silence was broken at the sound of her unlocking the door. When she opened it, Justin felt guilty as soon as he saw her. She was wearing a robe and her hair was disheveled and mascara was running, her lipstick was slightly smeared and Justin assumed it was from her wiping her nose while she cried.

She stepped out of the apartment, barely able to make eye contact with him and said, “Fine but you’re not coming in and you have five minutes.”

“Babe, I’m really sorry for making you feel like I don’t want you to the point where you needed to take a break. That wasn’t at all my intention…” Justin paused for a few moments, further analyzing her face. “I love you, Ash. And I don’t… want to lose you.”

Ashley let out a deep sigh after listening to his very brief speech. “I hear you, Justin, but it’s just that you’ve been acting strange the past several months.” She hesitated for several moments before making eye contact with him for the first time since he showed up at her apartment. “Sometimes, with the way you’ve been touching me lately, it feels like you’re thinking of someone else… Is there someone else?”

“What?” Justin gawked, taken aback by her question. “Of course not. I can assure you that there’s no one else. I’m even willing to take a lie-detector test or you could hire a PI to follow me or something. Babe, you and I make sense and I don’t want to lose that. I’d never endanger what we have by cheating on you.”

Ashley studied his eyes as he spoke and lightly nodded when he finished. “Yeah… We do make sense, I guess.”

“Great!” Justin exclaimed, but when he leaned toward Ashley to kiss her, she dodged him and turned her back to him and faced the door.

“We can start a clean slate… Tomorrow. How about you call me then?”

“Oh, okay…” Justin found Ashley’s behavior weird, but he was too caught up in getting another chance to care of take notice of anything else going on. “I’m glad we’re on the same page again. I’m pretty beat from this trip, so I’m going home

Ashley looked over her shoulder to watch him walk toward the elevator and rolled her eyes.

“Everything is always business with him,” she spat before opening her door, walking back in toward the bedroom, and removing her robe.


A/N: Thanks for reading! A few more chapters and this book is about to get real smut-heavy. I have some freaky shit planned, so let’s see if I can actually commit to it this time lol. All of Me was supposed to be nastier, but I couldn’t do it lol

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