Playing the Bosses

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Eva knew it would be an interesting day when she woke up to see an email she received at 4:23AM from Caleb asking her to see him in his office first thing in the morning.

As she usually did, Eva arrived to PMC Group about 30 minutes before her “bosses” were to come in and she prepared their schedules — placing Adrian’s on his desk, printing Justin’s for their morning meeting, and preparing to email Caleb’s.

Adrian was the first of the three men to walk into the office and he was greeted by other colleagues with smiles, though the one on his face grew almost involuntarily as he got closer to Eva’s desk. She had been working there for over eight months and no matter how much Adrian tried to fight it, Eva was one of the brighter parts of his mornings and he missed her while he was away.

“Welcome back, Mr. Collins,” Eva greeted cheerfully once Adrian reached her desk. “How was your trip?”

“It was wonderful and everything went smoothly,” Adrian replied as he held up a tall, slim gift bag and sat it on her desk. “In fact, I even had time to get you some Napa Valley wine.”

“Oh?” Eva questioned with a smirk, locking eyes with him as she took the bag. “Based on the email I got from Mr. Peterson at four this morning, I’m sure it’s going to be a long day and this wine will definitely come in handy this evening.”

“Oh, geez,” Adrian groaned. “What’s he up to now? I’m sorry he gives you such a hard time. He can be difficult.”

“I assure you, Mr. Collins, there’s nothing I can’t handle when it comes to Mr. Peterson. Besides, the nice part about long days is that I’ll have an excuse to take a long, hot bath while I down a bottle of Napa Valley wine.”

“Well, I admire your positivity, Ms. Eva.”

Adrian didn’t realize what he said until the title crossed his lips out of habit already. “I mean— er… I mean— Eva.”

“‘Ms. Eva’ is fine,” she teased with a wink before casually changing the subject. “Anyway, I’ve placed your schedule on your desk per our new system. Just email or call if you have any questions or need any assistance.”

“R-right… Have a nice day.” Adrian noticed how Eva had a way of catching him off guard with her comments that felt flirtatious before quickly, but smoothly changing the subject. It was like she knew exactly how to tease him without being so overt about it and he wondered if she’d read him as submissive.

“Enjoy your day as well, Mr. Collins.”

Not long after Adrian went into his office, Justin arrived and also had a gift bag in his hand for Eva. As had become their routine in the mornings, she greeted him in Japanese and they exchanged some small talk before going into his office.

“I didn’t want to forget to give you this,” Justin chimed, handing the gift bag to Eva. “Just a little something I got you from California as a thank you for being such a great assistant.”

“Thanks, Justin,” Eva replied as she opened the bag and pulled out a personalized Route 66 license plate with her name on it. Looking over the gift, it wasn’t really her taste and she didn’t like it, but she appreciated the thought and pulled a fake, small smile to her face and gave Justin a nod of approval before putting it back in the bag.

“Are you and Adrian trying to spoil me or something?” she quipped.

“Hm? What do you mean?”

“Oh! He didn’t tell you? Adrian bought me a bottle of wine from Napa Valley as a souvenir.”

Justin didn’t understand why, but something about hearing that Adrian also bought Eva a gift slightly bothered him, especially knowing that the wine was likely more expensive than the license plate he purchased.

“Well,” Justin cleared his throat. “That was nice of him. I didn’t realize he bought you something too.”

“Yup! Also…” Eva leaned in toward Justin with a flirtatious glimmer in her eyes to whisper, “Don’t tell Mr. Peterson this, but you and Adrian are my favorites.”

Justin couldn’t help the grin that pulled at his lips and he leaned in toward Eva with their faces mere inches apart. “And don’t tell Adrian or Caleb this, but you’re my favorite.” As soon as he noticed a slight tense in Eva’s brows, Justin realized his mistaken wording and tried to recover. “I just mean that you’re my favorite colleague… You know?”

“I know what you mean,” Eva assured. “Anyway, let’s discuss your schedule for today…”

Eva and Justin went through his schedule relatively quickly and she left his office in time for Caleb’s arrival.

Without looking at Eva, Caleb continued the path to his door and said, “I know you saw my email, so let’s go.”

Eva rolled her eyes. She didn’t want to go when he asked because she didn’t like his tone. However, she also knew that it’d be an opportunity to continue her games, so she followed him into his office anyway.

Taking her seat across from Caleb while he got settled at his desk and pulled out his computer to connect it to the monitor, Eva relaxed in her chair with her legs crossed and scrolled aimlessly through her phone. She had a slight smirk on her face remembering what occurred Friday night.

“And what’s so fucking funny?” Caleb said, breaking the silence.

Eva was unfazed by his aggressive tone and didn’t bother looking up from her phone. “Oh nothing, Mr. Peterson. Anyway, what was it you called me in here for?”

“You know exactly why the fuck I called you in here.”

“No I don’t,” she replied, feigning confusion. “Could you explain?”

Caleb slammed his hand flat on his desk, breaking Eva’s focus from her phone so she would finally look at him. “What type of fucking game are you playing?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Mr. Pet—“

“Do not fucking lie to me!”

“Calm down,” Eva groaned as she rolled her eyes. “Why so hostile?”

“Because you’re playing dumb like you don’t know why the fuck I called you in here! You piss me off.”

Eva shook her head with an entertained smirk. “You tell me that I piss you off and you act all annoyed at me, but you still have yet to fire me… Why is that?”

Caleb crossed his arms and sat up straight in his seat. “That’s because you’re the first assistant I’ve had who isn’t incompetent.”

“Do you know what I think, Mr. Peterson?” she said the name mockingly as she stood up and leaned forward against his desk toward him. “I think you won’t fire me for the exact same reason you were on your knees in front of me Friday night with ‘yes’ and the numbers one through thirty being the only words in your vocabulary.”

Caleb shot to his feet to meet Eva’s eyes and they both stood there in a staring match for several minutes before he was the first one to break, just as Eva expected. He grabbed her by the back of her head and smashed his lips against hers.

Eva had a moment of weakness when she felt how skillfully his tongue moved as soon as it entered her mouth and she wondered where it would feel elsewhere before finally pulling away and grabbing his face.

“I didn’t say you could put your mouth on me. You haven’t earned the privilege.”

“Too late…” Caleb licked his lips with a devious smirk. “I’ve already had a taste now.”

“And that is the last one you’ll get,” Eva replied curtly, pushing his face away and walking toward the door.

“Yeah, right…” Caleb scoffed and settled back into his seat as he watched her walk away. He didn’t expect to kiss Eva. In fact, he’d brought her into the office to fire her and planned to deal with any backlash from Adrian or Justin later.

However, her boldness in challenging him about Friday only seemed to turn him on and when she was standing above him again and looking down at Caleb, he had a strong desire to relinquish control to her. When he stood up to meet her gaze before, he hoped to get rid of that desire, but when he saw she was nowhere near backing down, he couldn’t help himself anymore.

And now that he’d tasted her, he only wanted more.

“The fuck did I just do?”


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