Playing the Bosses

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“I hate Mondays,” Adrian groaned, dragging his hands down his face. He looked at the company instant messenger to see if Justin was still in and felt even worse when he realized that it was just himself and Eva left online. Whether it was Caleb trying to make her life more difficult or simply a busy period, Eva would work late at least once a week and Adrian felt guilty for how much they would put on her.

“I’ll go see if I can at least buy her dinner to make up for it,” he whispered.

Adrian walked out of his office and toward Eva’s desk from behind. As he got closer, he saw that she had her messages up on her iPad along with Logan’s name. He assumed the two of them had been texting a lot based on the thread on her screen and Adrian was immediately hit with jealousy.

“Hey, Eva?” he called.

“Yes?” she replied without looking up from her conversation with Logan.

“May you please come to my office?”

After a long pause, she turned to look at him expressionless. “Sure.”

Once Eva got into his office, Adrian leaned against his desk and she stood in front of him several feet away.

His brows tensed, the concern clear in his face. “Is everything okay? You’ve seemed kind of down all day.”

“Yeah, I’m fine, just really stressed,” Eva shrugged. “Is that all?” She’d recently been rushing their private interactions, hoping less time with Adrian would help her get over whatever softness she felt toward him.

“No, there’s something else...”


Adrian’s jaw tensed and his gaze was intent on Eva. “Have you been with Logan?”

“None of your business, Mr. Collins,” she answered coldly.

“Adrian,” he corrected. “I said you can call me Adrian... If you have been seeing him, that is very unprofessional.”

“As unprofessional as when you kissed me right here in this office just a few weeks ago?”

“And I apologized for that because it was unprofessional. Eva, you should know better than to have sexual relations with any of our business associates.”

Eva’s eyes narrowed at him and she walked over to Adrian so that their faces were mere inches apart. She was just about to scold him for trying to scold her when she had another idea and smirk came to her face.

“Are you jealous that someone else is pleasuring me, darling?”

Adrian’s head jerked back, surprised at the way she challenged him.

“N-no,” he choked out, shaking his head anxiously.

“Okay,” Eva replied nonchalantly before turning to go for the door. While she was still within arm’s reach, Adrian stretched out to grab her wrist.

“Wait...” he pleaded. “What if I said that I am?”

Eva turned back to him and tilted her head to the side while raising her perfectly arched brow. “What if you said you’re what?”

“What if I said that I am jealous that someone else is giving you pleasure?”

“But you haven’t,” Eva shrugged, snatching her hand away. “I don’t do what-ifs.”

Adrian knew that Eva wouldn’t hang around waiting for him, so he finally blurted it out.

“I can pleasure you better than he can!” Adrian confessed.

Eva’s expression mostly went unchanged from its aloof state. “Hm?”

“Let me prove it... please.”

Eva crossed her arms and analyzed his face before her eyes scanned over the room and landed on the couch. She was a woman who knew what she wanted and she’d been wanting Adrian for some time — all she was waiting for was for him to be direct about it. Now, she was the one in control.

After what Adrian interpreted as her hesitating for what felt like forever, Eva finally spoke.

“Couch. Shirt off. On your knees,” Eva instructed and Adrian didn’t need to hear any more than that as he began unbuttoning his shirt and walking over to the couch before getting on his knees. He didn’t notice until he was already in place that Eva hadn’t followed him. He looked over at her still standing by the desk and just when he was about to ask if she was coming, Eva put her finger to her lips to shush him.

Adrian watched her take her time walking over to the door of the office to lock it before she turned and approached the couch to sit on it in front of him. Eva held his chin and lifted his head so he could look at her.

“How would you like to pleasure me?” she questioned smoothly while tracing his bottom lip with her thumb.

“However you please.”

Eva sneered, impressed that he was so ready, so eager for her. Between that and the mix of desire and desperation in his face as Eva held it and looked down at him, heat was rushing to her core.

“Let’s start with this...” Eva’s lips lightly brushed his before Adrian closed the distance. Both of them got lost in the kiss, savoring the other’s lips until Eva finally parted hers and allowed their tongues to meet. Neither of them knew how much time passed, but when Eva finally pulled away, it was too soon for Adrian and he let out almost a wince.

Their eyes connected and taking in her lustful gaze, Adrian knew that he was completely at her mercy. Eva was the first to break contact, looking down at his lips and admiring their fullness they were his favorite feature of hers after his soft brown eyes.

Adrian gulped his nerves before they could overwhelm him. “May I please eat your pussy... Ms. Eva?”

Eva enjoyed being a tease, but she allowed her curiosity to take the lead tonight and she needed something to relieve her stress anyway. She leaned in and nibbled at his ear before whispering, “Let’s see what you can do without me walking you through it... Prove you can pleasure me better than he can.”

Adrian knew that meant Eva would allow him to eat her out uninterrupted and he planned to show her how badly he’d been wanting to do just that.

As eager as he was, he also wanted to take his time. Pulling off her tights first, Adrian then kissed Eva up and down the inside of her legs, savoring every bit he put his mouth on. Eva’s stress gradually escaped her as Adrian’s kisses went on and a sharp breath crossed her nose when she felt his hand against her core through her panties. Adrian pants grew even more strained at the sensation of her becoming increasingly wet as he continued rubbing her and placing kisses along her inner thighs.

Finally, he was ready to taste what he’d been craving for so long. Adrian leaned back and pushed Eva’s legs together so he could pull her panties off. The moment he parted them again and saw her pussy for the first time, he audibly groaned and spread her lips apart.

“You’re so beautiful,” he muttered before his tongue was moving up and down her inner lips and he eased a single finger inside of her.

As soon as Eva released a light moan, Adrian’s mouth grew more eager. He added another finger and flicked his tongue against her clit. Using his free hand, he unbuttoned his pants and used his precum to slowly stroke himself.

Eva tangled her fingers in his hair as he ate her out and when she pulled at it, Adrian began pumping his fingers faster and humming against her.

“Ssshhhhit,” Eva breathed, trying to keep her sounds at bay as she felt herself approaching her release.

However, the way Adrian’s skillful tongue worked in sync with his fingers, Eva was forced to cover her mouth when she hit her orgasm and he moaned into her as he took every bit she had to give.

Coming down from her high, Eva looked into Adrian’s eyes while he slowly moved his tongue up and down her lips before finally pulling away. She wasn’t going to admit it to him, but it was already clear to Eva that Adrian could pleasure her better than Logan.

Eva swallowed and just before she was about to say something, another bold request crossed Adrian’s lips.

“Please... May you sit on my face?”

Eva was surprised at his ongoing directness, but she had no objections. The two of them repositioned so that Adrian was flat on his back laying on the couch while Eva straddled his head and faced his torso.

She didn’t realize it while he was eating her out before, but he’d been freed from his pants and he was stroking himself with a steady pace. His lips met her lower ones again and he lightly sucked her clit.

“Look at that,” Eva started as she looked down at his curved length in his hand. “You’re this hard just from eating my pussy?”

Adrian’s answer was muffled against her core. He refused to pull away enough to give an intelligible response.

Eva leaned forward and spit on his dick and Adrian let out a groan of pleasure at the sensation.

“Faster darling...” Eva started moving her hips in slow circles to ride his face and Adrian sped up his strokes just as he was told.

“You’ve been wanting this for some time, haven’t you?” Eva continued. “You’re moaning more than I am.”

“Yesmsebvem...” His response was again muffled, but Eva knew exactly what he was saying.

“Good boy... You know exactly how to address me.” Eva teased him, tracing her acrylic nails along his pelvis and then lower toward his member, but being sure to avoid touching him. “Do you want me to touch you, darling?”

“Mhmm,” he hummed into her pussy.

“You’ll need to earn it.” Eva turned around so that she could look down into his eyes momentarily before she returned to riding his face. “Stick your tongue out.”

Adrian did as he was told and Eva held his hair with a tight grip as she moved her hips back and forth, pleasuring herself with his tongue. The vibrations of his moans only pushed her closer to her release.

“So... fucking... good,” she moaned. Eva noticed how Adrian’s lips began to keep closing instinctively and slowed her hips. “Go ahead... Eat my pussy.”

Adrian’s mouth returned to working diligently at Eva’s pussy. She leaned back and spit on her hand before reaching to massage his balls while he stroked himself. She had a loud outburst when Adrian started focusing on her clit and she knew she’d soon come again.

“Fuck,” Eva hissed and her entire body shook at her climax. She felt something warm hitting her wrist and hand and turned to see that Adrian was coming at the same time.

She lifted herself off of him and looked down to see Adrian with an expression just as satisfied as hers.

“Thank you, Ms. Eva.”


A/N: Milestone has been hit! 😉

One domino has fallen and Eva will continue to be the baddest bitch late next week. Thanks for reading!

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