Playing the Bosses

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Long Time Coming

“What’s going on?” Ashley questioned, as she analyzed Justin’s uneasy demeanor. He’d called her late that night about coming over. Before, earlier in their relationship and even just three or four months ago, she would’ve been excited about it. However, she stopped feeling that excitement when she finally came to terms with the reality that while the two of them were a great match on paper and started with a spark, there wasn’t enough physical or emotional chemistry there. A few months before they’d broken up before quickly getting back together, Ashley noticed that Justin seemed more distracted than usual and even when they were intimate, he seemed disconnected.

Ashley tried what she could to make them work and even now, she was putting in effort by taking him back and trying to remind herself why she fell for him in the first place. On top of it all, she faced pressure from her parents just as Justin had received from his about the two of them getting married. Justin’s family owned a chain of upscale hotels around the world and Ashley’s family owned a luxury travel company. When the two of them started dating and their parents found out, it was pretty much decided that they’d get married soon.

Although Justin was slow about the proposal, Ashley was ready to move forward quickly and satisfy their parents. She also thought that she wanted marriage with him, but the more things dragged out, the less interest she had in trying to fight for their relationship. It was part of the reason she decided to break up with him, but Justin showing up at her apartment to ask for her back was perfect timing. The morning prior to his visit that day, she’d told her mother about the breakup, only to be met with disappointment and Ashley again felt pressured to try to reignite their relationship, despite the fact that she’d already met someone else whom she was excited about.

“Justin,” Ashley called out to him after he took too long to answer the first time. “What’s going on?”

“R-right,” Justin croaked. “Well, I’m here because I really wanted to talk to you… Could we sit down?”

“Oh um, sure,” Ashley shrugged and led him into the living room where they sat on the two opposite ends of the couch. “You ready to talk now?”

“Y-yeah…” Justin paused again before blowing out a quick huff and trying to hold on to the bit of courage he’d mustered earlier when he asked Ashley about coming over. “I wanted to talk about us. I know we just got back together, but it feels like… Maybe it was…”

Ashley rolled her eyes, knowing exactly where the conversation was going. The only thing that surprised her in that moment was her lack of emotional response to what was coming.

“Go ahead, Justin. Get it out.”

“I think… Maybe getting back together was…” Justin took a deep breath before finally getting it out. “I think we should break up.”

“You’re the one who was at my door a few weeks ago begging for us to get back together,” Ashley reminded him. Despite her words, her voice was monotoned and what she was saying felt more like a rehearsed reaction, rather than genuine.

“You’re right, but now I’m not so sure…”

“Of course you’re not sure,” Ashley sighed. “When are you ever sure about anything outside of business?”

“I’m sorry, I—“

“There’s no need to pretend you’re sorry. It’s fine… Could you just, like… leave?”

Justin slowly rose from the chair. While he could admit to himself that at times, he missed emotional signals, it wasn’t lost on him that Ashley didn’t seem to have any emotion at all when reacting to him dumping her after they had just gotten back together.

“I really am sorry,” he repeated. “Maybe we could t—“

“Get out,” replied an exacerbated Ashley without looking at him.

Justin quickly left her apartment and as soon as the door closed behind him, guilt began to flood in as he thought about how his parents might react. He didn’t want to disappoint them, but he also knew it was wrong to continue his relationship with Ashley. Although Eva’s words were harsh and stung him, everything she said to Justin about his relationship with Ashely was correct.

I am an adult, he thought to himself. I’ll tell them when I’m ready.


“Believe it or not, I would’ve been on time for our meeting today if Shannon didn’t fuck up my schedule,” Caleb complained as he entered Adrian’s office where Adrian and Justin were already sitting for their weekly meeting. “When is the assistant coming back? She’s been out all week. Did her fat ass get stuck in bed or something?”

“Don’t talk about her like that!” Adrian and Justin said in unison and the two of them immediately made eye contact with each other. Adrian gave Justin a sharp glare, but didn’t say anything.

“Damn, what’s got the two of you so on edge? Adrian, I expect to hear that from since he’s so far up Eva’s ass, but this is a first for you Justin… Still in a bad mood because you broke up with Ashley? You should be proud of yourself!”

“No,” Justin snapped. “I’m just tired of you disrespecting Eva. She’s obviously very valuable to the three of us and this company considering it feels like so many things have gone to shit just with her being out for a few days. My schedule is a mess and I’m stuck doing these calls and meetings with Japanese executives alone.”

Adrian remained silent, simply bouncing his knee while his eyes were still cut at Justin. He’d been on edge since Tuesday when Eva first called out sick. He’d eaten her out in his office the Monday night before that and when she didn’t come to work the next day — which was very rare for her — he began to panic, wondering if it was because of him. Adrian had enough sense to text Eva and she assured him that she wasn’t feeling well and needed to take some time off.

“I can admit that she’s not a total fuck up,” Caleb said. “But it’s Friday and she only came into the office on Monday. Hard to believe she’s been sick this whole time. She’s probably lying about it and off on vacation stuffing her face somewhere. I’ve been looking at some resumes and I have some pretty good candidates to replace her. I’ll send—”

“You’re not getting rid of Eva,” Justin interrupted, his voice cold. “If you really wanted her gone, you would’ve done it by now. Plus, I won’t let you fire her. Like I said, Eva is a true asset to this company. Actually, I’ve been meaning to bring this up with the two of you, but we should offer her full-time work once her one-year contract is up in a few months.”

“Well, we have time to think about that.” Adrian finally spoke up. He wanted to get off the topic of Eva out of concern that Justin and Caleb would pick up on his uneasiness while they were talking about her. What he did Monday night was extremely uncharacteristic of him, but he also had no regrets. However, he now wondered what that meant for his and Eva’s interactions moving forward and he’d been resisting the urge all week to show up at her apartment.

“Adrian’s right,” Caleb agreed. “Besides, I already told you that I have some other resumes we could look at. I don’t think we should keep her as a permanent employee and I refuse to make it easy.”

“Whatever,” Justin scoffed. “I’m calling bullshit on Caleb, but like you said, Adrian, we have time to think about it. For now, let’s focus on business.”


“This show is fucking wild,” Eva muttered to herself. She was on her couch in front of the television watching Squid Game, and she’d been binging it all day. After a few weeks of mounting stress and the long Monday she had, Eva decided to call in sick Tuesday. It started off as simply a mental health day, but turned into mental health days.

Right when she was starting a new episode, Eva’s phone chimed, the app for her building was notifying her that a visitor rang her apartment. Eva opened the notification and she was surprised to see Justin on the screen.

“What is it, Mr. Matsuda?”

“Hey, Eva. I just wanted to check on you… with you being sick and all.” He gave an innocent smile to the camera and held up a plastic bag that appeared to have a container of soup inside.

“Okay, you can come up.”

She pulled off her blanket to look down at what she was wearing, which were a pair of panties and an oversized tee-shirt.

“Ugh…” Eva rolled her eyes. “I guess I should be decent enough to put on some shorts.”

After doing that, she went to the door and opened it to see Justin waiting outside.

“Hey, I bought you some soup—“ Justin was distracted when he entered Eva’s apartment and saw how nice it was. He was already surprised she was in a luxury building in SoHo, but walking in and seeing that it was a large apartment that appeared to have more than one room and a decent view of the city surprised him.

“This is a really nice place, Eva.” His eyes continued to scan the apartment with its large windows that allowed natural sunlight, fully-equipped kitchen, and living room where Eva had the television mounted on the wall. “Do you have a roommate or something?”

“No,” she replied curtly. She didn’t want to give up her lifestyle and she figured giving a fake address would be more trouble than it was worth in case someone from PMC Group would decide to drop in unexpectedly as Justin was doing. Eva was good at making up excuses and she already had one for as to why she lived in an obviously expensive apartment despite the poor pay she received.

“But how can you um…” Justin trailed off when he realized the question he was about to ask could be offensive.

“Afford this place despite the shit pay you guys give me?” Eva finished. “I have a very generous older friend.” The suggestiveness was clear in her voice and as she intended, Justin assumed she was hinting at having a sugar daddy, which led to more questions that he refrained from asking.

“Oh, great! That’s cool… I guess?” He walked over to her kitchen and placed the plastic bag on the counter. “This is the soup they serve at that lunch spot by the office that Caleb always goes to. It’s really good.”

“Thanks, that was nice of you.”

“How are you doing? You’ve been out for several days, so I wanted to check on you in person to make sure things are okay.”

“I’m fine and I’ll be back next week. I just needed some time to rest.”

“Oh, okay. That’s great to hear.”

The room went silent and Eva’s face grew tense as Justin lingered. Now that it was obvious she was fine, she was hoping he’d leave.

“Well, thanks again for the soup.” She started walking toward the door to open it so he’d take the hint. “Have a good weekend and I’ll see you—“

“I broke up with Ashely!” he blurted, cutting her off. He walked over to her living room and fell into the couch.

Eva let go of the door and went to join him. “Okay? Is that the real reason you came here? To tell me that?”

“Oh, um… I don’t know. I guess I wanted to let you know that I took your advice. You were right that it was wrong of me to talk about her in that way. She deserves better than a man who’s just using her to satisfy his parents.”

“Cool, so you came here ‘worried’ about me, but of course end up talking about yourself. I read you as a people-pleaser before, but maybe you’re just self-centered,” Eva spat.

Justin shot to his feet, offended at what she said. “No, I didn’t mean it like that, I just…” He drifted off, not prepared to say what was on his mind.

“You just what? Thought you’d come here and tell me you dumped your girlfriend so now I can fuck you the way that you want?” questioned an agitated Eva. “That’s so shitty…” she approached Justin, who was still on his feet, to look him dead in the eyes and show him her displeasure.

“I-it’s not like that…” he murmured.

“It’s not? Then explain to me why you felt the need to tell me that you and your girlfriend weren’t aligning sexually, hint at the idea that maybe you and I would be a good sexual match, proceed to break up with her, and then come alone to my apartment to tell me about it?”

“W-well I— I mean, I didn’t realize that it came off like…”

“That it came off like what?” Eva challenged, moving in closer to him. “Like you’ve made it abundantly clear that you want a rough fuck? That you want a woman who will get on top and ride you with her hand wrapped around your neck while you come undone? One who will remind you who’s really in charge each time you even think about trying her? One who will take you all the way to the edge and just when you think you can meet your release, she’ll tell you to fucking hold it?”

Justin gulped at her words, completely entranced by the woman in front of him. She was obviously pissed off, but the darkness in her eyes combined with her words both intimidated him and turned him on.

Suddenly, Eva pressed her hands against his torso and pushed him back on the chair. Before Justin knew it, she was straddling him and holding his face with hers dangerously close. When he tried to lean in to close the distance, wanting to feel her lips for the first time, Eva stopped him

“Is this what you wanted?” she said softly as her gaze darted between Justin’s eyes and lips.

“Yes,” Justin replied and Eva’s lips were immediately against his.

With the way she held his face and how every movement of her mouth felt intentional, Eva was in full control of the kiss. She teased him, closing her lips each time they parted and denying his tongue. When Justin ran his hands up her thighs to hold her hips, Eva broke the kiss and his eyes fluttered open to meet her disapproving gaze.

“Put your hands at your fucking sides,” she commanded and her tone sent chills up Justin’s spine as he removed his hands from her and did as he was told.

When Eva returned to the kiss, she finally allowed their tongues to meet. When Eva felt his erection growing under her, she began moving her hips to grind against him and Justin let out a light groan of pleasure.

As she continued, Justin’s moans became more persistent and his pants strained. He dug his fingers into the couch, doing his best to keep his hands off of her.

When Eva broke this kiss only to move down to his neck while she ground harder against him, Justin’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he tried to keep himself in check.

Eva’s hand slid from his chest down to his erection and then moved back up. “I was right… You wanted me to take control,” she muttered between placing kisses and lightly sucking Justin’s neck. “And you want more, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Justin breathed.

As her lips continued to scour Justin’s neck, Eva’s hands wandered his body until she reached under his shirt and her acrylic nails caressed his bare skin.

Right when Justin was about to lose control and put his hands on her again, Eva abruptly pulled herself away and stood up to look down at him expressionless.

“You can leave now,” she said flatly.

“Wh-what?” Justin looked up at her in disbelief. “Bu-but I thought you were— You just— I’m um…” his eyes went down to the tent in his pants.

“Right,” Eva shrugged. “Cold showers are decent enough at taking care of that for you. Like I said, you can leave now… And don’t make me repeat myself.”

A flustered Justin heeded her words and grabbed his jacked and went for the door.

“See you Monday,” she cooed right before he left.

Justin didn’t know what just occurred. He was confused about the abruptness of it all and frustrated that it ended prematurely, leaving him to go out in public with severely strained pants. However, most of all, he enjoyed every bit of it and couldn’t help but crave more — even if it did mean she’d keep stopping before giving him any relief.

After kicking Justin out, Eva had a satisfied smile on her face and plopped back into the couch to continue the show. However, by the time she finished the episode she’d started before Justin showed up, Eva was again interrupted.

“I swear if its Justin again, I’m— oh…” When she opened the app and saw on the video who was visiting her, she was surprised for the second time that evening. Pressing the intercom button, she spoke to her unexpected guest.

“I’m not home, Mr. Peterson.”


A/N: So, that Eva/Justin part was something else I wrote a while back and I’m glad y’all can finally read it!


ALSO… (This is more rambling, tbh, so feel free to ignore unless you enjoy my diary entries in these A/Ns.)

I just wanted to say that I am really, really appreciative of y’all for taking the time to read my work — whether you’re commenting/voting or not — your support means a lot of me and really helps me keep going with the writing.

Last year, like a lot of people, I was feeling hopeless about the future, but since started writing again, it’s given me something to get excited about/look forward to again (there are other things, but this is the only one that I do alone and for myself).

Particularly with this book, I am constantly amazed and excited to see your engagement. Funny enough, when I first started this book, someone sent me a PM on Wattpad saying I wouldn’t get many views because Eva’s a hard Domme and they were trying to convince me to make her a switch, saying I’d get more reads the way. Me, being the stubborn ass Aries that I am, I continued this story as I originally planned it, making Eva a Domme with the men. I guess she’s a switch in that she’s submissive with women, but I don’t think I’m going to do a chapter in this book showing her with a woman. Instead, it’ll be in a book of one-shots whenever I get around to posting it.

Anyway, that was a whole tangent just to say: I wrote this book because I wanted to and I wanted to do it in my way. Because of that, I’m having so much fun with it and that’s clearly coming through in the writing because y’all are enjoy it right along with me! Moral of the story: Do what tf you want!

Y’all are the best!

- freehibana

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