Playing the Bosses

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Tea Time

“I’m not home, Mr. Peterson.”

Eva snickered, looking at Caleb on the screen with a frown on his face and his hands stuffed in his pockets. He leaned in toward the intercom and whispered sharply. “Don’t lie to me. I know you’re in there. Now, let me up.”

“But Mr. Peterson, I can answer you from anywhere using this app. And I’m away at the moment.” It was clear in her very performative tone that Eva was playing games with him.

“You expect me to believe that fake ass voice? Let me up there now.”

Eva didn’t respond and simply looked at him through the camera. She wanted to see if he would try again or leave.

“Did you hear me?” Caleb said impatiently. “Let me up there now.”

“Even if I were home, Mr. Peterson, why would I let you into my apartment?”

“Because I’m your boss and I have something important to discuss with you.”

“That can’t be done over phone or email? I prefer written correspondence if it’s something work-related.”

Eva could tell that he was getting increasingly frustrated as he couldn’t seem to stand still while waiting at the door and she was only further entertained.

“Eva, just let me—“

“The fuck are you doing here?!” a familiar voice interrupted Caleb. Eva watched through the camera and an even bigger smirk came to her face when she saw Adrian approaching.

Caleb straightened up and turned to him.

“I’m here to tell the assistant that she needs to bring her ass in for work or else we’re firing her.”

“Why is that you always chose to be a douche bag?” Adrian questioned. “Nine out of ten options will be ones of decent people and you’re always the jerk.”

Caleb didn’t show it, but he was offended by Adrian’s implication that he wasn’t a decent person. “Whatever, I’m not being an asshole. The asshole move would be to fire her without notice… And besides, the fuck are you doing here? Is that food? Trust me, I don’t think eating will do her any g—”

“Shut the fuck up,” Adrian snapped. “She’s sick and I brought her some soup.”

As the men went back and forth, Eva studied their body language. She’d only really seen the two in work interactions, but with them being in an informal setting and having a heated discussion, she noticed things she hadn’t seen before. Caleb’s shoulders seemed somewhat hunched, while Adrian’s chest was more pronounced as if asserting himself. She saw the way Caleb for once seemed to falter in his often arrogant stance and now she was intrigued.

“Hello, Adrian,” she said, interrupting their exchange. She couldn’t see it through the camera, but Caleb’s nostrils flared when he heard how she was immediately so friendly with Adrian.

“Hi, Eva. I’m sorry that you had to hear all this. I came to check on you. Are you home?”

“Yes, you can come up.”

“What the fuck?!” Caleb blurted. “You kept saying you weren’t home.”

Eva ignored Caleb and clicked the button to open the door downstairs. She had on an oversized tee-shirt and athletic shorts that she’d put on when Justin came over before, but she went to her room to quickly change into shorter shorts and remove her panties. The tee-shirt she switched into was still oversized, but not long enough to cover her shorts.

This is about to be very interesting, she thought to herself.

When she heard the knock at her door, she took her time walking over and opening it. The last time she’d seen Adrian was when he’d eaten her out that Monday. She greeted him with a small smile.

Adrian swallowed when he saw Eva answer the door in her dangerously short shorts and tee-shirt. If Caleb weren’t standing behind him, he’d give Eva a very different greeting than he currently was.

“H-hi, Eva… I brought you some soup.” He held up a large blue thermos and handed it too her.

“Is this home-made?!” Eva gawked.

“Yes,” Adrian nodded happily. “It’s my mom’s chicken soup recipe.”

“Wow, way better than the the store-bought stuff Justin dropped off earlier.”

Immediately Adrian stiffened and he ground his teeth together. “Justin what?”

“Oh, yeah… He stopped by not too long ago and dropped off some soup.”

“Why the h—“

“I know for a fact that we give you shit pay, so how can you afford a place like this?” Caleb interrupted, pushing past Adrian to enter Eva’s apartment. She cut her eyes as she watched him enter the space and look around with a pensive expression.

“Go back to the doorway and take your shoes off,” she said calmly.


“I don’t like to repeat myself, Mr. Peterson. This is my home, and I’m the only boss here. So, if you want to stay, go the door and take your fucking shoes off. Otherwise, get out and don’t come back.” She gave him a cold glare.

Adrian couldn’t help the smile that teased at his lips at the exchange, and it grew into a full-on grin when a pouting Caleb grumbled something under his breath as he walked over to the doorway and took his shoes off. Adrian then did the same and the two of them followed Eva to the living room.

She could feel that both men were staring at her backside, and so she took her time walking them over. Caleb was having flashbacks of the video he’d recorded of her at the gym while Adrian was thinking about that Monday night.

“Are you feeling better, Eva?” Adrian asked. She sat on the couch, one cushion over from him while Caleb sat on an accent chair across from the pair.

“Yeah, I already told Justin I’d be back on Monday.”

Every time Eva brought up Justin, it irked Adrian. The two of them seemed to be growing close and he was beginning to question the nature of their relationship. At first, it just seemed like the average Justin move of only getting friendly with someone who could benefit him from a business perspective. But between the way they’d laugh while speaking to each other in Japanese, the time they spent together alone, and learning that Justin also showed up to Eva’s apartment to give her soup, Adrian wondered if there might be more there.

“So um… What did you do while he was here?”

“What do you mean?”

“I just mean was he here for a while. Did you guys chat? Did he catch you up on everything that happened in the office this week?”

“He wasn’t here long,” Eva replied plainly before changing the subject. “I meant to ask, did you want anything to drink, Adrian? I have water, tea, juice.”

“You have two guests here,” Caleb commented and Eva didn’t react.

Adrian wasn’t thirsty, but he wanted to stay at her apartment a bit longer and hoped that Caleb would soon grow frustrated enough to leave the two of them alone.

“Yeah, do you have lemon ginger tea?”

“I do, actually… And I could go for some of that too. I’ll make both of us cups.”

Caleb let out a long breath as he watched the way Eva continued to only acknowledge Adrian. And just as he did when he took his shoes off at the door, he again surrendered. “Could I have a cup too… please?”

Eva turned to look at him and while he hadn’t earned a smile from her, her expression did tell him that she approved of his approach.

“Sure, I’ll make you one too.”

A frustrated Adrian gave Caleb a sharp glance before his gaze returned to Eva. Both men were almost in a trance as they watched her. Eva started by reaching up into the cabinet to take out three teacups and the tea itself before looking for her teapot, which sat in a lower cabinet beside her stove.

Caleb readjusted himself and Adrian nearly choked when Eva bent at her hips to reach down into the cabinet for the teapot. Based on the way her shorts hugged her and rode up, both men determined that she wasn’t wearing any panties. When she stood up straight again to turn on the stovetop, Adrian finally tore his gaze away from her to look at Caleb whose eyes were still on her behind with an intense stare.

The expression on Caleb’s face was one that Adrian knew well and as his eyes went lower, he saw that Caleb was holding himself over his pants. Meanwhile, Caleb didn’t even notice that Adrian was looking at him as he focused on Eva. It wasn’t just her appearance that had him in a trance at that moment, though, it was Eva’s entire demeanor. The way she scolded him when he first entered the apartment and put him in his place; the way no matter what she wore, even now when she was in simply a tee-shirt and shorts, she always carried herself with an overwhelming confidence; and the way he could tell by her energy that she knew she was in control of the current situation.

Despite the memories that flowed into his mind, Adrian managed to keep himself from growing hard to the point that it was noticeable, though Caleb couldn’t do the same thing.

When Caleb saw Eva walking back over to the living the room while the water heated up, he crossed his legs and rested his hands in his lap in an effort to hide his erection.

“The water should be hot enough soon for the tea.”

“Thank you, Ms. E—“ Adrian caught himself before it came out. “Thank you, Eva… This is a really nice a apartment you’ve got, and here in Soho, at that. How’d you come across such a great find?”

“Google,” she shrugged.

“But how can you afford it?” Caleb questioned. “There’s no way you’re living here on what we pay you.”

“Oh, that?” Eva went on to give him the same response she gave to Justin. “I have a very generous older friend.”

Adrian’s brows tensed and Caleb let out an entertain huff.

“What?” he snorted. “You trying to say you have a sugar daddy? Highly doubt a man is taking care of you like that.”

“You might be surprised to learn that some men are capable of more than simply sitting on their knees and counting to thirty.”

As soon as Eva made the comment, the teapot let out a high-pitched noise to signal it was hot and she got up to finish making their tea.

Adrian looked at Eva and then back to Caleb. “What was that about?”

“I don’t know.” Caleb crossed his arms and glared over to her. “Just a weird ass comment from a weirdo.”

Eva returned with a tray holding their teas and both Caleb and Adrian stiffened at what she did next.

Standing directly in front of Adrian, she bent forward to place the tray on the table and take the cups off it. Frustration immediately hit Adrian, knowing he couldn’t do anything because Caleb was there, and Caleb narrowed his eyes from across the room at the two of them, catching on to exactly what Eva was doing.

Eva was only in that position for a second or two, but Adrian took in every bit of the moment that he could. And as a result, the erection he’d been holding back was now visible against his dark blue slacks.

“Um, Eva… W-where’s your bathroom?”

She pointed over at the single hallway in the apartment. “Down the hall and to the left.”

“Th-thanks…” Adrian stood, slightly hunched over as he tried to hide the bulge in his pants, and quickly scurried to the bathroom.

Once he figured Adrian was no longer in earshot, Caleb turned is attention to Eva. “What? You trying to make me jealous or something? Don’t think I didn’t notice what you just did…”

Eva scooted over to the last seat in the couch so that she was closer to Caleb. She rested her chin on her knuckle as her elbow sat on the arm of the chair and gave him the snide look she always did when she played her games.

“Make you jealous of him… or of me?”

Caleb’s eyes immediately went wide at Eva’s comment and he started coughing when he choked on his own saliva.

There’s no way she knows about me and Adrian, he thought to himself. He didn’t realize it, but when he tried to regain his composure, he’d uncrossed his legs and his hands had moved out of the way to reveal his erection. When he went to cross his legs again in an effort to recover, Eva placed her bare foot on his knee to stop him.

“It’s too late, pet. No need to hide it now.”

Damnit, that fucking word again… Caleb analyzed Eva’s face as her eyes drifted down his body and landed on the tent in his pants.

“How long have you had this?” she questioned as her foot inched it’s way up his leg. “Was it before or after you got here?”

All he could do was gulp and sit completely still, unsure what Eva was about to do, but prepared to receive whatever she was willing to give. Caleb let out a sharp breath when her foot made contact with his erection.

“You’re so pathetic, you know that?” she said softly as she slowly moved her toes against him. “You come into my apartment and attempt to disrespect me, only for you to be sitting in front of me hard again for a body you pretend isn’t desirable…”

“I-it’s not like th—“ Caleb winced with pain when Eva pressed her foot more harshly against him.

“Shut up,” she said, her tone cold, before she started massaging again. “Any bets on what Adrian’s doing in the bathroom?” Eva sneered. “I’m sure we both know.”

She slightly increased the pressure of her foot, just enough for Caleb to grunt with pleasure. “It’s probably the same thing you did when I left you the office alone that night,” she continued. “Or after you left the gym the day that you were stalking me like the fucking weirdo that you are.”

Caleb gasped at her last comment, but couldn’t bring his body to do anything other than respond to the movements of her foot. He found himself sinking further into the seat to present more of himself to her.

“I bet you thought you got away with that one, didn’t you? You see, Dave, the guy who caught you, and I are really, really good friends and he told me about some blond-haired, blue-eyed all-American looking punk bitch who was recording me on his cell phone…”

“You’ve been jacking off to that video, haven’t you?”

When Caleb took too long to respond, Eva’s foot stopped.

“I asked you a question.”

“Y-yes,” Caleb nodded urgently, hoping it would bring him some relief, but Eva continued to withhold it.

“Tell me.”

“I’vebeenjackingofftothevideoofyouatthegym,” he said breathlessly and let out a light moan when Eva started moving her foot again.

“Fucking pervert,” she teased. Caleb began moving his hips, practically humping Eva’s foot.

Eva watched him, entertained at how desperately he was trying to get off.

“Fuck,” he breathed out and in that moment, Eva abruptly pulled her foot away. Before he could protest, she already started calling Adrian.

“Hey, Adrian!” Eva shouted toward the hallway. “Everything okay in there? You’ve been gone for a while.”

There was a long pause before he finally replied with a shaky voice. “Y-yeah… I’m um… I’m… I’m fine. I’ll be r-right out.”

The sound of the sink turning on could be heard as Adrian started washing his hands.

Caleb’s face was red and he was obviously upset. “Keep that shit up and—“

“You’ll need to beg harder than that,” Eva interrupted before scooting back over to her spot on the couch further away from him, picking up her tea, leaning back, and taking a sip.

When Adrian came out of the bathroom, the tent in his pants was gone and he looked between Eva and Caleb awkwardly. Caleb had his arms and legs crossed with a deep frown on his face, and he hadn’t even touched his tea. Meanwhile, Eva had a completely different posture, appearing relaxed and content.

Now that he’d gotten himself off and it was clear that Caleb wasn’t going to allow him and Eva to be alone together for the night, Adrian figured it’d be best to just leave.

“Hey, Eva… I’m going to head out. I didn’t mean to take up your time by popping in on you like this, I just wanted to deliver the soup that I made.”

“Well, it was very sweet of you to make that soup. I’m sure it’ll be delicious.”

Eva got up to lead Adrian to the door and without saying a word, Caleb stood to his feet with his hands in his pockets and followed. Eva and Adrian exchanged their goodbyes while Caleb was awkwardly silent. After she closed the door and the two of them walked over to the elevator, Adrian let out a breath of relief and closed his eyes. Eva already made him nervous, but the way she teased him in front of Caleb, knowing they couldn’t do anything about it made it worse.

When Adrian opened his eyes again he saw Caleb giving him an intense glare.

“What is it now?” he asked, exacerbation in his tone. “You know, this visit wouldn’t have been so awkward if you weren’t such an asshole to Eva.”

“It’s what she deserves.”

Adrian let out an entertained huff. “She’s really gotten to you, hasn’t she?”

“The fuck is that supposed to mean?!”

“You know exactly what it means. You hate to see a woman at Eva’s size so sure of herself, don’t you? It makes you—“

“Shut up,” Caleb interrupted. “Please,” he sighed. “Let’s just change the subject.”

Adrian knew he hit a chord with Caleb and obliged.

“Sure. Do you wanna go get drinks?”

The elevator chimed and Caleb turned his back to Adrian to walk out of it.

“I would like that.”


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