Playing the Bosses

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The Pleasure-seeker

Pleasure-seeker (noun): one who looks for enjoyment.

Adrian Collins was more relaxed by the time he arrived at The Scarlet Lounge, out of his suit and in a chic button-up with his sleeves rolled far enough to expose his tattoo-covered forearms. He made a direct path to the bar where he ordered a whisky. Other than a glass of champagne, he didn’t drink much at Club Ace with Caleb and Justin. As excited as we was about them closing yet another deal, Adrian couldn’t seem to feel the same enthusiasm or zest he did when they first launched PMC group and were making back-to-back wins.

Adrian knew he wasn’t depressed so much as he simply wanted more excitement in a life that had turned repetitive in many ways. He ran his fingers through his short brown hair before thoughtfully stroking his face only to be reminded that his beard was no longer there.

“Planning on playing with anyone tonight, AC?” the server asked. Adrian only went by his initials when he was there, even though there was no need to. The Scarlet Lounge was one of his favorite spots. He appreciated the discretion and the clientele were similar in many ways to him — businesspeople looking to unwind or be themselves freely without judgement or risk of exposure. Interestingly, he’d even ended up making some reliable business contacts to add to his network from the club.

“I’m not sure, I think I might just watch tonight,” he replied before leaving the bar to step into the other part of the club. Large couches were scattered throughout with doors leading down various hallways for private rooms. There were people playing publicly — both out in the open and in rooms that had large windows for viewing.

Adrian’s soft brown eyes scanned the scenes as he passed by them until he finally landed on one that caught his attention.

A man was laying on a table on his back, his wrists and ankles bound to it; a woman in a latex set with matching stiletto boots circled him. His chest heaved with his heavy breathing as her fingernails lightly brushed against his body while she walked around him. Although he was laying on his back, his erection was standing at attention rather than against his pelvis and appeared severely strained as if he’d been going through extensive teasing.

The woman stopped when she got between his legs and ran her hands up his thighs and back down before using a single finger to rub the most sensitive part of his tip, causing his dick to twitch.

“Someone is sensitive,” she teased, her low voice coming out as a purr. “How long has it been since you came, bitch?”

“Seventeen days and eight hours, mistress,” he replied without hesitation, the subservience, clear in his tone.

“Seventeen days, eight hours, and what?” she questioned through clenched teeth.

There was a brief pause this time before he answered her. “Seventeen days, eight hours, and thirty-seven minutes...”

The woman looked at the clock on the wall with an impressed nod.

“Of course the only thing a slut like you is good for is counting the fucking minutes since the last time you came... But you did get it right, which means a reward,” she sighed. “So, let’s see..”

“Isn’t it amazing the way control manifests itself during play?” a woman asked, catching Adrian by surprise. When he slightly jumped, a small sneer came to her face.

“She made him take note of the last time he came since he did it without permission and then prohibited him from coming again until she said he could,” the stranger explained as she turned her eyes to the scene that Adrian was watching. “In the meantime, she required that he count every minute. I’ve seen her do this with a few of her clients and I’m always impressed.”

“Hm...” Adrian hummed thoughtfully with a nod.

“You’re a pleasure-seeker, aren’t you?”

Adrian finally tore his gaze from the scene to look the woman in her hazel eyes. “What do you mean by that?”

“I can tell from the way you carry yourself. You’re in search of different ways to achieve new heights of pleasure... And I bet you’re open to just about anything that might take you there.”

“Humph,” Adrian huffed. “Pretty generic line... That could apply to anyone here.”

“Someone’s got an attitude,” the woman replied plainly. “Let me know when you’re ready for me to teach you how to be a good boy,” she added before turning to walk away.

Adrian scoffed and shook his head before his eyes returned to the scene he was watching before and immediately went wide when he noticed what the submissive’s ‘reward’ was. His wrists were unbound and the Domme was perched on his face while he had his arms wrapped around her large thighs as he devoured her. With the way his mouth moved diligently and precum leaked from his still erect member, it was clear that the sub was very much into it.

And so was Adrian.

He felt himself harden at the sight as he licked his lips and gulped his desire. The only thing that broke him from his trance was his need to experience something like it himself. Adrian turned away to look around the room before he finally saw the woman who propositioned him earlier and made his way toward her.

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