Playing the Bosses

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It was Friday and Eva was almost through her first week at PMC Group. Looking at her clock, it was 3:07PM and she felt like the afternoon had been dragging on. Despite it being just her first week, Eva was kept busy. She wasn’t just responsible for Caleb, Justin, and Adrian’s schedules and phone calls, Eva also had to help with personal tasks like arranging gifts to be sent, handling expense reports, organizing travel, and ordering food.

While Eva scrolled aimlessly on her phone awaiting the time to pass, Shannon approached her desk with a wide smile. “So, how has your first week been?”

“It’s been great!” Eva replied, hoping she didn’t sound too fake with the way her voice went up a few octaves. “I really appreciate you training me all week, it’s been super helpful and thanks to that, I’m quickly getting the hang of things.”

“You’re welcome, I’m glad I could help. My executive will be back next week, so I’ll be tending to her specifically again, but if you ever have any questions about dealing with the big three, I’m just a phone call, email, IM, or walk across the office away.”

“Thank you, Shannon. So, do you have any fun plans for the weekend?”

Shannon smiled and bit her lip. “Well… I’m actually going to Fire Island with my boyfr— I mean… with someone special. He has a house out there.”

“That sounds lovely.”

“What about you? Anything exciting for the weekend?”

“No, not much,” Eva sighed. “I’m getting drinks with some friends tonight and then tomorrow, I’m going—“

“Shannon,” Caleb said impatiently from the doorway of his office. “You’re five minutes late. Is it because you were running your mouth with the assistant?”

Eva rolled her eyes at the way Caleb refused to call her by her name all week and talked about her like she wasn’t sitting right there and could hear him. Her brows then tensed when she realized he didn’t have anything about meeting Shannon on his schedule.

“Wait,” Eva tilted her head at Shannon. “Did I miss something about you being on the schedule?”

“Oh no, that’s not on you. Mr. Peterson and I are having a quick, informal meeting about my performance overall working with him, Mr. Matsuda, and Mr. Collins before my boss gets back…”

“Oh,” Eva nodded. “I see…”

“Shannon,” Caleb repeated, still with clear agitation in his voice. “Let’s go, I’ve got other shit to do and you’re holding me up.”

Shannon smiled at Eva and quickly walked over to Caleb’s office. Before he closed the door behind them, Caleb turned his attention to Eva.

“Hey, assistant… Instead of gossiping or whatever it is you were doing, why don’t you do your job and check your email? I have a stack of documents you need to print out and organize for me. And they need to be done before you leave today, got it?”

“On it,” Eva replied through clenched teeth. Out of the three men she was working for, Caleb was the one who annoyed her most and she’d already come close to losing her job at PMC Group on several occasions that week due to encounters with his attitude. She often had a mind to tell him off or would think about the different ways in which she could embarrass him in front of the office.

However, it gave her some comfort knowing that once her mission was accomplished and PMC Group was taken down, it would be the sweetest revenge.

Eva looked at her computer to see three emails from Caleb with around 50 pages worth of materials that needed to be printed and ordered. She noticed that they used a lot of paper at PMC Group and were very selective on what they’d keep digital copies of. In fact, there was a policy among senior staff that required them to delete much of their materials after printing it out, with only handful being permissible to keep digitally. As for the printed materials containing whatever confidential information they had, employees would have to put them through the cross shredder.

When Eva heard of the policy, she thought that it could mean there was some incendiary information in the documents she printed out, but all the information seemed pretty innocuous.

Eva’s phone chimed and she looked down to see a text from her friend Jade.

Jade: Hey, girl! Are you still good to have drinks tonight with me and Greg?

Eva: Yeah, and I’m gonna need like 30 after the week I just had.

Jade: That bad?

Eva: Mostly annoying and stressful.

Jade: Well hopefully we can drink that all away lol! We’ll see you in a few hours, girl.

Eva: Yeah, see you.

Eva rolled her eyes before sending the documents to the printer so she could put them together for Caleb.

While she waited for the prints, Eva went to the break room to refill her water bottle when she came across two other assistants she’d often see together. Both of them looked over her when she walked in and Eva couldn’t quite decipher their expressions, but she also didn’t care for what they may have been thinking.

After greeting her, they both returned to their conversation in a hushed tone. Eva couldn’t make much of what they were saying, but she did hear Caleb’s name, a gasp, and the word ‘when.’

Eva assumed at least one of them had slept with Caleb, if not both. She regularly saw him flirting with women in the office, especially the assistants. In fact, Eva was one of the few women who Caleb didn’t flirt with and whenever he did look at her, it often seemed to be an expression of subtle disgust. She figured he was the type of man who didn’t like women he found unattractive — that he was the type of man who thought women were only on this planet to be appealing to him and took offense to anyone who didn’t fit his mold of attractiveness.

After filling up her water bottle, Eva picked up the finished stack of papers and returned to her desk to put them in order.


Eva sat at a table toward the edge of the bar with her friends Jade and Greg and she had just taken her fifth shot with the two of them. While they knew that Eva enjoyed a good party, she didn’t often drink so much.

“Damn,” Jade said. “You must’ve had a really rough week…”

“Did you not believe me?” Eva questioned.

“I mean… It’s not like you work a job or anything, so what do you have to be stressed about?”

“Being a bad bitch is a job,” Eva replied, flipping her hair in an exaggerated motion.

Greg chuckled as he shook his head. “It’s been a while since you came out with us. Your ass has been traveling traveling.”

“I have, but now I’m ready to stay in one place for a bit. Maybe if I sit still, I’ll figure out what I want to do with my life.”

“What do you mean?” Jade asked.

“I don’t know, all my friends have dreams and goals and shit. You’re going to law school to be a real life Annalise Keating and Greg is out here recording music like he’s Giveon. Meanwhile, all I’m doing is fucking and traveling.”

“Bitch!” Jade exclaimed. “Fucking and traveling sounds like a damn good life.”

“I mean, yeah, but I just feel like I should be doing more.”

“Don’t put too much pressure on yourself,” Greg assured. “What’s for you is for you.”

“He’s right,” Jade nodded. “And it sounds like you’re too much into your head.”

“Yeah, you’re right…” Eva agreed with them so they could move on from the subject — she regretted bringing it up in the first place. She was never the type of person to feel inadequate, but as more of her friends were achieving dreams or meeting other life milestones, Eva wondered if there was something wrong with her.

Unlike the people she surrounded herself with, Eva never had big dreams. She didn’t want to take over the family business, she didn’t want to get married, and she didn’t want to have kids. The closest Eva ever got to a ‘dream’ was traveling the world, and now that she’d done that, she had no idea what ‘next steps’ would be for her. She’d been growing bored with her life after finishing her travels, and even when she did switch things up with new partners or by visiting friends in other parts of the country, Eva found her life starting to feel redundant, and she didn’t like it.

“Anyway,” Eva sighed before she cut her eyes in the direction they’d been going most of the night. “What do y’all want to drink? Next round is on me… Kinda.”

“What do you mean ‘kinda?’”

“You’ll see…” Eva straightened up in her seat and turned her lips into a small, flirty smile just when the man she’d been exchanging glances with since they first arrived at the bar came up to them.

“Hey,” he said to Eva. “I’m Darius. What’s your name?”

“It’s Eva,” she replied, batting her eyelashes before gesturing to her friends. “And this is Jade and this is Greg.”

Darius smiled and nodded. “A pleasure to meet you all. So, may I buy you a drink?”

Eva lightly touched his arm and tilted her head to the side. “That’s so sweet of you. I’ll have a gin martini. Jade, Greg? What do you two want?” Eva figured Darius was only referring to her when he asked about buying a drink, but she wanted to see what would happened when she put him on the spot — whether he’d attempt to correct her and possibly embarrass himself, or just go with it.

She was impressed when he did the latter and listened to Jade and Greg’s orders before heading to the bar to buy them drinks.

Jade’s mouth was agape as she watched him walk away. “How the hell do you always do that?!”

“When you got it, you got it,” Eva shrugged nonchalantly. “I don’t know… Ask Greg, he dates women sometimes. Maybe he can give some insights.”

Jade turned to Greg, clasped her hands together, and leaned in, inviting him to answer the question.

“I mean…” he started. “Eva is just one of those people who has natural sex appeal. I’ve said this before, but if we weren’t such close friends since childhood and almost felt like siblings, I’d probably hit on her too. She gives off big dick energy, but like… as a person without a dick.”

“He means bad bitch energy,” Eva added with a wink. “And I wear a dick sometimes,” she quipped.

“Bitch!” Jade bursted out laughing. “This is not the time for any pegging stories. Speaking of which, is homeboy Damon or whatever his name was gonna get any tonight?”

“No,” Eva scoffed. “Men think just because they buy drinks that you owe them pussy. I’ll give him some good conversation and see where it could go from there. Best case scenario, he might get some another day if I’m feeling it. Plus, Mother Nature is pissed at me again for not getting pregnant this month and this bitch is choosing violence.”

Greg shook his head amused. “You are a whole mess.”

“Isn’t she?” Jade agreed.

Eva mockingly flashed a toothy smile. “And y’all love me anyway.”

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