Playing the Bosses

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Chance Encounter

“I bought you coffee,” Adrian chimed when he arrived to the office, greeting Eva at her desk. “You like iced lattes, right?”

Adrian was often the first of the three men to arrive and he preferred to start his day with Eva in his office going over his schedule with him. Meanwhile, Justin would have Eva print out his schedule and tape it to his desk before start of day and Caleb requested she send an email at the beginning and middle of the day providing updates.

“Thanks, Mr. Collins.” Eva accepted the coffee and followed Adrian into his office.

She sat across from him with a tablet in her hands while he unpacked his laptop and connected it to an extra monitor.

“So Ms. Eva,” he said to her with a smile. “What’s on the calendar for today?”

“Right, so your first meeting is with James Fortham of Fortham law firm...”

As Eva went on, Adrian was barely paying attention to her words as he admired the woman herself. From the moment he first saw her, there was something about Eva that drew him in. She was a beautiful woman, no doubt. Her full lips were often decorated with gloss or lipstick — a bold red being his favorite shade. She had a small, barely noticeable diamond stud that pierced her cute wide nose. And her brown skin had a golden undertone to it that gave it a natural glow.

Eva’s heavenly curves embodied Adrian’s view of femininity itself and since they first met, he’d often have to fight back thoughts of showing her just how much he appreciated every inch of her form.

She also leaked pure sex appeal with her underlying confidence that slightly intimidated Adrian — only making him more attracted to her.

There was a pause in her listing off his meetings and Adrian broke himself out of his trance to scan Eva’s face. “Is something wrong?”

“Oh, no... This name just looked familiar and I can’t remember why. Logan Richards?”

“Ah, Logan! You’ve probably heard me mention him or have seen his name on old copies of my schedule. He’s a friend of mine and we have lunch at least once a month when he’s not traveling. He recently returned from a trip to Atlanta and then he was playing catchup at work last week and now we’re finally getting around to seeing each other today.”

Logan was one of the business associates that Adrian had first met at The Scarlet Lounge and they immediately clicked. It was useful that Logan was an investment banker as PMC Group could always use funding and the company’s final goal after demolishing competition was to launch their IPO.

“I see...” Eva nodded. When Adrian mentioned Atlanta, she realized why Logan’s name was so familiar. He was the man she met at the airport when she was coming home from her friend Naomi’s wedding. Eva wasn’t worried about the likelihood she would see him, though. She never gave him her last name, so even if he did remember her, he wouldn’t have exposed her true identity.


After meeting with Adrian and putting Justin’s schedule on his desk, Eva returned to her desk to email Caleb his list of meetings. As soon as she logged into her computer, Caleb entered the floor and Eva was immediately annoyed by his presence. The week prior, she’d experienced nothing but attitude from him when he wasn’t straight up ignoring her.

Eva wanted to put him in his place several times — predicting she could probably break him in a week or two if she wanted — but she ultimately decided to play the long game... A quick one wasn’t good enough for her and he made the perfect target for mind games.

Caleb normally ignored Eva, passing her desk to enter his office when he arrived in the mornings, but this time, he acknowledged her.

“Oh, you’re still here?” he questioned sarcastically. “Damn, now I owe Justin 100 bucks. Thought sure you’d be gone by now, especially after having to work through lunch every day the second half of last week.”

Secure in her plans for him, Eva looked up from her desk to make eye contact with Caleb, showing him that she was unfazed by his comment.

“Mr. Jeffries will be here shortly, Mr. Peterson,” she replied casually. “The rest of your schedule for the day is in your inbox and I’ll be sure to follow up with more updates mid-day, as per usual.”

Caleb scoffed without saying anything else and went on to his office. He was used to receiving more of a response from people, whether it be positive because of his money or looks, or negative — which was very rare — because of his attitude. However, Eva treated him as if he was ordinary, and Caleb didn’t like that at all.

A smirk came to Eva’s face, knowing that she was already getting under his skin. Just as she suspected, he’d likely be the easiest to crack. Showing a narcissist like Caleb indifference was the best way to bring him right where she needed.

Soon after Caleb went into his office, Justin entered the floor. Typically, when he arrived he would at least have the decency to give Eva a curt greeting using her name. However, and to Eva’s surprise, he approached her this morning.

“Good morning, Mr. Matsuda,” Eva greeted. “How was your weekend?”

“Eva, I need you to get things prepared for some visitors I have coming here for meetings about a month from now. I’m going to email you the contact information for their assistants so you can coordinate with them. They’re coming in from Japan for a business summit and they’re carving out time to meet with me.”

“Yes, of course.”

“And this needs to go perfectly, Eva,” Justin said sternly. “There can be no hiccups in any of the logistics surrounding this meeting. Their time is limited and I really need to make this connection with them, do you understand?”

Eva internally rolled her eyes at the patronizing tone.

“I understand, Mr. Matsuda.”

“Okay, like I said, I’ll send you the contact information for their assistants. You’re also going to need to do some research to make sure that you know proper Japanese etiquette for greeting them when they come to meet with me. I won’t have time to hand-hold you through it all and you need to take care not to offend our guests.”

If this uptight asshole does not get the fuck out my face in 10-seconds... Eva thought.

“I’ll check in regularly to make sure you’re on this,” Justin finished before going to his office.

“This job can’t be over soon enough,” Eva muttered to herself.


Eva was sitting at her desk eating a yogurt when Logan arrived on the floor to meet with Adrian for their lunch. As he got closer, Logan recognized her from the airport.

“Well, we meet again, Ms. Eva,” he greeted with a knowing smile. “Funny seeing you here.”

Eva met his smile with her own and reached for the phone on her desk to call Adrian.

“I’ll let Mr. Collins know that you’re here.”

She was only on her second week at PMC Group, but Eva was ready to start playing games, especially after realizing that the company had an “anything goes” culture, ironclad NDAs, and a non-existent HR department. The coincidence that Adrian just so happened to be friends with the stranger who asked Eva about queening not long ago was the perfect opportunity to begin.

“Yes, Eva,” Adrian answered when she called.

“Mr. Richards is here for your lunch.”

“Excellent, could you let him know I’ll be out in five minutes? I’m just finishing up an email.”

“Of course,” Eva replied before removing the phone from her ear and placing it on the desk. She allowed the sound of the impact to make it seem like she hung up, but the call was still connected.

“So, you remembered me?” Eva asked, directing her question at Logan.

“Men don’t often forget meeting a woman such as yourself,” he replied smoothly.

Adrian was just about to hang up the call when he heard them and his curiosity was sparked as to how Logan may have known Eva.

“Of course you don’t,” Eva shrugged. “Anyway, Mr. Collins will be out in five.”

“You never did call me. Was my read wrong?”

Eva rested her chin on her knuckles and looked up at Logan with a snide smirk. “You mean about the queening?”

Adrian’s eyes went wide when he heard Eva. He was very much familiar with the term and knew it was something that Logan was into. His mind began to wander, curious if Logan actually prepositioned Eva, whether she understood the request, and if it was something she might be into. And if she was, Adrian wondered if she’d done it often, what her thighs might feel like on each side of his head, if she was more of a do—

His thoughts were interrupted when Logan responded to Eva’s question.

“Yes, about the queening,” he said.

“Hmmm,” Eva was obviously feigning ignorance as she tapped her finger to her chin. “Could you explain to me what that is, exactly?”

Logan leaned against the reception desk and closer to Eva, licking his lips. From her demeanor, he knew that Eva knew what queening was and she was clearly challenging him to say it out loud. And he had no shame in doing so.

With a confident sneer, he narrowed his eyes at her. “Queening: As in I want you to sit on my fa—”

“Hey!” Logan was cut off when Adrian walked out of his office and approached. “Sorry I kept you waiting.”

Logan’s face fell and his shoulders slacked, slightly annoyed that his exchange with Eva ended before he wanted it to. Turning to his friend with a fake smile, Logan greeted Adrian.

“Damn, man... That five minutes was rough,” he quipped. “Poor Ms. Eva here was trying to keep me entertained so I wouldn’t bore myself to death.”

“Whatever,” Adrian scoffed with an amused smirk before his eyes connected with Eva’s. “Thank you for keeping this one entertained, Ms. Eva. I’ll make sure you won’t have to suffer thought that again.”

Eva giggled and shook her head. “It’s all good, Mr. Collins. Mr. Richards was just about to give me a valuable vocabulary lesson. We’ll have to pick up from there next time.”

“And that, we very much will,” Logan replied with a wink.

The men made their way to the elevator and when it closed with just the two of them in it, Adrian turned to Logan with curious brow raised.

“Do you know my new assistant?”

“I’m working on it,” Logan said. “Ironically, I ran into her at the airport when I was in Atlanta. I chatted her up a bit, but I assumed she was traveling to New York for fun or something. I didn’t consider that she might live here.”

“Ohhh,” Adrian nodded. “What did you talk to her about?”

“Someone’s nosy...”

“Hey, she’s a new assistant and I’m trying to figure her out.”

“Well, you’ve been around her. You’re not getting the same read I got from her, Adrian? C’mon, man... Don’t forget where you and I met in the first place.”

“What do you mean?” Adrian pretended he didn’t know what Logan was referring to. “What read?”

“Oh please... The woman gives off a certain energy, if you know what I mean,” Logan commented suggestively. “If I was an asshole of a friend and cool with making shit awkward for you and her, I’d invite her to The Scarlet Lounge for some play... Her presence alone is strong enough to practically put me on my knees.”

“That’s because you’re easy,” Adrian replied, shaking his head.

“You only say that because she works for you. If you ran into her in a different setting, like at The Scarlet Lounge, what do you think the dynamic would be?”

“I’m not going to answer that.”

“Yeah,” Logan snorted. “I thought so.”

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