Fighting Destiny

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They broke away from their former packs years ago. Always on the run. Always in hiding. Until good fortune seemed to smile on them. With a place to call home and strength in numbers, they thought their luck had finally changed. But the Fates are a bitch, and destiny was calling. Lorelai and Liam are childhood sweethearts and the unofficial Alpha and Luna of their band of misfits. There's only one problem. They're not mates. When Lorelai catches the scent of something delicious, she knows her world is about to be turned upside down. Evan is handsome, charming and he calls to her in a way Liam can't. With her resolve weakening, and her wolf desperate to mate, will she be able to fight her destiny? Rebel Pack, Book One.

Erotica / Fantasy
Lisa Procter
4.8 10 reviews
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Welcome to the Rebel Pack.

If you haven’t already, I would highly recommend checking out the Trick or Treat chapter called ‘The Camping Trip’ to read the origin story of this pack, how they came to be. And possibly the chapter ‘Killian and Cora’. As they play a part in this pack too.

So far, I have five books planned for this series, but it is one series of one bigger world. Everything in Trick or Treat, Club X and now the Rebel Pack are all set in the same universe, with its own set of rules.

This includes a new Pantheon I’ve created, along with a creation story of the universe. None of these matters right now, but should the Rebel Pack capture your attention and you end up wanting more, I have been creating a companion guide to help you understand who these characters are and where they came from.

I’ll share this companion guide on Inkitt eventually, and I will share illustrations on my Instagram and Facebook pages - both links you can find on my Inkitt profile.

Now. About the wolves in my story, or my were-creatures. They’re not the average wolves from popular stories. Why? Honestly, because I haven’t read enough shifter books to have an accurate grip on the lore. And I wanted something just a little different. Keep reading for more information.

It’s all very exciting, and I can’t wait to share it all with you. For now, I hope you enjoy Fighting Destiny and Liam and Lorelai’s story.

Quick note - As I write more of this I feel like it’s important to give you all some content warning, in particular scenes of non-consent/ reluctance. There are a few scenes between Lorelai and Evan that might trigger some people.

Second quick note - I apologise for any derogatory language. It’s not used often, but I wanted to state that I, of course, do not condone such language in a real-life setting, but as in real life, some characters are just assholes.

Much love,

Lisa x

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