Fighting Destiny

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Chapter Eight

Evan watched the wolf behind the bar as she served the patrons.

Poor humans, they did not know that the pretty lady with a pleasant smile would rip their throats out if they tried the things they were thinking. Their expressions gave away the vulgar thoughts they were having about her.

She knew they were there, too. She glanced in their direction often, her back stiff as their scent, overbearing and powerful, hit her nose. The poor girl was nervous, but she didn’t interest either Evan or the two wolves by her side.

The only reason they were watching was that she reeked of his mate.

The girl had to be part of his unknown mate’s pack. It was the only lead they had. Though he had tracked his girl to the river, once again her scent washed away with the stream of the river.

It was almost as though she were intentionally hiding from him. But he couldn’t understand why that would be. Still. He could smell her, surely she could smell him.

He didn’t understand.

“I’m gonna go talk to her,” Callum said, standing. “See if we can get anything from her.” Evan glanced up at the older wolf. Callum was a good man, loyal. But he forgot his place. Evan would soon become his Alpha, and Callum needed to learn to wait for his order.

“You’ll sit down and wait for my instructions,” he said, his tone ringing with authority. “We don’t want to spook her.” He looked at the man to his left. Scott was a high-ranking wolf in their pack, but unlike the rest of their clan, he was slight where the others had muscles. His face had a boyish charm where the others were weather-worn and sporting varying facial hair.

“Scott will go,” Evan said. “Don’t tell her anything she doesn’t need to know. Just lay on the charm, flirt if you have to. Just find me something useful.”

Scott nodded his agreement, knocking back his drink and standing. He straightened his clothes and took his glass to the bar. Evan watched as the she-wolf tensed on his approach. A nervous ball tightened in his stomach as he watched the scene.

If Scott fucked up, he wouldn’t be responsible for his reactions.

“Smooth motherfucker,” Callum muttered. Evan couldn’t help but chuckle. As Scott reached for the girls’ hair, sweeping it behind her ear, her entire demeanour changed. She was no longer on edge, tense. Instead, her face relaxed into a smile as she leaned across the bar, flirting with him.

Evan had to hand it to him. He was good.

He watched intently as the two continued to flirt, tapping his foot impatiently as he waited for Scott’s return. He growled under his breath as the minutes went by, his patience wearing thin.

“Where the fuck is he going?” Callum snarled as Scott disappeared into a back room, taking the little she-wolf with him. Evan tensed, forcing himself to remain in his seat as the minutes passed by.

The longer he sat there, the more agitated he became.

The humans were annoying, yammering away with their slurred words and drunken thoughts. The room stunk with the smell of stale sweat, strong alcohol, and the faint hint of heather from the cheap air freshener.

The music was both too loud and yet not loud enough to drown out the bickering couples, macho men, and the girl who was much too drunk and desperate for some attention.

Even was getting a headache, which did nothing to improve his mood.

He glanced up at the clock with its broken face and bent arms. Fifteen minutes had passed since Scott disappeared. In that time, Evan had scratched a sizable mark on the wooden table they sat at. He was going to kick the older man’s arse.

Finally, Scott emerged, zipping up his pants with a smug smirk as he approached them. Evan growled, his eyes narrowing. He could smell the girl’s arousal all over him, and his temper boiled.

“Where the fuck have you been?” He demanded. “I told you to get information, not to get your dick wet!”

“The girl made me an offer,” Scott said, taking his seat and reaching for his beer that was no doubt too warm to be pleasant. Evan swiped the glass, knocking it to the floor, his eyes blazing. “Look. I couldn’t reject her, could I? Wounded egos don’t spill secrets.”

Scott sighed and ran his hand through his hair. He must have known he was in trouble as his head dipped.

“Did you get any information?” Callum asked, an amused smirk on his face. Evan understood his humour. None of the older wolves enjoyed submitting to him, but it was the way their pack worked.

“They’ve made a settlement up in the hills, away from everyone,” Scott said, lifting his gaze to Evan. “They’ve not been there long. Only around two months! But they’re sticking around. Brooke… she, eh, she invited me to visit her any time.”

“So you know their location?” Evan asked, holding on to his temper.

“Not quite,” Scott said, looking sheepish. “She meant here at the bar.” Evan growled lowly.

“Did you find out how many were in her pack?” Callum asked. They knew the answer before Scott spoke, his sheepish expression giving him away.

“Um. Well, no. Not quite. She said it was small though.”

“So let me get this straight,” Evan said, gripping the edge of the table. “You have nothing?”

“Well, I wouldn’t say-.”

“We already knew they lived in the hills since we tracked them to the river. We already knew their pack was small based on how many scents we picked up. And since we’ve only recently started picking up those scents, we already knew they haven’t been there long. So tell me, Scott. Tell me what you fucking found before I smash your face into this table.”

Scott glanced at Callum as though the other wolf might save him.

“Don’t look at me, bud,” Callum said, chuckling his words. “Told you I should have gone, boss.”

Evan ignored that, though he wished now that he had sent Callum over Scott. At least Callum had a mate and therefore no interest in a random bitch in heat. Taking a breath, he looked back at Scott.

“Give me something, man. Anything.”

Scott fell silent for a moment, chewing his lip in a nervous gesture. It occurred to Evan he did this often, and that his confidence was a bravado. In a sea of built men, it must be difficult to be the scrawny one.

But at least he had his looks, right?

“There are four other women in the pack,” he said. Evan sat up straighter, paying attention to every word. “A mated girl, two lesbians and their unofficial Luna.”

Well shit. It didn’t sound like any of them were his mate. Unless…

“Wait. Unofficial?” He asked, his heart racing.

“She belongs to their Alpha, but they’re not mated,” Scott said, looking smug once again. “Her name is Lorelai, and unless it’s one of the rug munchers, I think that’s your girl.”

“How’d you find all this out while you were screwing her?” Callum asked. Scott chuckled and shrugged.

“Suggested that my buddy was horny too.”

Evan ignored their laughter while they spoke about the imaginary orgy they could have had. His mind was still on this Luna, repeating her name in his mind.


His Lorelai.

“I’m coming for you, Lorelai.”

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