Fighting Destiny

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Ancient History

They say the universe began with a big bang, and though they’re not wrong, it’s the details they mess up.

See, before there was the ‘big bang’, there were two primordial beings that existed on opposite ends of what would become our universe. Known only by X and Y, these creatures, if that’s what you could call them, woke from a long slumber. What caused them to stir, one can only guess, but some suggest that after so long apart, a magnetic force drew them to one another.

The closer they got, the more their passion and desire grew until, when they finally met, the force of their love created an explosion that brought forth the universe and all inside it.

It would take centuries before X and Y would pull their attention from one another and realise what their love had created and longer than that before they breathed life into any of the new worlds. They spent their time watching the different beings produced by their coupling, delighted in the way the worlds grew and expanded.

Finally, they could stand it no longer.

They longed for the ability to love as their creations did, to touch one another and live as they did. They chose the most beautiful of all their worlds and created two magical beings, waiting for the perfect moment when they would join Earth and live.

Though known by many names, Abner and Amaya were the original Gods, mother and father to all life on Earth. They gave birth to six children, created many others with magic, and thus, the pantheon was born.

After some time, Amaya grew tired of her bickering children and looked out towards the region of Earth left unoccupied. She imagined how the world would change had she allowed her family free rein and became inspired by what could be.

With her husband’s help, she would create a race of people made in her image. She would call these beings human and they would populate the Earth, giving her children new focus and stop the fights that ruined her paradise.

For the longest time, all was well.

Better than she dreamed, the humans were thankful to the Gods, praised them for all they had done. The humans honoured God’s with great festivals and bountiful gifts. In return, Amaya’s family repaid their kindness with magic, blessed them with their presence and promised to make their lives full and enriching.

Had it not been for Caspian, the world might have always lived in harmony.

An intelligent young man, he loathed the pantheon and cursed them for spreading lies. He would tell all who listened that it was not God’s who gave them life, but the Earth itself. The magic was a farce. Their promises were empty and science was the only thing they should follow.

He locked himself away in a laboratory for thirty-three years, emerging as an old man. The years had not been kind to him, but Caspian did not care. For he had done the impossible, and he was more sure than ever that the God’s were impostors.

Bringing forward his creations, he boasted of his achievements, presenting new life to the world.

Crowds gathered to see the madman and his creatures, nervous energy rippling through them. What they saw that day did not lead to the adoration Caspian expected. The creatures he presented were abominations, an affront to nature.

Wolves with the brains of men. Women with the teeth of vipers. Children blessed with the magic of God, to name a few. The nervous crowd became angry as they recognised long-missing relatives spliced with other creatures. Caspian begged for them to see reason, to trust in the truth of science.

But his words fell on deaf ears.

Caspian died the very day of his greatest accomplishment, most of his creatures destroyed. Though the Pantheon found this display amusing, Amaya only felt heartache. She was a gentle goddess, a lover of life. Though crude in design, Caspian’s creatures were still alive. Still capable of so much.

She gathered what remained of Caspian’s collection and brought them to her palace. There she gave them relief from the pain of their existence and gave them new powers.

The wolf-man hybrids and other similar creations were easy to fix. With two creatures sharing one mind, they could shift between the animal and the man as easy as it was for humans to breathe. With the two souls at peace in one mind, she sent them out into the world to live freely.

But with their new power and strength, Amaya took precautions to keep her humans safe. Unless a shifter received the mark of their true love, they could not breed. And with so few of them out there, finding one’s perfect mate was never a simple task.

They’d have some help, of course.

The scent of one’s mate would call to them, send chills through their body. To look upon your mate would be to feel genuine desire. And if they failed, the wolf inside the human would strain to reach their intended, making it impossible to resist.

Sending them out into the world, Amaya had great hope for her animal shifters and kept a watchful eye on them.

As for the other creatures? Well, that is a story for a different day.

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