Fighting Destiny

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Chapter Nineteen

Liam was drunk.

Quite a feat for a wolf, but he managed it. He stumbled through the packhouse and growled at anyone who dared look his way. He didn’t care what they thought of him, not anymore. It had been days of the same arguments and he soon grew tired of them.

He had only one destination in mind, and it was the same place he ended every night since they had taken Lorelai from him.

Brooke’s room was in the basement of their home. Since they first moved here, she demanded space on her own, imagining herself too important to sleep on the upper floors like the rest of the pack. She’d selfishly spent all her wages decking out the place until it was easily the loveliest room in the house.

But that was Brooke all over. Selfish. Putting herself above the rest of their pack. Only interested in her own desires. Liam had let her get away with it for too long. They all had, and now they were paying the price. They had lost too much because Brooke wanted to get laid.

Liam growled as he let himself into her room, taking his usual seat in the corner, hidden by the shadows. She still hadn’t recovered from her injuries, no one was sure if she ever would. She just lay in peaceful slumber, unaware what her betrayal had cost them all. Liam sat here night after night, waiting for the moment she finally opened her eyes and he could steal her life.

As he often did, he replayed the conversation he and Killian had shared about her. What she had done. Liam could almost recite word for word what had happened that night, having made Killian tell him over and over until there was no choice but to remember every detail.

Even despite his warnings, even though Lorelai was her best friend, Brooke had allowed herself to be seduced by a wolf claiming the need for sanctuary. Brooke didn’t give two shits about a wolf in need. All she was thinking about was her pussy and getting some dick. Killian confirmed he had smelled sex on the two of them as they approached the packhouse. Tired of being rejected by Nick and Killian, she had brought a stranger to her bed and danger to their door.

He stood with a growl and approached her bed, leaning close to her until his face was inches from hers. She didn’t smell of sex now. No. It was the stench of death that lingered over her. If her injuries didn’t kill her, he would.

Had his pack realised his intentions?

He wasn’t sure. He didn’t care. Not even Sophia could get through to him these days. No one could. He could feel his sanity slipping, he could sense his obsession rising. He just didn’t care. Nothing in this world made sense without Lorelai by his side and with how long she had been away, he knew she would never be with him again.

He’d tortured himself with that very thought.

It didn’t matter how strong his former lover was. No wolf could resist the lull of their mate. It was the law of their kind. The continuation of their species depended on it. Eventually, even those who resisted would fall into the arms of their intended mate.

The thought of another wolf running his hands over Lorelai’s body drove him mad with rage, and yet the image rarely left his mind. Would she moan for them the way she did for him? Would she share her wolf the same way she had with Liam? His hands curled into fists as the image of her riding some other man flashed before his eyes.

He snarled down at the lifeless body of Brooke and curled his fingers around her throat.

It would be so easy to end her. To snuff out the small part of her clinging to life. She deserved nothing less, and he was only delaying the inevitable by waiting. He tightened his grip as an eerie calm came over him.

The rest of them would hate him, but that was okay. They already felt like strangers to him. This pack was not his, not as long as Lorelai was missing, and he had no intention of staying with them for much longer.

So why not kill Brooke? Why not do this one last thing before striking out on his own and letting the Fates decide what would happen to him? He smirked to himself as he gripped her throat tighter, straining his ears to hear her faint heartbeat stutter as he shut off her air supply.

He would relish this. He would enjoy every moment and take his revenge. And then he’d find the bastard that stole Lorelai away and do the same to him.


The thought made him smile for the first time in weeks. His lips twisted into a smile he would not recognise if he saw it in the mirror. He would kill Brooke. He would kill Lorelai’s mate. And he would kill every last fucker who stood in his way until he and Lorelai were the only two left in the world.

Even if she’d mated, even if she wasn’t Liam’s anymore, she’d have no choice but to go with him when he killed her mate. He laughed at the thought and added more weight to Brooke’s throat. There was a gargling deep inside her body, a desperate attempt to carry on surviving. It made him angrier, more determined.

He let every moment that Brooke had fucked them over wash through him as he squeezed the life out of her, remembered every eye roll or smart ass comment. No one would miss her. Killian and Nathan would get some peace. He was doing them a favour.

The pack would be stronger without her.

It would be the last gift he gave them.

With another hand over her throat, he squeezed with all his strength, watching with satisfaction as her fingers twitched and her colour faded from her face.

“Die, bitch.”

He held on to her long after her heart stopped beating, making sure he finished the job. She wasn’t coming back from this. He wouldn’t allow her to. He counted up to a minute in his mind. And then another two.

Only then did he release her.

Only then did he realise what he’d done.

Lorelai would never forgive him for this. No matter what Brooke had done, she was still Lorelai’s best friend. They’d been together since they were pups and he had fucking killed her.

Panicking, he left the room quickly, making his way through the house and out of the front door. He ignored the concerned voice of Sophia as she called after him, transforming into his wolf mid-run and disappearing into the forest.

What had he done?

Why had he done that?

When was this torment going to end?

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