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Houston, Texas.
July 20, 2002.

"It's a girl!" The doctor said, happily.

Aurora's cries filled the room as her mother looked at her and started crying.

"The devil!" She yelled, throwing Aurora to the doctors.

"Ma'am calm down!" The doctor yelled, trying to stop her mother from throwing things.

"She is a devil baby!" Her mother yelled.

6 years later, on the same day.

"Mommy please! Please stop hitting me!"

6 year old Aurora yelled.

Her mother was beating her for no reason, which was nothing new.

No, she wasn't drunk, no she wasn't on drugs. She just made this apart of her daily routine.

"Shake da devil out! Shake! It! Out!" Her mother yelled, slapping Aurora and dragging her small body by her hair around the house.

"Mommy.." Aurora barely could make out, since her cries were jumbled up within her words.

Growing up in a haitian household, her mother always preferred her brothers over her. Her mother had stated that she was born with the devil. Aurora didn't know what that meant, but her mother made her know that she wasn't a normal child every chance she got.

"You have the devil in you!" She screamed.

Her brothers Marcus and Jean just sat at the kitchen table as if they didn't hear their mother beating her with no mercy.

The mother finally stopped, and stepped away from Aurora.

Aurora laid there on the living room floor, due to her mother dragging her from the kitchen to there.

She didn't understand why her mother hated her so much. She had only wanted to be loved by her mommy. Her father had of course been on her side, but that didn't work as he left her mother because of her crazy antics. He couldn't take Aurora, as he didn't have custody over her, her mother did.

"Get the fuck up and stop laying there!" Her mother came back, walking torwards her, motioning for her to get up.

Aurora crawled herself to the couch, and pushed herself up.

Holding onto the walls, she walked into the kitchen and asked her brothers if one of them could please carry her to her room.

"No." Marcus looked at her, smirking.

"No, stupid devil!" Jean said, laughing and playing the sims on his console.

Aurora let a tear fall out of her eyes as she put her head down and began walking to her room.

Hearing one of her brothers get up, she kept walking.

She was immediately kicked in her back, which caused her to fall on her face.

She busted out crying, as blood gushed out of her nose.

"What is going on in here?" Her mother yelled, speed walking into the kitchen.

"Aurora tried to attack me! I pushed her to save myself!" Jean said, pretending to be scared.

Her mother looked at her, and yanked her by her arm.

Her mother then dragged her up the stairs and threw her into her room, making Aurora fall on her back.

"You will stay in here until you learn not to act like an animal!" Her mother yelled.

Her room door closed and was locked by her mother.

Aurora crawled to her bed and pushed herself up on it. She grabbed her sheets as she wiped off all the blood on her face.

She then got off her bed and limped to her drawers, and threw all her clothes out of them.

Her mother hated her, but she made sure when she went to school that she was one of the flyest students that would step in the building.

Getting a suitcase from under her bed. She threw all her clothes and her shoes in it, not caring to fold or organize them.

After zipping the suitcase, she went to her dresser and looked at herself in the mirror.

Her eyes were blackened and her nose was bloody. She had scratches all over her face and her hair looked like a rats nest.

Seeing a bottle of water from days ago, she poured it on her face and used her hands to rub the water into her skin.

Letting her face air dry, she grabbed a broken brush and began to guide it through her curly hair. She hadn't seen her curls in such a long time, it looked like it was puffy now, so she embraced it.

Getting a rubber band, she put it into a big puff.

Once she was satisfied, she grabbed the picture of her and her father off of her mirror, stuffing it into the pocket of the suitcase.

Going to her bed, she got a box of matches from under her pillow.

With all her strength, she picked up the large suitcase and walked towards her window.

Opening the window, she threw it into the back yard.

Turning around, she lit a match and threw it onto her floor.

She didn't know what she was doing, but she was sure it would stop her mom from hurting her.

Flames slowly engulfed her room.

Walking towards the window, she jumped out of it since it wasn't that far up from the ground.

With the box of matches in her hand, she slowly walked towards the windows where the living room and kitchen were.

All of the windows were open, since it was summer time and Texas heat don't play.

Lighting 3 matches, she threw them inside the windows.

She watched as her brothers didn't notice.

Making it to her moms window, she noticed she was asleep on the bed.

Lighting one match, she threw it on her carpet. She then lit another one, and threw it. She repeated this process until her mother couldn't get out of the room due to flames.

She heard a loud boom and backed away from the window, and looked up, only to see the top floor engulfed in flames.

Aurora smirked.

Humming Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, she walked torwards her suitcase and picked it up, then began to walk out of the yard.

Grabbing her last 2 matches, she lit them and threw them into the yard.

Walking away from her house, she smiled and hummed.

Neighbors were coming out of their houses to see the massive fire.

Aurora never looked back.
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