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An lgbt romance/erotica based on two women called Ruth & Anna and the mess they call love. Join the read to find out their story. Dedicated to the LGBT community. 'Don't let anybody shame you for being different, express yourself for who you are and how you feel inside.'

Erotica / Romance
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I loved her once. To the point that I would bleed myself dry, of everything I had just to have her stay within my arms. Have her laid next to me.
Our bodies mingling together, her breath upon my skin.
I miss her.
She was my first love, I was bound to her. But it was a love that slipped away.
After kurupting my health, my happiness. I forgot how it was like to live without her. Forgot how to fend for myself. Forgot how to live.
How was I to survive a heartbreak like this?
*The morning she left*
It was two am. I rolled over on the bed, finding her space empty. My heart glowing, a smile plastered on my face.
A note placed on our bedside table.
I was so happy, she'd always leave a note for me to wake up to.
I unfolded the note and began to read.
'Dear Ruth, I'm hoping you've had a good night's rest before you read this, you look so peaceful when you're asleep. But this isn't about the way I feel, it's an apology. For the fact that I am leaving you, and probably never coming back. I can't tell you why or where I'll be but just know that there will always be a part of me that loves you. I hope you find somebody who truly appreciates how amazing you are whilst I can't. Love Anna.'
A simple tear drizzled down my cheek.
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